Baloo's Bugle

October 2007 Cub Scout Roundtable Issue

Volume 14, Issue 3
November 2007 Theme

Theme: Indian Nations
Webelos: Craftsman & Readyman
Tiger Cub
Requirement 5


Alice, Golden Empire Council  click on Social Studies,  scroll down to Native American; games and dances (including authentic music and melodies), customs, games, coloring pages, interactive games, plays and skits – do a search for Native American – crafts, activities, biographies, customs, information and print outs of animals, plants, printable books; some are only thumbprint unless you are a member ($20 a year)  - The National Museum of the American Indian, part of the Smithsonian – lots of links to all kinds of history, customs, art, music, pictures, clothing  - fantastic listing of Native American Pow Wows and Festivals all over the country – from Alaska to Oklahoma, from Virginia to Eureka, California  - map showing where Native Americans were living in 1492, then at various points up to the present day – food for thought!

Don’t forget to check in your local area for Museums that specialize in Native Americana, or look for exhibits in Art and History museums during November.

Also check with regional, county or state park districts for educational connections to the Native Americans who first settled in your local area.  They often have Native American rangers or volunteers eager to dispel misinformation about their people, and teach the culture of their tribal group.

Check with teachers – they sometimes do whole units on Native Americans, and may have some great crafts or other activities to share.

Don’t forget your local library – especially in the Children’s Section, there are wonderful books about Native Americans, and great stories with wonderful illustrations.  Also, ask the Reference Librarian if there are any Tribal Associations in the area that might have a speaker or living history volunteer.

Here are a few more that might be useful: - a chart of various major tribal groups, listing population, location, culture, history, types of housing, food and tools, famous members - you can click on various points in the chart to get more detail or pictures about a specific fact - some groups are pretty loosely gathered under one set of information; I especially noticed that with the California group listing.  But a good general overview. scroll down the left side for various categories.  If you're looking for a specific tribal group, click on Native American Nations, then click on any of many listed groups for a general description and links to specific sites about the particular group;  also check out "Famous Native Americans - from Buffalo Soldiers to Tecumsah and everything in between;  "Native American Documents" includes documents, quotes, treaties, constitutions; "Native American History", "Language & Culture," (which includes art, music, religion, recipes); and a "Photo Gallery" showing tribal groups - find Pow Wows of all types in many locations - by month, year, even zipcode - pretty wide ranging A good overview of children's books about Native Americans and their culture - also suggestions about how to find information, define what you want to do and what you need, and how to help children decide what they want to study about Native Americans

Kommissioner Karl

I have used both of these for Indian Stories

Prayers, history, famous leaders and regional breakdown here

Highlights of Recent Native American History

Speak with local Order of the Arrow, Boy Scouting’s Society of Honor Campers, members, either youth in Scouting or the Adult Advisors.  You can always use a lot of the OA lore or symbols as well, kind of a sneak preview for the Cubs. 

Scouter Jim from Bountiful, Utah


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