Baloo's Bugle

June Cub Scout Roundtable Issue

Volume 14, Issue 11
July 2008 Theme

Theme: H20hhh!
Webelos: Aquanaut & Geologist
Tiger Cub
Achievement 2


Waterways Advancement Ceremony

Jim Jones, Great Salt Lake Council

I want to thank Jim for sending me his original ceremony for this theme to  share with all Baloo Readers.  CD.

Set Up – All parts are read by same person, or it could be broken up amongst Den Leaders, Assistant CM(s) and others.  No props are required but pictures illustrating the various waterways would add to the ceremony (and the words could be placed on the back of the picture). If you want to get really creative, have the CM and an Assistant dress up as Lewis and Clark and modify the text to have them telling the story of their journey. 

In 1804 Meriwether Lewis and William Clark began a journey at the request of President Thomas Jefferson to explore the west in search of a water route to the Pacific Ocean.  Much of their journey was traveled on the great waterways and rivers of North America. 

Tonight we honor others on their own journey of discovery.  Will the following Cub Scouts and their parents please come forward?  (Call forward all the Cub Scouts receiving their Bobcat Award.)  These Cub Scouts represent the trickles of water from melting snow and ice that are the headwaters of America’s rivers and waterways.  These Cub Scouts have earned the Bobcat Badge.  (Present Bobcat Badges)

As these trickles of water come together they form small rivulets.  As Bobcats grow they may come together in the Tiger Den.  Would the following Cub Scouts please come forward with their parents? (Call those Cub Scouts forward that are receiving their Tiger Badges.)  These boys represent those rivulets. Each of these Cub Scouts has earned his Tiger Cub Badge.  (Present Tiger Cub Badges.)

As these rivulets grow and move forward in their flow, they become streams.  Would the following Cub Scouts please come forward with their parents.  (Call those boys forward that are receiving their Wolf Badges.) These boys have grown and progressed in their Scouting journey of discovery and earned the Wolf Badge. (Present Wolf Badges.)

The streams grow and join becoming the rivers that are the tributaries of the great American Waterways.  The Bear Den represents those tributaries.  Would the following Cub Scouts please come forward with their parents. (Call forward the Cub Scouts receiving the Bear Badge.)  These boys represent those tributaries in their own journey of discovery. They have earned the Bear Badge. (Present Bear Badges)

When those tributaries come together to form the great American Waterways, the journey is almost complete.  Would the following Cub Scouts please come forward with their parents? (Call forward Cub Scouts receiving the Webelos Badge.)  These boys represent Lewis and Clark’s Mississippi River.  Each of these Cub Scouts has earned the Webelos Badge. (Present the Webelos Badge.)

Would the following Cub Scouts please come forward with their parents? (Call forward the Cub Scouts that are receiving the Arrow of Light.)  The greatest Waterway in America is the Mississippi River.  This is the beginning and ending point of Lewis and Clark’s journey of discovery.  As great as the Mississippi River is, it eventually empties into the Gulf of Mexico ending its journey.  Tonight these Cub Scouts are ending their journey of discovery in Cub Scouting and receiving their Arrow of Light, Cub Scouting’s highest honor.  (Start your Pack’s traditional Arrow of Light Ceremony here)

Fishing Trip Advancement Ceremony

Baltimore Area Council

Setting: The Cubmaster, or whoever is going to lead the advancement ceremony, is starting down memory lane of a recent fishing trip that he made. He starts to relate it to Cub Scouting.

Props: Cubmaster will need clothing for fishing, a pole that is hooked up with a magnetic hook. Cub Lake (some type of tub container to be the fishing hole). Advancements on fish as described below.

Cubmaster: Well, before I tell you who is getting awards tonight, I want to tell you about my latest fishing trip. You all know that any good fisherman will get up before dawn to prepare himself to go fishing. That is when this day started for me. There are seven things I have to do to get ready for a fishing trip, and as I was doing these things, I remembered the seven requirements that my son had to do to get his Bobcat Badge. Just like I prepared to go fishing, my son had to prepare himself to be a Cub Scout.

Call up Cub Scouts and their parents who are getting their Bobcat Badges.

Scouts, here at Pack ____, we are really proud of your accomplishment of completing the 7 requirements for the Bobcat Badge. And just like I have to have a license to go fishing, you have to become a Bobcat to go on in Scouting. Scouts, tonight I'm presenting your parents with your Bobcat Badge. When they give it to you, I want you to always remember how you prepared yourself for Scouting.

