Baloo's Bugle

June Cub Scout Roundtable Issue

Volume 14, Issue 11
July 2008 Theme

Theme: H20hhh!
Webelos: Aquanaut & Geologist
Tiger Cub
Achievement 2



Baltimore Area Council

This could easily be adapted for an Opening CD

Props: A picture indicating each boy’s sentence.  Text can be cut and pasted to back of picture.

Cub # 1:      (holds up picture of a lake) A waterway is any navigable body of water. These include rivers, lakes, oceans, and canals. In order for a waterway to be navigable, it must meet several criteria:

Cub # 2:      (holds up picture of a sailboat with a big keel) The waterway must be deep enough to allow the draft depth of the vessels using it;

Cub # 3:      (picture of boat pushing barges on the Mississippi) The waterway must be wide enough to allow passage for the beam width of the vessels using it;

Cub # 4:      (picture of Niagara Falls) The waterway must be free of barriers to navigation such as waterfalls and rapids, or have a way around them, such as canal locks;

Cub # 5:      (picture of whitewater rapids) The current of the waterway must be mild enough to allow vessels to make headway.

Cub # 6:      (picture of a cruise ship) Vessels using waterways vary from small animal-drawn barges to immense ocean tankers and ocean liners, such as cruise ships.

Cub # 7:      (picture of barge on canal) At one time, canals were built mostly for small wooden barges drawn by horses or other draft animals. Today, major canals are built to allow passage of large ocean-going vessels. See Ship Canal.

How Did You Get Here?

Circle Ten Council

The skit is introduced by saying, that “many different kinds of ships were used by the people that helped settle America.  Any number of Cub Scouts can be used for this skit either by dividing the lines accordingly or creating new ones.

Cub 1:    If the Pilgrims came over on the Mayflower how did the Cub Scouts get here?

Cub 2:    I don’t know?  How?

Cub 1:    On handy crafts.  (As he says this, a Scout comes on stage with a sample of the handicraft project and a sign identifying it)

Cub 1:    If Pilgrims came on the Mayflower and the Cub Scouts came on handy crafts, how did the doctors get here?

Cub 2:    I don’t know.  How?

Cub 1:    On blood vessels.  (Boy dressed as a doctor enters)

Cub 1:    How did the students get here?

Cub 2:    On scholarships  (Boy carrying books)

Cub 1:    How did all the ordinary people get here?

Cub 2:    On citizenship.  (Boy carrying sign that says, “Don’t forget to vote”)

Cub 2:    I know how the barbers got here.

Cub 1:    How?

Cub 2:    On clipper ships.  (Boy dressed as a barber)

Cub 1:    How did all the movie stars get here?

Cub 2:    On a showboat.  (Boy wearing fancy clothes and sun glasses)

Cub 2:    I’ll bet you can’t guess how all the hot heads got here?

Cub 1:    That’s easy, they all came over on a steam ship.

(Curtain closes the end)

Who Am I

Baltimore Area Council

Set Up:  This is a spin off from Family Feud. The teams play the game for real.  Respond to answer for the MC means for him to say something witty about the response.  The Master of Ceremonies (MC) enters first

MC:  Welcome to our show.  Tonight our two teams are back stage, ready and anxious to begin.  So lets bring out the first team…  The CUBBIES! (Cub Scouts run out and take their place on one side of stage.  As they run out the Master of Ceremonies assistant holds up a sign that says “CHEER”; This sign is to be held up each time the audience is to participate with a cheer).

Now, let’s bring out the second team… The C. P.’s - The Cubbies Parents. (Cheer)  

The captain of each team has a bell, if you know the  answer to the question - ring the bell.  The Team to get the most correct answers of course is the winner.  Now, if you are ready we will begin. (Teams both answer “READY”) We have celebrities here to ask the questions. Do not ring your bell until the entire question has been asked.  First Celebrity please step forward.  By the way, just a little clue, each of the Celebrities has something to do with water.

FIRST CELEBRITY:  (Wearing a hat to depicting Columbus) I sailed the ocean blue in 1492 . . . Who am I?

MC:  (Respond to answer) Now for the second Celebrity.

SECOND CELEBRITY:  (Wearing hat to depict John Paul Jones) On many ships I did sail, in battle I must not fail! I fought hard through the night.  You can quote my words, “I’ve just begun to fight.”

MC:  (Respond to answer)  Will the third Celebrity please come out?

THIRD CELEBRITY: (Wearing hat to depict Popeye) I love to sail, it is true. To make me strong I eat my spinach too!…Who am I?

MC:  (Respond to answer)  As our next celebrity comes out, listen very carefully as he whistles a tune to tell you who he is.

FOURTH CELEBRITY: (Wearing hat to depict Gilligan  from Gilligan’s Island) Enters whistling Gilligan’s theme song.

MC:  (Respond to answer)

MC:  Both teams have done your best, however, the winner is (name team).  (Cheer) (To the losers) You have tried hard, and you are a winner, too.  So here’s a refresher for you, (assistant runs out with a bucket and it looks like he is going to throw water on the losers.  (Ham this up) But when he finally goes to throw the contents only some confetti (or another gag item) comes out..

A Ship Like This

Baltimore Area Council

Characters: 3 boys

Scene:    Aboard an ocean liner. A small table with a chair on each side. Mr. Niffy, who is very unhappy, sits in the right hand chair. He picks up a book, signs, puts down the book. Looks around. Taps the table with his finger tips. Tries to read again. Mr. Tiffy enters left.

Mr. Tiffy:      Good Morning, Mr. Niffy. How are you, today?

Mr. Niffy:      Oh, oh, I just don’t know.

Mr. Tiffy:      May I sit down?

Mr. Nifty:      Of course! Of course! Do whatever you wish. Anything you do is all right with me.

