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June Cub Scout Roundtable Issue

Volume 14, Issue 11
July 2008 Theme

Theme: H20hhh!
Webelos: Aquanaut & Geologist
Tiger Cub
Achievement 2


The Six “Ships” of Scouting

Baltimore Area Council

A True Scouting Classic! CD

Arrangement:     6 Cub Scouts hold large cardboard cutouts of ships, on which have been printed the following words; SCHOLAR-SHIP; FELLOW-SHIP; FRIEND-SHIP; SPORTSMAN-SHIP; WORKMAN-SHIP; STATESMAN-SHIP on the front and their parts on the back in LARGE print.

Cubmaster:      Tonight, Den __ would like to tell you about the Six Ships of Scouting. These are ships that were launched to sail the Waterways of the USA – strong and mighty... ships that will last forever.

Cub # 1:      SCHOLAR-SHIP. This ship is very important on the Sea of Education. On her deck stand such officers as Ambition, Determination, Intelligence and Application. Her flag bears symbols of the letter “A” and the plus sign.

Cub # 2:      FELLOW-SHIP. This ship stands for good spirit, fine cooperation and never-failing unity. Its flag floats high - the flag of Scouting.

Cub # 3:      FRIEND-SHIP. This is the most handsome ship of all. It is true blue and its flag is golden - since friendship itself is golden.

Cub # 4:      SPORTSMAN-SHIP. This is the ship that’s fair and square.  It never veers from its course. Its flag is never at half-mast.

Cub # 5:      WORKMAN-SHIP. This ship’s every line, every part, every mast, represents the best that a person can give. Its flag wears a laurel wreath.

Cub # 6:      STATESMAN-SHIP. This ship represents wise guidance, constant counsel, unselfish interest and sincere endeavor. Its flag is white for purity.

Cubmaster:      And there you have six strong and sturdy ships to brave the Waterways of the USA. Three cheers for the Scouting ships!



Santa Clara County Council

Arrangement:  Cubmaster is dressed in a long laboratory coat and slacks that are easy to remove, holding a clipboard, and carrying a briefcase.  (He is wearing beach clothes underneath the slacks)

Cubmaster:  (Very seriously): Welcome to our Water 101 college pack meeting.  I am Professor Cubmaster and I hope that you are all prepared to listen closely and take notes.  We are here today to learn about a very important substance--H2O, otherwise known as water.  Now the first thing we will study is the molecular structure...

Pack Committee Chair:  (Runs in to interrupt Cubmaster) Excuse me, Professor, but today’s pack meeting is Fin Fun.  We are supposed to have fun with water, not lecture in Water 101.

Cubmaster: Oh, but I’m sure my secretary told me about a Water 101 lecture I was to give today.  (Consults pocket calendar.)  How embarrassing.  That’s next week.  Luckily, every good Scouter comes prepared for nearly everything.  Excuse me a moment.  (Cubmaster goes away and comes back in beach-going clothes.  He opens his briefcase, pulls out sandals, a beach towel, snorkel and fins.  He also takes out a small water squirter and squirts the committee chair.)  Today we are going to have water activities.  It’s going to be fun!  Who’s ready to join me??

Raingutter Regatta Opening

Baltimore Area Council

Set Up - Have the boatswain (a good whistler) give a long, drawn-out note, dropping to a lower tone near the end, to welcome the Skipper (Cubmaster) aboard. Cubmaster then calls for each ship’s crew section (Den) to give its Den yell. The entire crew (Pack) then stands, pledges allegiance to the flag and sings “Row, Row, Row Your Boat” as a round.

Safe Swim Opening

Voyageur Council

Arrangement:  Make card for each letter.  Write the line for each boy in LARGE print on the back.  The boys can carry water activity toys such as inner tubes, balls or snorkeling equipment.

Cub # 1:      S      S is for Scouts, we have fun.

Cub # 2:      A      A is for Activities, out in the sun.

Cub # 3:      F      F is for Friends, your buddies in the pool.

Cub # 4:      E      E is for Excitement, but keep your cool.

