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YOUTH EMBLEMS:                                                                      RESOURCE PACKET NO.[1]


      TIGER CUBS                                               God and Me             T33604, T33603, T33606

      CUB SCOUTS                                              God and Me             T33604, T33603, T33606

      WEBELOS SCOUTS                                    Silver Crest and

                                                                           God and Family       

      BOY SCOUTS                                              God and the Salvation Army

      SCOUTS/EXPLORERS (14 & OLDER)        God and Life


ADULT AWARDS:                                        Scouter's Award




God and Me:  For more information on this emblem look under "Protestant" in Part 2 of this book.


Silver Crest:  The Silver Crest's purpose is to help Cub Scouts become more aware of God's presence in their daily lives.  A candidate is a Salvation Army Junior Soldier and must be registered in a Cub Scout Pack and in fourth grade or higher.  He can receive the award only when he has completed a minimum of six months of service as a Junior Soldier and six months as a Cub Scout.  He works on the award with his parent(s)' or guardian's guidance.  Requirements include:


1.   Recitation of the Junior Pledge and Cub Scout Promise

2.   Salvation Army history and symbols

3.   Salvation Army doctrine and meaning

4.   Daily prayers and Bible readings

5.   Wearing Salvation Army pin to school and explaining its meaning

6.   Testifying in Junior meetings

7.   Service or educational project (approved by Cubmaster and Corps. Officer)

8.   Supporting the Corps (Cartridge Program and Self-Denial)






God and Family:  Study for the God and Family Award is for Webelos and is divided into five areas:


      1.   God and Me:  Includes learning about the senses, completing a project, understanding feelings, completing a second project, and self-evaluation.

      2.   God, Me and My Family:  Includes learning about the Scout's family (parents, siblings, and pets), learning about God and a related project.


      3.   God, Me, My Family, and My Friends:  Includes learning about friendship (personal, family, and friendless persons) and two related projects.


      4.   God, Me, My Family & My Community:  Includes leering about worship, the Corps family, and family religious life (prayer, serving others, sharing, religions).  The Scout will also complete a related project.


      5.   God, Me, My Family and My Future:   Includes learning about Jesus (how Jesus helped his family, how Jesus helps now, and Spiritual Scouts) and learning about the family role in the future (helping others and projects related to the Scout's future).


God and the Salvation Army:  The God and the Salvation Army Award is for Scouts aged 11 through 14 (must be completed by age 15) and covers the history of the Salvation Army, the organization of the Salvation Army (both locally and nationally), a service project, and learning about how God works through His Son, people, and scriptures.  Study for this award is divided into the following areas:


      1.   God at Work:  Includes learning how God works with people, learning how God works through Jesus Christ (seven events in Jesus' life and Jesus' teaching methods), understanding how God works through Scripture (basic nature of the Bible and the contents of the Old and New Testament), learning about God at work in important beliefs, and engaging in daily Bible reading.


      2.   Salvationists at Work:  Includes learning about the history of the local Corps, learning about worship, considering a Salvation Army occupation, performing 10 hours of service to the Corps.


      3.   In My Town:  Includes learning about how the Corps reaches out and visiting a community agency.           


      4.   Effect on Society:  Includes learning about the history of the Salvation Army and the effect of the Salvation Army in the U.S.A.


      5.   In the World:  Includes a study of the history of the Salvation Army in the World, learning about mission work in the world, learning about missionary requirements, working at a mission post, and understanding how the Salvation Army cooperates to do work.


God and Life:  The God and Life Award is for older Scouts and Explores aged 15 through 20 and requires the candidate to keep a personal diary giving examples of faith from daily involvement with family, school, and work.  During the study for this award, Scouts will explore the following six areas:


      1.   Faith:  Includes developing a personal statement of faith and maintaining a diary or journal.


      2.   Me:  Includes exploring and understanding self-awareness (who is the real me?) and how others perceive the Scout)


      3.   Family:  Includes making a Christian commitment, learning about other faiths (practices, traditions visitation, and interaction), and exploring inter-personal relationships.


      4.   Corps: Includes expanding the Scout's knowledge of the Corps, participation in the Corps, and performing humanitarian services.


      5.   Love and Service:  Includes defining meaningful service and love, performing service , under standing how the Scout and others react to service, and learning expressions of love for another, mankind and God.


      6.   Future:  Includes learning about teachings and Christian Life Style through readings in the scriptures and Salvation Army material, exploring career choices with consideration for Christian love, and making a time capsule with a personal statement of faith that is given to the counselor and returned after a year for discussion.




      None known at this time.




      The Salvation Army, God and Family, by Nancy Hughes, edited by Leroy Kettinger, Bethany Press: St. Louis (1976).


      The Salvation Army, God and Family Counselor/Leader Manual, by William E. Pearce, Bethany Press: St. Louis (1976).


      The Salvation Army, God and Life, by Gwen Harper, Bethany Press; St. Louis (1976)


      The Salvation Army, God and Life Counselor/Leader Manual, by William E. Pearce, Bethany Press: St. Louis (1976).


      The Salvation Army, God and the Salvation Army, by R. Robert Cueni, edited by Robert L. Conrad, Bethany Press: St. Louis (1976).


      The Salvation Army, God and the Salvation Army Counselor/Leader Manual, by William E. Pearce,, Bethany Press: St. Louis (1976).


      The Salvation Army, Scouters Award: Statement of Purpose and Official Recommendation For (1989).


      The Salvation Army, The Silver Crest Emblem for Cub Scouts of the Salvation Army.


      Additional resources may also be found under the heading "Protestant" in Part 2 of this book.


      Please contact the addressees listed below for more information. 













The Salvation Army

P.O. Box 269

Alexandria, Virginia 22313


National Headquarters     (703) 684-5500

Eastern Territory              (914) 620-7369

Central Territory              (847) 294-2000

Southern Territory            (404) 728-1300

Western Territory             (213) 541-4721


[1]      These numbers are in the following order:  Student, Counselor, and Mentor.  These numbers are for the new                            Religious Emblem Guides, replacing previous materials.  Scouts and Counselors may continue to use older                                  resource materials until supplies are exhausted.



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