Mr. Tifty:      Did you sleep well last night?

Mr. Niffy:      No, no, not a wink!

Mr. Tiffy:      Were you seasick?

Mr. Nifty:      No, no, I wasn’t seasick.

Mr. Tiffy:      Well, what’s your problem?

Mr. Nifty:      I’m afraid.

Mr. Tiffy:      Afraid of what?

Mr. Nifty:      I’m afraid this ship will sink.

Mr. Tiffy:      Oh, come on. That’s a silly fear. A ship this size doesn’t sink!

Mr. Nifty:      Oh, I read about a ship that sank.

Mr. Tiffy:      Here comes the Steward. Let’s talk to him.

Mr. Niffy:      All right.

Mr. Tiffy:      Pardon me, Steward.

Steward:        Good Morning, gentlemen! May I help you?

Mr. Tiffy:      I hope so. We have a question. Maybe you can answer it and put our minds to rest.

Steward:        I’ll answer if I can.

Mr. Tiffy:      Does a ship like this sink very often?

Steward:        Oh, No! (Men smile happily.)  A ship like this sinks only once!

Man Fishing

Baltimore Area Council

A man was fishing and catching fish like crazy. Two men were watching him and wondering what his secret was. They asked him what his secret is and he, just mumbles. They keep watching him reel in the fish and they again ask him what his secret is and he just mumbles. They ask a third time. He spits something into his hand and answers "Keep the worms warm".

I’ve seen this done with a whole den/patrol asking the man one at a time.  It is, also, good in the winter if they pretend they are ice fishing.  CD


Facts of Water

Baltimore Area Council

Cast: Six Cub Scouts

Equipment:      Buckets of water the Scouts can hold while speaking.

Cub # 1         Did you know that watermelon isn't called that for nothing? It's 97% water.

Cub # 2         Did you know that during a lifetime, you will drink about 16,000 gallons of water?

Cub # 3         Did you know if all the valleys and mountains on land and on sea were leveled, water would cover the entire earth two miles deep?

Cub # 4         Did you know that waterpower is no idle phrase? Water flowing at 10 miles an hour can move a rock 10 feet thick. Cub 5: Did you know that water helps regulate climate: It absorbs heat in summer and releases it in the winter.

Cub # 5         Did you know that a birch tree releases about 70 gallons of water into the atmosphere each day, almost the amount person uses in his home each day?

The Fisherman

Baltimore Area Council

Cast:          2 Cubs

Setting:      A fish market, customer and merchant

Customer:    I want you to do me a favor.

Merchant:    What is it Mr. Bigwig?

Customer:    I just got back from a fishing trip.

Merchant:    Did you catch anything?

Customer:    No, and that's the catch. My wife said I wouldn't and I'm in the doghouse. I said I would catch six fish. Merchant: Well, how can I help you.

Customer:    Let me have six of those medium size trout there.

Merchant:    Wrap 'em up?

Customer:    No, don't make a liar out of me. Pitch `em to me one at a time.

Merchant:    Well, I don't understand but here goes. (Tosses the fish to the Customer) What was that for?

Customer:    Very simple. I caught them, didn't 1?

Merchant:    (Grinning) You're right Mr. Bigwig. Good Luck. (Customer leaves)


Baltimore Area Council

Cast: 2 Cubs

Setting: 'Two Cubs are rowing an imaginary boat

Cub #1:     Whew! It sure is a long way out here.

Cub #2:     Yep (Puts hand to eyes) I can't see the shore anymore. Ready to start fishing?

Cub #1:     I think so. Looks like a good spot to me.

(Both ready imaginary rods, reels, hooks, worms, etc. and start fishing. Immediately they both start to catch fish, recast and catch more. Continue for several casts)

Cub #2:     I told you this would be a good spot.

Cub #1:     Sure is, the boat's full. Guess we have our limit, better get back.

Cub #2:     OK. (Gets oars ready)

Cub #1:     Did you use a map to get here?

Cub #2:     How are we ever gonna find our way back'?

Cub #l:      Oh. that's easy. I'll Just mark the spot with a big X right here on the side of the boat!

(Makes mark, both row away quickly)


Circle Ten Council

Set Up:

·         Make a cardboard cutout of a boat and a sign that says “Boat Dock”. 

·         The scene starts with the boat about 10 feet away from the boat dock. 

·         The Cub Scouts and their Den Chief are on their way to go fishing. 

Cub #1:         Stops at the dock then walks out across the water and gets in the boat.

Cub #2:         Hey wait for me! (He walks out to the boat.)

Den Chief:    Oh well... (Steps into the water and pretends to fall in and drags himself out)

Cub #3:         Hey wait up.  Here I come.  (Walks out to the boat.)

Den Chief:    (Tries and fails again.) 

The sequence continues until all the boys are in the boat and only the Den Chief remains on shore.

Cub #1:         Should we tell him where the rocks are?

Water Water

Capital Area Council, TX

ü  A man crawls out on the stage calling "Water, Water" as if he is very thirsty

ü  A Man walks by and says: "Sorry."

ü  He continues walking off stage.

ü  Another man walks by, the crawling man tugs on his pant leg: "Water, Water!"

ü  Man walking by: "All I've got is this beef jerky, sorry."

ü  He keeps walking.

ü  Another man walks by, the crawling man tugs on his pant leg: "Water, Water!"

ü  Man walking by: "No, I don't have any."

ü  He keeps walking.

ü  The crawling man sees a cup of water at the other end of the stage.

ü  "Water!!" He painfully crawls over there.

ü  "Water! Water!"

ü  When he reaches the water, he quickly stands up, dunks his comb in it, and uses it to comb his hair.

ü  And skips off stage.


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