Baloo's Bugle

October 2007 Cub Scout Roundtable Issue

Volume 14, Issue 3
November 2007 Theme

Theme: Indian Nations
Webelos: Craftsman & Readyman
Tiger Cub
Requirement 5


The website has a collection of five Native American Skits and Songs that you could teach your Cubs and perform at the Pack Show or a Campfire.  You can go to the website at and view the whole list or click on a the link below to go directly to a story.  The website has extensive directions to help you teach and lead these skits and songs to your Cubs.  Enjoy!!

The Life of the Corn - A drama in 5 dances  Native American Play through Song and Dance representing the Life of the Corn and it's importance to them.

Calling the Flowers  Dance ceremony that calls the spirits dwelling under the ground to join those who are dancing.

Appeal for Clear Sky The clear sky is a symbol of peace, of happiness and of prosperity, conditions the very opposite of those that attended war. Native American ceremony of songs and dance to maintain peace.

The Hé-de Wa-chi (An Omaha Festival of Joy) Native American song and dance that exemplifies tribal unity, wherein every one was a part of the living whole.

Indian Communication

Baltimore Area Council

Personnel: Cubmaster and 5 Cub Scouts

Equipment: Costume and Tom-tom

Setting: One Cub Scout dressed in Indian costume is seated on floor with tom-tom on one side of stage. Other Cub Scouts in uniform (any number) are standing in center of stage with Cubmaster. As Indian beats out messages on the tom-tom, the Cub Scouts take turns “translating” for Cubmaster.

(Indian beats a short message on tom-tom)

Cub 1: Running Deer says that a meeting of Akela’s tribe will be held tonight.

(Cubmaster nods in understanding) (Indian beats out another message)

Cub 2: He says that many awards will be given at the meeting. (Cubmaster nods. Indian beats out another message)

Cub 3: He says that many of the braves have advanced along the trail of the Arrow of Light.

(Cubmaster nods. Indian beats out another message)

Cub 4: He says that there will be singing and games at the meeting.

(Cubmaster nods. Indian beats out another message)

Cub 5: He says that many good leaders will be at the meeting, and many families of Akela’s tribe.

(Cubmaster nods. Indian beats out another message.

All boys shake their heads, shrug their shoulders, to show that they don’t understand.)

(Indian beats out the same message again. Boys repeat motions of confusion, lack of understanding.)

(Indian beats out message for the third time.)

Cubmaster: I’ve got it! Running Deer says to (text, IM, E-mail, fax, phone, … (your choice)) him if there’s anything we want him to bring to the meeting.

All Cubs: (disgustedly) (text, IM, E-mail, fax, phone, … (whatever you choose)) Good grief!

Hunting Thanksgiving Dinner

Heart of America Council

Cast 4 to 8 scouts

Props at least one pizza box behind the bush cutout or tape it to the back before bringing it on stage

       a bush or cardboard bush cutout


Scout #1 is stalking around the stage obviously
hunting something like Elmer Fudd.

Cub #2 walks up to him.

Cub #2:        What are you doing?

Cub #1:        Shhhh, I'm hunting Thanksgiving dinner.

Cub #2:        Oh, ok, I'll help. (stalks around too)

Repeat this for as many scouts as you want. Once they are all stalking, Cub #1 stops suddenly and points to bush.

Cub #1: AH-HA! I've found it!

He reaches behind bush and pulls out pizza box
and they all run off to eat.


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