Baloo's Bugle

June Cub Scout Roundtable Issue

Volume 14, Issue 11
July 2008 Theme

Theme: H20hhh!
Webelos: Aquanaut & Geologist
Tiger Cub
Achievement 2


Alice, Golden Empire Council

BEFORE having den or pack activities on or near the water, go over the Safe Swim Defense training available online. Review the Buddy System with the boys and parents before every water-side activity – and the Buddy System great to use on hikes, field trips and when camping or on field trips!

Every rank can work on a Good Turn America service project, especially one that has an impact on water. The Swimming Belt Loop and Pin and others that focus on water sports are a good challenge for all ages.

Tiger Cub Achievements:

Ach. #2F – Look at a map of your community with an adult – locate creeks, lakes, water resources;

Ach. #3D – Make a food pyramid – But add a solid white line along the bottom to represent water and to show how important water is to your body- follow up with the body silhouette activity showing 7/10 of the body as water;

Tiger Cub Electives:

Elec. #6 – With your partner, learn a song about water and teach it to your family or den;

Elec. #14 - Together with your adult partner, read a short story or a magazine article (look for one about water resources, water safety or water usage);

Elec. #17 – Make a model of a boat, a river or stream, or a watershed area;

Elec. #22 – with your family or den, have a picnic (choose a place along a river, lake or stream and clean up the area as a Good Turn Project);

Elec. #29 –Get ready for days in the sun by using sunblock to stay safe;

Elec. #34 – With your adult partner, think of a way to conserve water and do it for one week;

Elec. #40 - Together with an adult partner, go swimming or take part in an activity on water;

Elec. #41 - Visit a boat dock

Wolf Achievements:

Ach. #3a – Make a chart and keep track of your health habits, including drinking lots of water, for 2 weeks;

Ach. #7a – work on Respect Character Connection and talk about how to keep water resources clean;

Ach. #7d – focus on water and keeping it clean;

Ach. #7e – choose three articles about how people are protecting our water resources;

Ach. #8a – add a space along the bottom of the food pyramid representing water and talk about the importance of water to stay healthy;

Ach. #10d, e – choose a book or TV show about water or how we use water;

Wolf Electives:

Elec. #4f – Play a wide area game about water such as Incredible Journey or a “get wet” game;

Elec. #5f – Make a boat with a rubber band propeller; 

Elec. #5g, h, i – Make or put together some kind of boat; 

Elec. #6b – choose a book about water or water sports;

Elec. #7b – Make a pair of puddle jumpers and have fun with water;

Elec. #11d – learn words for 3 songs about water or Elec. #11f – sing a song about water with your den; 

Elec. #12 – do any of these with a focus on water as a resource; 

Elec #12f – make a poster about water usage;

Elec. #15e – Visit a garden or agricultural exhibit and find out how water is used and where it comes from; 

Elec. #16b – talk about family emergency plans and know how to shut off water and how to purify or obtain pure water; 

Elec. #18a – choose a water-side location and do some water-related activities;

Elec. #18e – help lay out an Adventure Trail with some water related activities included;

Elec. #18f – Take part in 2 Summer activities with your den, esp. something water-related;

Elec. #19 – Fishing (Do all as part of the  World Conservation Award); 

Elec. #20b – Learn safe boating rules;

Bear Achievements:

Ach. #3d – Visit a place of historical interest in your area, especially if there is a water resource included;

Ach. #4c – choose two folklore stories that have something to do with water;

Ach. #5d – Visit a nature center, nature preserve, etc. and find out how water is used and what water resources are included;

Ach. #6d – Find out the ways water is used in your home and with an adult find and repair water-wasting areas in your home;

Ach. #10a – if you visit a place where you can enjoy and observe a water feature;

Ach. #11b – Tell what to do in case of a water accident; 

Ach. #12 a, b – go to an area where you can observe and enjoy water;

Ach. #15c – select a game about water or that uses water;

Ach. #17a – choose a show about water or water recreation;

Ach. #17b – play charades using the Water Sayings;

Ach. #17d – Use a computer to find out something about water; 

Ach. #18f, g – if you write about an activity on or near the water or where you visited an area near water or water resources;

Ach. #21a, b – if you build a boat model or a model of a water resource of some kind;

Ach. #21d – make a model of a river;

Ach. #18f – make a model of a boat;

Ach. #22b – learn how to make knots that are used in working near water, and how they are used;

Ach. #23 – do any of these involving water sports;

Bear Electives:

Elec. #2c, d, e – make a rain gauge and learn about clouds;

Elec. #5 – Boats; 

Elec. #7d – with an adult, make a water wheel;

Elec. #9a – do an original art project with a water feature

Elec. #9c – visit a favorite outdoor location near water and paint or draw it;

Elec. #11b, c – Choose a subject that deals with water in some way;

Elec. #12d – Make a waterscope and identify 5 kinds of water life; 

Elec. #15 – Do all as part of World Conservation Award; 

Elec. #17c – do and discuss how the chore will help conserve water;

Elec. #19- MUST be done with adult present; 

Elec. #23e – choose a water location or point out water features along the route;

Webelos Activities:

ü  Aquanaut and Geologist are assigned;

ü  Remind parents that Traveler can be done while on family vacations;

ü  Handyman can be used to repair or replace equipment in the home and reduce water usage and waste.


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