Present badges on pretend fishing licenses to the parents

Well, let me continue on with my fishing trip. You won't believe the trouble that I had! Before I even got to the lake, I got lost, and had to look at a map. I then had to make a phone call because I forgot to leave a note to let my family know where I was going to be. Then, once I was at the lake, things didn't get any better. I dropped my bait bucket, I cut my finger. I got knots in my fishing line, I even had to go back to the car for the lunch that I had packed. But you know, some nice things did happen to me too. The day was beautiful, birds were out singing in the trees, and the trail to the lake was clean. I saw some really neat plants growing along side of the path, and I found a really great rock for my son's collection.

Oh, yes you are probably wondering what all of this has to do with Scouting. Well, as I was having all of these problems I remembered the that Tiger Cubs had to look at a map and go Outdoors. 

And I thought of the 12 Achievements that Cubs have to do to get their Wolf and Bear badges. And you know, some of the things that they had to learn I needed that day. The first aid for my cut finger, the knots in my line, and the lunch I did remember to pack. In Cub Scouts, boys get a really good understanding of nature and how to take care of the land around them. That path was so clean I bet some fisherman who had been in Cub Scouting had come before me.

So I did go fishing, and caught (insert number of Tiger, Wolf and Bear advancements that you have) really nice fish. Here let me show you.

Cast your line into Cub Lake and catch fish for the Tiger Badge(s), Wolf badge(s), and the Bear Badge(s)

Call up the Cubs with their Parents.  If a large number, You may wish to separate by rank.  Be sure very boy receives individual recognition.

Scouts, you are receiving your Tiger Badge tonight, and, along with your parents, your Pack is really proud of you and the work you have done. Congratulations.

Scouts, you are receiving your Wolf Badge tonight, and, along with your parents, your Pack is really proud of you and the work you have done. Congratulations.

Scouts. you are receiving your Bear Badge tonight and you have shown us that you take your Cub Scouting seriously. Congratulations.

Well, my fishing trip continued on for a few more hours and I continued to think about Cub Scouting. I thought about how each of the Webelos Scouts earn the different Activity Badges, the badges give the Scout a taste of what Boy Scouting will be like. They just sort of cover what a Scout that is in 4th and 5th grade needs to know.

Will our Webelos leader please come up here tonight. I'm going to go fishing and see if I can find any Webelos Activity Badges down here. Yes there do appear to be a few.

Have Webelos Leader give out the badges to the boys

I want to thank each one of you tonight for coming along with me on this trip, Scouting and fishing sure do have a lot in common, don't you agree?


Circle Ten Council

Cubmaster (CM):   When a boy wanted to be a sailor, he would hire himself on as a cabin boy. There he learned the terminology of the ship.  He learned his knots and the rigging.

Assistant Cubmaster (CA):   When a boy wants to become a Cub Scout, he must learn the basics of Scouting. When he learns the Promise, the Law, the sign, the salute, the handshake, the meaning of Webelos, and the motto, a boy then becomes a Bobcat. Will the Bobcat recipients please come forward with their parents?

(Present awards to parents to pin on their son)

CM:        A sailor quickly learned to use maps and charts so he could see where they are and where they are going.  So too, does a Tiger Cub Scout grow.  He learns about his town by looking at a map and going places in the town.  After he finishes this and the other four Achievements, he is recognized as a Tiger.  Would our Tiger Cubs and their parents please come forward?

(Present awards to parents to pin on their son)

CA:         A sailor boy’s knowledge of the sea did not end there.  As he traveled about the world, he saw many different types of ships and their uses.  His world would become larger.  So too, does a Cub Scout grow.  He learns about his national flag, about his family and world, about tools, and about many other things.  It is then that he is recognized as a Wolf.  Would our Wolf Cubs and their parents please come forward?

(Present awards to parents to pin on their son)


CM:        A sailor even today has to know the methods of ship communication, whether it be flags or radio.  He needs to know about radar.  A Bear needs to be more aware of God and worship, more about wildlife and the environment, more about family life and more about strengthening his body. Will our Bear rank recipients and their parents please come forward?

(Present awards to parents to pin on their son)

Webelos Leader 1(WL 1):               A sailor soon learns about tides and the sea currents.  He learns to use these to travel.  A Webelos Scout must earn several different kinds of activity badges to help prepare him for the future. Will our Webelos and their parents please come forward?