Cub # 5:      S      S is for Safety.  That must come first.

Cub # 6:      W     W is for Water, not only for thirst.

Cub # 7:      I       I is for Instructions we follow with care.

Cub # 8:      M     M is for Merriment we all love to share.

ALL           Putting them all together and we have SAFE SWIM. Let’s be safe and we will all win.


Spirit of Scouting

Setting: Before the opening ceremony, place a candle at one side of the stage or room but in view of everybody.  When the time for the opening ceremony, the Cubmaster make the following statement.

Cubmaster: (light candle) This candle represents the spirit of Cub Scouting.  It is going to burn throughout our meeting, representing the fun and friendship we have enjoyed together here.  Let’s all stand and give the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag.


Circle Ten Council

Have large cards with the letters O C E A N on them for the Cubs to hold and read from.

Cub # 1:       O – O is for Old Glory that we wave with pride.

Cub # 2:       C – C is for colors we see each night with joy.

Cub # 3:       E – E is for evenings that give us pleasant thoughts.

Cub # 4:       A – A is for awareness of the beauties of the sea.

Cub # 5:       N – N is for Neptune, the mythical God of the sea, who rules his kingdom with love.

Leader:     Put it all together, it is OCEAN; it borders our land and gives us much to be thankful for.

Cub Scout Fish Opening

Voyageur Council

Arrangement:  8 Cub Scouts holding cardboard pieces, which make a fish when put together.  Each part is lettered, so that all together they spell CUB SCOUT, C being the head of the fish and T the tail.  Each boy’s lines are written on the back of his card in LARGE print.

(Boys enter one at a time and repeat their lines in order.)

Cub # 1:      (Head of Fish) C is the part we build on.  It stands for COURTESY in Cub Scouting and all through life.

Cub # 2:      U is next.  This part stands for UNITY, because united we are strong.

Cub # 3:      B is the next added.  That stands for BRAVERY in all our thoughts and all our deeds.

Cub # 4:      S is next and that stands for SAFETY.  We learn it and use it.

Cub # 5:      C adds some more and it stands for CHURCH--the one of your choice.

Cub # 6:      O is building it stronger, and it stands for OUTDOOR life, which is full of fun and adventure.

Cub # 7:      U is near the finish and it stands for UNDERSTANDING, something that all our families have.

Cub # 8:      (Tail of Fish) T is the tail that guides us.  It stands for TRUTH in all things.

All:             Will everyone rise and please join us in the Pledge of Allegiance?


Seaside Opening

Capital Area Council, TX

Personnel: Cub Scouts

Equipment: A beach bucket and shovel with empty squirt guns for each Cub and Den Leader

Set Up: The Cubs come in and line up carrying their buckets and shovels.  The squirt guns are inside the buckets out of view of the audience.  It would also add to the effect if the Cubs rolled up their pants legs (or wear shorts) and have bare feet.  They could also pantomime actions.

Cub #1:              Here at the beach there is so much to see!  Look on the ocean is a sailboat!

Cub #2:              Yeah!  They're great.  But the waves are really fun.  I love to run into the water and let the waves push over me.

Cub #3:              Do you know what I like?  I think the seagulls are cool!  They attack when you sit down to have lunch.

Cub #4:              Yeah!  But have you ever been able to find a starfish at the edge of the water.  That's really cool!

Cub #5:              Do you know what else is fun!  Hunting for clams.  They bury themselves in the sand and when you get close to getting them--they squirt!! 

(Cubs reach in their buckets and
 use their squirt guns to *squirt* the audience.

Swim Party Opening

Capital Area Council, TX

This opening is for use if you are having your pack event at a swimming facility. 

Have all the boys stand around the edge of the shallow end of the pool or the side of the beach. 

On signal, they are to jump or wade into the water and make a circle in the pool.

CM         Now that we are all together, please repeat the following pledge after me:
"As a Cub Scout:
I promise to be careful in the water
I will observe water safety rules at all times,
When I am with a group around water I will encourage others to do the same. 

CA          Please join us in the Pledge of Allegiance.


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