Baloo's Bugle

July 2007 Cub Scout Roundtable Issue

Volume 13, Issue 12
August 2007 Theme

Theme: A Century of Scouting
Webelos: Naturalist & Forester
Tiger Cub


Trapper’s Trail Council

WORLD BROTHERHOOD CHEER: Divide the room in half. One side will shouts “World”

and the other shouts “Brotherhood.” All together “That’s Scouting!”

LEANING TOWER OF PISA CHEER: Have the group stand and on the count of three, lean to the left.

OFFICIAL APPLAUSE AND CHEER: Left hand raised, group claps. Right hand raised, group cheers. Raise both hand, they do both

SPANISH FLAMENCO APPLAUSE: Stand with left hand on hip and right hand held above head in the manner of a flamenco dancer. Simultaneously snap fingers on our right hand and stamp your feet in a fast tempo while turning slowly. Continue until you have made a complete

circle. Every quarter turn, yell “Ole!”

HOLLAND WINDMILL APPLAUSE: Hold both arms out straight at shoulder level. Standing on one foot, spin around while rotating arms in circle. Make a loud shoosh sound like the wind.


Follow me Boys Cheer - March in place and Sing “Follow me Boys, Follow me, Pick em up and put em down and follow me.”

Do Your Best Applause - Yell “Do your Best!” 3 times

GRAND APPLAUSE - Clap 3 times, slap lap 3 times, stomp 3 times and then salute.

Grand Salute Applause:  Slap your knees five times and count out 1-2-3-4-5.  Stamp your feet 5 times as you count, then clap your hands 5 times as you count.  Now stand up and salute.

Grand Old Scouting Applause:  Hooray for Scouting!  How old are you now? (Answer from an echo) Happy 100!

Baden-Powell Applause:  Stand with your hands behind your back, in parade rest position.  Smile, nod your head.

Baden-Powell Yell:  B.P., B.P., B.P!  Baden-Powell, a Job Well Done!

Great Going Applause:  Divide audience in half – one says “Great!” the other half says “Going!”  Point in random fashion from one to the other, getting faster as you go.  Repeat several times.

Follow the Leader Applause:  Tell the audience to follow your lead.  “When I applaud, you applaud.  Now act as if you are going to applaud, but give several false starts before you actually applaud.

Oldie but Goodie:  Have a Cheer detergent box or any box with a hinged lid – decorate it with “Cheer”  Whenever you open the box, audience is to cheer, when you close the lid, they must stop.

Clap or Cheer?  Raise your right hand, audience claps.  Raise your left hand, audience cheers.  Raise both, they do both.  Do this several times, varying the arm or arms you raise.

Relay Applause:  One boy or person in each row starts by clapping twice and then clapping the hand of the person next to them.  Continue to clap until everyone in the room is clapping.

Applaud And Cheer: Announce that when you raise your right hand, everyone is to applaud. When you raise your left hand, everyone is to cheer. When you raise both hands, everyone applauds and cheers.

Babbling Brook Cheer: “Babble, babble, babble”

Bug Applause: When the leader waves hands (as if to "shoo" away a bee or mosquito, make buzzing sound (zzzzzzz).  When leader finally slaps hands together (as in smacking the bug) everyone stops.

Beach Cheer: Divide the audience into three groups.  When you point to group one, they yell "Sand!"  When you point to group two, they yell, "Surf!"  When you point to group three, they yell, "Sun!"

Summer Fun Cheer: Tell the group when you say "summer" or "fun", they are to say the opposite. Vary the speed you use to see whether they can keep up.

Trapper’s Trail Council

(Dim lights)

#1: (wanders through, reading a book)

#2: What are you doing?

#1: Reading a book.

#2: It’s kinda dark out.

#1: That’s all right. I went to night school.

#1: What did one ear say to the other?

#2: I didn’t know we lived on the same block!

(Cub 1  jogs backwards past the group while holding up a large cardboard picture of a clock.)

Leader: Hey, What are you doing??

Cub 1: Running back through time!

