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Date: Sun, 2 Oct 1994 16:22:27 LCL
From: Steve Beluch
Subject: Special Awards

To all my electronic friends and Scouting brothers and sisters:

These are a collection of different awards for different occasions, different jobs or those special people. These are just a beginning for you to build on. As a scouter you will soon learn to adapt and to use the resources available to you. All I ask is that as you advance your own collection and add to your list that you don't forget me. This list was and continues to be made from the ideas and adaptations from folks just like yourselves. Send me your ideas so that I might add on to this growing list.

Remember these are A W A R D S. How you make the presentation is just as important as the award themselves. So ham it up!! Especially with some of the more humorous awards. Most require about 5 minutes of your time to make, most even less. If it costs you money then you flunk Scouting 101.

I hope you enjoy these and please don't hog them all for yourself.

Steve Beluch - Des Plaines Valley Council
Berwyn, IL.

Awards From The Heart

Our eyes are on you-----For the leader who sets the example (button eyes on a large felt U )

Order of the spare marble ----- For the person who's lost 'em (a marble glued to a small piece of wood or to a string )

Spark plug award ----- For the person who is the spark of a project (a spark plug mounted to a piece of wood)

Berry good job-----For the person who did a "Berry good Job" (a wax or plastic berry (any kind) mounted to a piece of wood)

Heads up award ----- For the person who is heads above the rest (a plastic head mounted above a piece of wood using a piece of wire to keep the head above the wood)

Measure up award ----- Your performance sets the standard (a ruler mounted to a piece of wood)

Bonafide award-----for the person who needs an award! (a dog bone mounted to a piece of wood)

Nuts about the job award-----for the person who had to be nuts (2 or 3 peanuts glued to a piece of wood)

Order of the bear-----For those that bear up under pressure (a plastic bear with a tire gauge)

Kiss award-----for those who deserve a kiss (a Hersey's kiss - silver foil)

Gold Kiss award-----for those who REALLY deserve a kiss (a Hersey's pecan kiss - gold foil)

Life saver award-----for that person who saved you (a Lifesaver on a string)

Banana Award-----for the person with great appeal (a wax or plastic banana mounted on a piece of wood)

Bright Idea award ----- For those who had a bright idea (a light bulb mounted to a piece of wood)

Helping hand award ----- For those who was willing to help ( trace a hand on construction paper mounted to a piece of cardboard

Order of the nut-----For one who has to be a little nuts (a walnut on a string or ribbon)

Hat's off award ----- For someone we take our hats off to (an old hat mounted on a piece of wood)

Right foot award ----- For those who got us off on the right foot (Trace a RIGHT foot --use caution some may not know left from right)

A note to start on-----For those who got us going (a musical note mounted on a piece of wood)

Scout spirit award ----- For those who show spirit (Make a ghost from a ball & rag with the scout sign on it)

"Egg"cellent job / idea / etc award----- For those who did an excellent job (Hard boiled egg mounted on a piece of wood) (FUN style--use a raw egg)

Big heart award ----- For those who always seem to have one (heart shaped craft material of any kind then decorated)

Self - Explanitory Awards

Use your crafting ability to mount or prepare the following awards for presentation

Udderly Ridiculous award-----Blown up latex glove

Well Done-----Burnt slice of toast

Nuttiest-----A bag of nuts

Added a spark-----4th of July sparkler

Enlightening Award----A candle or small light on a piece of wood

Corniest-----An ear or can of corn

Expanded our knolwledge ----- Elastic band or large rubber band

Best foot forward-----12" ruler or a sock with the toe cut off

Heartfelt thanks-----Large heart cut from felt

Giving an eye-opening performance ----- Box of tooth picks

Most Noteworthy-----A notepad, use a match book and glue some paper to the inside (remove matches)

You stuck to it-----A roll of tape or glue stick

"Egg"citing or "Egg"cellent-----Print words on hardboiled eggs like for Easter

You banded us together----A bunch of rubber bands

Fan-tastic----A fan (use your imagination) I've even seen raids on the garbage dump.

Thanks a million-----Million $ in play money

Covered the topic-----A plastic lid

Windbag Award----A blown up bag

Right-on target----A target pasted to cardboard with "writing" on it

Kept us in stiches-----A needle and thread

Really tacky award-----Mounted thumb tacks

Shell of a good job----Large mounted seashell

Hung in there----- Anything hanging from something (try to get a picture of the person)

Marbleous job----A bunch of marbles

Worked like a dog-----A mounted dog biscuit or bone

Tee-rific----A mounted golf tee or tea bag

The coveted dime and pin award----Glue a pin to a dime

Plunged right in award-----Small sink plunger

Give out a "rais-in" pay-----a pyramid of raisins glued to a backing

Rose to the occasion ---- an artificial or ribbon rose

N'ice Job-----A box of N'ice cough drops

Had a ball-----Mount a ball any size, any kind

Its "bean" wonderful----Mount up a lima or other large bean

Bag of Trix award----Trix cereal in a bag

Record breaker of any kind----a mounted broken record

Welcome aboard-----A 2 x 4 with the word "welcome" printed on it

Knocked yourself out award----Mount a small hammer or mini bat

A real card-----Mount a playing card

A real cut up----Mount a plastic knife or pair of scissors or a cookie cutter

For those with a stake in the Scouts future-----A tent stake (or if you really mean it a 2 inch thick T-Bone)

You charged us up-----A battery

You tickled our funny bone----A feather mounted to a bone

Shining Example-----A small flashlight

The right arm award----Cardboard arm with the hand in the Scout sign

Hornblower Award----For those who never (or always) blow their own horn. Mount a plastic bicycle horn

Cheerleader award----Mount a stiff wire through a box of Cheer laundry soap and add pom poms to the wire

Megaphone Award ----- For those who are soft spoken but get the job done or never shout

Do-re-me Award----For your song leader Mount a note or cleft

Ringy Dingy Award----Mount a plastic phone or two cans on a string This is for those who are your phone call addicts.

The band-aid Award----For those who can fix anything ----For someone who got a boo-boo

The Rock Award ----- For those who are the rock of the group

The Alka Seltzer or Fizzy Award ----- For those who add fizz to the group or meeting

The Rope Award ----- For those who always tie up the loose ends

The Crutch Award----For those who you can lean on

Key to Success-----For those who were key to making it happen

Whale Award ----- For those who did a whale of job

Pig Award ----- For the Big HAMS

Football Award----A small football to the person who always is willing to tackle a job

Cone Award-----Mount an ice cream cone for the person who can lick any job I've even seen one of those street cones be used

Order of The Level-----mount a small level for the person who is one bubble short of plumb

Soggy Shoe Award-----old scrungy shoe for the new adult hiker who wore loafers on the 20 miler

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