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October 2007 Cub Scout Roundtable Issue

Volume 14, Issue 3
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Webelos: Craftsman & Readyman
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Cub & Webelos Scout Uniforming

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What's the first thing a boy wants when he becomes a Cub Scout? The uniform, of course. The distinctive blue and gold uniform is undoubtedly one of the major incentives for young boys to become Cub Scouts. It is graphic evidence that they belong, that they are members of the world's largest boys' organization - "The Boy Scouts of America." The uniform also does these things for a boy:

  • It reminds him to live up to the Cub Scout Promise, Law of the Pack, and motto - Do Your Best.
  • It encourages neat, correct appearance as well as proper behavior.
  • It provides the only place for proper display of his badges and awards.
  • It reminds him of the steps along the Scouting trail and encourages him to continue into Boy Scouting.

Please note that individual uniform parts may not be worn with civilian clothing, and that various other types of Cub Scout garments are available, such as T-shirts, sweat shirts, red patch vests, etc. These are for casual wear and are not considered part of the official uniform.

The uniform is an important part of the Scouting program, especially for the youngest boys just starting their boy scout trail. It identifies the boys and adults with Tiger Cubs and gives them a sense of belonging to the den, the pack, and the Boy Scouts of America. Scouts enjoy wearing their Tiger Cub uniform. They should wear it to all den meetings, pack meetings, and special pack activities.

The current uniform for the Tiger Cub, introduced in August 2004, is the official blue Cub Scout shirt with blue/orange neckerchief and neckerchief slide. This replaces the Tiger Cub orange T-shirt with the Tiger Cub emblem on the front. The official Tiger Cub cap and blue web belt with a Tiger Cub buckle are optional. There are also blue socks with orange band to complete the uniform. Adult partners don't have to wear a uniform, but it is highly recommended that they wear a Tiger Cub orange T- shirt or sweatshirt.

The uniform for Wolf and Bear Cub Scouts is the official blue Cub Scout shirt, Wolf or Bear neckerchief, and slide. The official Wolf or Bear cap and blue web belt with a Cub Scout buckle are optional.

Tip: Purchase a short-sleeved rather than long-sleeved shirt for your wolf scout. The short-sleeved shirts are less expensive, cooler in active play, and will not be outgrown as fast as long-sleeved. One short-sleeved shirt should last for the 2.5 to 3 years he'll need it.

Webelos may continue to wear their blue Cub Scout uniforms for as long as the den chooses.  Dens may chose when to transfer to the tan uniform.  After earning the Webelos Badge is a good time because the new oval Webelos badge can be used in the same location that Boy Scout rank badges will be placed, the tan shirt can be used in Boy Scouts, when doing Arrow of Light activities with a Boy Scout troop the Webelos will fit in, further distinction as the 'senior' group in the Pack, many boys are outgrowing their blue uniforms.

Each Webelos den should learn to work as a patrol. To help with that patrol identity, each den may choose a patrol name, get patrol patches to replace the den numbers, create a patrol flag, and yell.

The new tan/green Webelos hat matches the tan uniform instead of the blue one.

If you get a belt for the tan uniform, do not get a Boy Scout belt if you will be using any Cub Scout belt loops. The belt widths are different and the loops will not fit.

The Purpose of Uniforms in the BSA

Adapted from CS Leader Book

See chapter 12 for more information

Leaders and Youth members wear a BSA uniform because it is a means of identifying ourselves openly with the principles and aims to which we are committed - character development, citizenship training and physical and mental fitness.  The fact that youth and adult members of Scouting wear a uniform doesn’t mean that we are all alike.  We come from different backgrounds, with different religious beliefs and political views.  We are each individuals, with our own family traditions and values.  The uniform is not intended to hide our individuality, but it is a way we give each other strength and support.  It is a bond that ties us together in making visible our commitments to a belief in God, to loyalty to our country, and to helping other people.

The Scouting movement is built on positive values,  As we wear the uniform, we are openly identifying ourselves with those values.  We stand together, not alone, in encouraging others to live by those same values.  Boys and Adults alike should take pride in belonging to such a movement and wear the uniform as intended.

Benefits for Boys –

ü  A uniform gives boys a sense of belonging.

·         Boys need to belong to a group.

·         Boys dress the same and feel unity.

·         Boys dress the same and arc not categorized or judged by who is or isn't wearing designer labels and brand-name clothes.

ü  A uniform gives boys a sense of pride

·         Uniforms can strengthen unit spirit.

·         Uniforms are a reminder of the commitment to the purpose and aims of the BSA.

·         Uniforms promote advancement by providing the proper place for wearing badges and awards.

·         Uniforms can attract new members.

ü  A uniform encourages proper behavior.

·         Uniforms can remind boys to live up to the Cub Scout Promise. Law of, the Pack, and Cub Scout motto.

·         As boys learn to respect the uniform and what it repre­sents. their behavior improves.


Benefits for Leaders

ü  A uniform gives leaders a sense of belonging.

ü  A uniform gives leaders a sense of pride.

ü  A uniform affects the attitudes of boys.

·         The leader's attitude toward complete uniforming influences the attitude of the boys toward wearing their uniforms.

·         When a leader's uniform shows that he or she has earned awards, boys are inspired to earn awards, too.

·         Leaders in uniform, with insignia placed correctly, set a good example for boys

ü  A uniform improves tenure.

·         Leaders who regularly wear their uniform tend to stay in Scouting longer

·         Uniformed leaders tend to participate more in activities and training than leaders who are not in uniform.

Pack 215’s site, The Virtual Cub Leader’s Handbook, also, has a long list of award and patches you can put on the uniform and where to put them.

The Official Uniform Inspection Guides may be downloaded directly from National’s Site –\forms

If you are really fussy about it, you can purchase the official Insignia Guide, item 33066, for $4.99 at your local Scout shop.

Adult Leader Recognition

Heart of America Council

Helpful Paw Award: draw a paw print on a block of wood or piece of poster board for the person who lent the biggest helping hand.

Whisk Award: Mount a small whisk broom for the person who sweeps away problems.

Advancement Chairman: mini ladder on a base.

Order of the Spare Marble Award: for the person who many need it to make up for lost ones, give a marble in a bag or mounted on a plaque.

Order of the Level Award: for the person who is half bubble off give a small level.

Key to Successful Scouting: cut out a giant key and give to leaders who are the key to success of a program.


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