(Cubmaster presents awards to parents to pin on their son)

WL 2:    Finally, a sailor has a destination, a goal; he must know where he is and how to get where he is going.  He uses the constellations and the North Star to guide him.  He uses a compass and a sextant to chart his course.  So, too, does a Webelos Scout.  He has earned more activity badges to give him skills for the future.  He has visited Boy Scout troops, as he plots is course.  He has filled out a Boy Scout application form.  He is deciding on his goal, maybe even an Eagle Scout. Will our Arrow of Light recipients and their parents come forward?

(Cubmaster presents awards to parents to pin on their son)

Goin' Fishin' Advancement

Baltimore Area Council

This ceremony can he used indoors or at the waterfront.

If you are indoors,

Pin the badges that were earned to a cardboard fish.

Make a fishing pole out of a dowel, string, and a paperclip hook.

Put paperclips bent into circles into mouths of the fish.

Make the fish different colors according to the badge pinned to it and tell each boy who earned an advancement to go fishing for a (color) fish. (e.g. red fish for Wolf)

Make a statement about the boys’ achievements and have the parents help the boy if needed.

If you are at the water, you could use the same process or you could use the water instead of a bucket to put the fish in. Simply wrap the badges tightly in aluminum foil and have the one who swims best in the water with the badges. When the boy casts his line out, the swimmer can attach the proper badge to the hook and give it a tug.


Circle Ten Council

Equipment: A poster board or a sheet colored blue imitating water gradually getting deeper, five different size fish made of cardboard, awards.

Setting: Cubmaster is in front of room with water behind him.

Cubmaster: The small fish starts out in shallow water (Place smallest fish in shallow water) and the first step is to learn how to maneuver in the water, just as our beginning Scout is becoming familiar with Cub Scouting. The first part of becoming a Cub Scout is that of a Bobcat. Would the following boys please come forward with their parents? (Award badges)

Tiger  Leader: As our small fish grows (place the next fish further out in the water) he moves a little further into the water finding new adventures and discovering new areas. Just as our fish is developing so is our Cub Scout. The next step is that of a Tiger. Would the following boys please come forward with their parents? (Cubmaster awards badges and/or arrows)

Wolf  Leader: As our small fish becomes stronger and larger (place the next fish further out in the water) he moves further into the water finding new adventures and discovering new areas. Just as our fish is developing so is our Cub Scout. The next step is that of a Wolf. Would the following boys please come forward with their parents? (Cubmaster awards badges and/or arrows)

Bear Leader: Our fish has grown into a larger fish (place 3rd fish further out in the water) and has moved out further into the water becoming more acquainted with the other fish and is learning to maneuver faster in the water. Just like the fish, the Cub Scout is learning and meeting more challenges and is becoming more acquainted with the pack. The next step is that of the Bear. Would the following boys please come forward with their parents? (Cubmaster awards badges and/or arrows)

Webelos Leader Our fish has finally reached the stage where he can go into the deepest water (place largest fish in the deepest water) and has learned quite a lot about the water and what lies in it. This stage of growth is like that of the Webelos. The Webelos has matured and learned much about the pack and is ready to move on into Boy Scouting. Would the following boys please come forward with their parents? (Cubmaster awards Webelos badge and/or activity pins)

Assistant Cubmaster          Just as the fish has developed and has gone out into deeper water, we know our Cub Scouts have learned and developed as we send them on into Boy Scouting and beyond.


Circle Ten Council

Props:    Various items used in the water: (e.g. mask, snorkel, fins, ski tube, skis, etc.) and leaders wearing them

Cubmaster needs to have a fishing hat and vest available.

Have a fish tank or fish bowl and enough dowel rods with strings attached to badges in plastic sealed bags.  These are the awards for the boys. 

Cubmaster:  Water fun is something that is enjoyed by nearly everyone.  We have some special people here tonight to show you ways to have fun in the water.

Cub #1:       Mask man     The person who does not want to get water on his face, or the person who does not want to be seen.

Cub #2:       Snorkeler        The next person thinks he/she is a shark.  They think they are a part of the great white shark family.  In fact, _______ is a card-holding member of the JAWS fan club.

Cub #3:       Finner              This person only walks on the beach and leaves big prints in the sand.  He’s hoping you think that Bigfoot has reappeared.