(A scout jogs in holding a clock, a second person carrying a whistle and a policeman’s baton runs up behind the first blowing the whistle.)

Leader: What's going on??

Policeman: (holds up a stop sign) I'm stopping time!!        

(A person jogs backwards, places the cardboard clock picture on the ground and stands on top of it. 

Leader: Now what are you doing?

Jogger: I just came back to let you know I'm here on time.

(These are some oldies but goodies – many have been done almost as long as Scouting has been in America!- Alice)

Scout walks in wearing a flashlight headlamp. Walks around center stage awhile, looking somewhat confused or dreamy.
MC: What's the matter?
Scout: I'm feeling a little LIGHT-headed.

A scout walks to center stage carrying a large jacket, followed by a few more scouts all in line. First puts one arm in the jacket. 2nd puts his arm in other sleeve. Next scout squirms in between the two. Continue, having all scouts try to get inside the jacket.
MC: What are you guys doing?
All Scouts: It says 'One Size Fits All!'

After a bad joke or skit, a scout runs on stage looking all over.
Scout: Where is it? I can't find it.
MC: What are you looking for?
Scout: The punch line in that last joke/skit!

Scout runs on, looking frantic.
Scout: It's all around me! It's all around me!
MC: What is it? What's all around you?
Scout: My Belt! (and runs off)

Variation:  Same idea, except the Scout says “The Air!” as his answer.

Scout runs on stage frantically waving his arms.
Scout: They're after me! They're after me!
MC: Who's after you?
Scout: The squirrels - they think I'm NUTS!

Scout walks across stage dragging a rope.
MC: Why are you pulling that rope through our campfire?
Scout: Ever try to PUSH one?

Scout walks to center stage while yelling 'ATTENTION! ATTENTION!'
MC: Hey, what are you doing?
Scout: I'm just looking for a little attention.

Q: When is a cub scout like a cabinet
A: When he is a cub-bored (cupboard).

Q: What do you call a cub scout holding a Frisbee?
A: A cub and saucer!

Q: What do you call a cub scout who carries another cub scout on his shoulders?
A: A taxi cub!

Q: How does a taxi cub move?
A: Low-cub motion!

Q: How did the cub scout look when he forgot to take his jacket on the mountain hike?
A: Blue and cold! (blue and gold)

Q: What did the cub scout make for den treats?
A: Cub-cakes!

Q: What do cub scouts get during winter camp?
A: Cub-in fever!

Q: What's a messy cub scout's favorite food?
A: Corn on the Cub!

What do you call a Scout?……

What do you call a scout that is...
Being towed behind a boat:                    Skip
Hiding in a hole:                                  Phil
Sleeping on your porch:                        Matt
Hanging on your living room wall:           Art
Sleeping in your mail box each month:     Bill 
Flying over the fence:                         Homer
Hiding in a pile of leaves:                  Russell
Floating in the lake:                              Bob
Sitting with a car on his head:                Jack
Sitting in the sun too long:                    Wilt
Falling in the campfire:                        Frank  
Rock climbing:                                    Cliff
Struck by lightning:                              Rod 
Getting pushed underwater                 Duncan
Coming home from camp:                   Dusty
Locked in a bank vault:                         Rich


Trappers  Trails Council

Person #1 picks up ringing telephone and says: You don’t say!.......You don’t say!........You DON’T say! And then hangs up.

Person next to him says, “Who was that?”

Person #1 says, “I don’t know, they didn’t say!

Fortune teller: That’ll be $20 for two questions.

Client: Isn’t that a lot of money for two questions?

Fortune teller: Yes, it is. Now what is your second question?

Cub 1:  Of what trade are all the presidents of the U.S.A.?

Cub 2:  Cabinet makers 

Cub 1: Hey, What's nostalgia?

Cub 2:  It's life in the past lane.

Person 1: I’ve been seeing spots before my eyes.

Person 2:Have you seen a doctor?

Person 1:No, just spots.

Person 1:I’ve invented a computer that’s almost human.

Person 2:You mean it can think?

Person 1:No, but when it makes a mistake it can put the blame on some other computer!

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