Baloo's Bugle

July 2007 Cub Scout Roundtable Issue

Volume 13, Issue 12
August 2007 Theme

Theme: A Century of Scouting
Webelos: Naturalist & Forester
Tiger Cub


The Great Cub Scout
Southern New Jersey Council

FOLLOW –A Cub Scout Follows Akela  "Give Cub Scout sign"
HELP – The Pack Helps the Cub Scout Grow
GIVE – A Cub Scout Gives Goodwill
PACK – A Cub Scout Helps the Pack Go
CUB SCOUT – Do Your Best

This is the story of a CUB SCOUT who wanted to do something to HELP his neighbor.  She was a widow, and much too old to do very much for herself.

This CUB SCOUT wanted to FOLLOW the advice of his PACK leaders, who asked every CUB SCOUT to find some way they could GIVE HELP to someone else.

The best way he could think of to HELP his neighbor, would be to shovel the snow off her driveway for her.  But is was such a big driveway and he was such a little CUB SCOUT.

So he thought some more and decided he would go and talk to his PACK leaders and see if they could think of a way to HELP him.  The PACK leaders said they would ask if any other CUB SCOUTS would like to HELP.

So what started with only one CUB SCOUT was soon being done by two CUB SCOUTS then three CUB SCOUTS then four CUB SCOUTS then five CUB SCOUTS.  (Continue adding CUB SCOUTS until the audience starts to laugh.)

The moral of this story is that if you FOLLOW the advice of your PACK leaders, and GIVE HELP to those around you;  you too could be a GREAT CUB SCOUT.

Trapper’s Trail Council

Divide the group into five smaller groups and assign each group one of the words listed below. Read the story. After each of the words is read pause for the group to make the appropriate response.

HISTORY –Way   Back Then - (Point with index finger)

SCOUTS – Be Prepared - (Give Boy Scout Sign)

CUB SCOUT – Do  Your Best - (Give Cub Scout Sign)

HIKE or HIKING – Hi Ho, Hi Ho”

CAMP or CAMPING –I  think I hear a bear!

This is a story you don’t find in a HISTORY___ book, but no doubt it will bring back memories to many of you who have had a similar experience. The story is about a CUB SCOUT___ named Johnny, and his first experience with HIKING___ and CAMPING___. This is how it all started. It was approaching the birthday of SCOUTING___ which is celebrated in February every year, and Johnny’s CUB SCOUT___ Den Leader had read to the boys a story about the HISTORY___ of CUB SCOUTING___ and how it all began. Johnny could hardly wait until he was old enough to be a SCOUT___ so he asked his mother if he could plan a day of HIKING___ around the neighborhood and park, and a night of CAMPING___ in their backyard with some of his friends. Mom consented, so Johnny CUB SCOUT___ called his friends and they planned to go HIKING___ and CAMPING___ the next weekend. When the day arrived, Johnny was so proud of himself. He thought he would someday be a SCOUT___ who would go down in HISTORY___ because he was so well prepared for HIKING___ and CAMPING___. At least, he thought he was prepared when the day began. The lunches had all been packed and put in the backyard CAMP___. When Johnny CUB SCOUT___ went out to the CAMP___ to get the lunches, he was shocked to find that the paper bags were torn and scattered all over the backyard. Johnny saw his dog SCOUT___ munching on the last bit of sandwich and looking very contented. “Oh boy”, thought Johnny, “I thought I would make a well-prepared SCOUT___, but I wasn’t prepared for this!” After new lunches were made, the boys took their HIKE___. It was a great success, and Johnny CUB SCOUT___ felt sure that HISTORY___ had been made by the record time they made on their HIKE___. But, when they returned to CAMP___, the tent slumped down in a heap and the sleeping bags were muddy from SCOUTS___ dirty feet, and the batteries in the flashlights were dead. Johnny CUB SCOUT___ hung his head and said: “Boy have I got a lot to learn about HIKING___ and CAMPING___ and being a SCOUT___, so I can go down in HISTORY___.” But later his den leader reminded him that the purpose of SCOUTING___ is to teach boys to do their best and to prepare them to become SCOUTS___.

Grandma And Grandpa's Vacation
Southern New Jersey Council

GRANDMA:                 "I can't wait."
GRANDPA               "Here we come."
VACATION:             "My, what fun."
 (Or the name of a country.):   "WOW"

GRANDMA and GRANDPA worked very hard for a living and were very tired. GRANDMA and GRANDPA decided to go on a well deserved VACATION. On their VACATION they wanted to visit all of the COUNTRIES they had lived in a children before finally moving to the UNITED STATED.

GRANDMA had lived in FRANCE, SPAIN, JAPAN, AFRICA, and GREENLAND. GRANDPA had lived in GERMANY, ENGLAND, AUSTRALIA, MEXICO and COLUMBIA. GRANDMA and GRANDPA spent several weeks making plans for the VACATION. They called the travel agency to make reservations.

The day came for them to start their VACATION and they were off visiting all those COUNTRIES. GRANDMA and GRANDPA were so they were going to visit all the COUNTRIES they had lived in when they were children


Once GRANDMA and GRANDPA return from the VACATION, the decided that it would be a long time before they took a VACATION again. You see, they were so tired from visiting all of those placed on their VACATION, that they needed VACATION from their VACATION.


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