Cub #4:       Tuber              This person is someone who has always wanted to drive on water, but has not yet figured out how.

Cub #5:       Etc.                  (make up your own to fit the props)

These are just a few of the items that can be used to have fun in the water.  Fishing is also very popular.  (Put on fishing hat and vest.)  In this fish tank I have caught some badges for Cub Scouts who have advanced in rank.  (Pull badges out one by one and call boy forward with his parents.)

Arrow of Light Ceremony

Baltimore Area Council

PERSONNEL: Webelos Leader or Cubmaster; Webelos Scout(s); parents.

EQUIPMENT: Ceremony board (see illustration)


ARRANGEMENT: Room is in darkness. Leader introduces Webelos Scout(s) who are receiving Arrow of Light, and explains they have met the requirements to receive the highest award in Cub Scouting.

LEADER:  The purpose of Cub Scouting is to light the way to Boy Scouting.

The first rank in Cub Scouting is Tiger. (Turn on first light) A First Grade Cub Scout must complete 5 Achievements to earn this rank.

Before becoming a Bobcat a Cub Scout learns the Cub Scout Promise, the Law of the Pack, the Cub Scout sign, handshake; motto and salute. (Turn on second light)

The rank for second grade (eight year old) Cub Scouts is Wolf. (Turn on third light) Twelve achievements are required to earn the Wolf badge. Then he works on arrow Points until he is in third grade (nine years old). He can earn as many Arrow points as time and ambition will allow.

Twelve achievements are required for the Bear badge. (Turn on fourth light) You can see that as a boy progresses in Cub Scouting, his way becomes lighter. After receiving his Bear badge, he works on Arrow Points until he is in fourth grade (10 years old)

Now he becomes a Webelos Scout. (Turn on fifth light) They wear the Webelos tri-colors on their sleeve and work on Activity Badges to pin to the Tri-colors. To earn the Webelos badge, he must earn the Fitness and Citizen Activity Badges, plus one additional Activity Badge. Webelos stands for “We’ll Be Loyal Scouts” and it is the name of the Indian tribe of which Akela is chief. The Webelos Scout is older. He can do more for himself. His parents no longer sign for his advancement; his Webelos Leader does this.

When he is in fifth grade, he works on the Arrow of Light Award. (Turn on sixth light) To receive this award, he must earn the Outdoorsman and Readyman Activity Badges and at least four more Activity Badges. He learns the Scout Oath, the Scout Law, the Scout Motto, Slogan, Sign, Salute and Handclasp. He learns the parts of the Scout badge. He understands and supports the Outdoor Code. He plans and leads a flag ceremony at a Pack meeting. Now he has earned the Arrow of Light award, the highest award a Cub Scout can earn. (Turn on seventh light) His path to Boy Scouting is now fully lit.

Let’s review his path to Scouting. (Turn out all lights) This is what his path looked like before he entered Cub Scouting. (Turn on all lights) This is what his path is like now that he ‘ has progressed through the ranks of Cub Scouting to the Arrow of Light.

Goodbye Cub Scout…  Hello Boy Scout.

“Water Adventure” Graduation Ceremony

Baltimore Area Council

Note:  This may be adapted to be an advancement for any Cub Scout rank advancement


ü  Side view of a ship (USS WEBELOS) is cut from cardboard. Cubmaster, Webelos Leaders and Bear Leaders dressed as Ships Officers.

ü  Bear Dens are standing to the side of the ship.

ü  The Cubmaster and new Webelos Leader/s are standing behind the ship.

Cubmaster:      (blows whistle). Bear First Mate, is your crew assembled and ready to board?

Bear Leader:   Aye, aye, Sir!

Cubmaster:  Webelos First Mate, are you ready to receive your new crew?

Webelos Leader:                Aye, aye, Sir!

Cubmaster to Bears:         Bears, are you prepared to board the Webelos Ship and continue along the trail that will lead to the USS Arrow of Light? (Prompt boys to say “Aye, aye, Sir!”) Before boarding the Webelos Ship, would you all raise your right hands in the Cub Scout Sign and recite the Cub Scout Promise? (CM leads boys in the promise)

Welcome aboard! (Motion the Bears toward the ship) Webelos First Mates, meet the new crew of the USS WEBELOS .

(Suggestion: Cubmaster can present the new Webelos with their neckerchiefs; the Webelos Leader with his/her badge of office, or the Den flag.)



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