Baloo's Bugle

June Cub Scout Roundtable Issue

Volume 14, Issue 11
July 2008 Theme

Theme: H20hhh!
Webelos: Aquanaut & Geologist
Tiger Cub
Achievement 2


On The Beach

(a MadLibs)

Baltimore Area Council

Create a list ahead of time of the types of words needed for the story, and ask the audience to provide the words to fill in the blanks in the story. The narrator reads the story. Filling in the blanks with the words provided by the audience.


Plural Noun__________________________

Body Part____________________________

Verb _______________________________

Body Part____________________________



Plural Noun__________________________



Plural Noun__________________________


Person in Room_______________________



If you want to enjoy yourself at the beach, you should bring your _plural noun_. Before exposing your skin to the sun, you should put suntan oil on your _body part_ . Rub it on your face; then smear it all over. Be sure that it's rubbed in thoroughly. Then go into the salt water and _verb _. When you come out of the water, don't dry your _body part_.   Lie down on a(an) _noun_ and soak up the rays. It's fun if you bring a(an) _noun_ to play with at the beach, l like to build _plural noun_ with sand. You see all sorts of bodies at the beach. Some are _adjective_ like your own. You can _verb_ on the beach. Some beaches allow you to sunbathe without your _plural noun_, _exclamation_ ! My friend, _person in room_ went to a beach without his/her _noun_ and got so sunburned that he/she had to walk home.

Fisherman’s Luck

Circle Ten Council

In this audience participation, the audience will be divided into the necessary number of groups and each group will say the following lines when their name is called:

            Fisherman                        Great day for fishing

            Fish                                             Bubble, Bubble

            Worm                                           Wiggle, Wiggle

            Reel           Everyone pretends to reel in a fish

Once there was a FISHERMAN who went FISHing on a sunny April day.  He was hoping to catch a big FISH.  He found a nice spot and stopped along the river.

The FISHERMAN put the REEL on his rod, and a worm on his hook and started to FISH.  He patiently waited and waited, but no FISH came to eat the WORM on the hook.  The FISHERMAN decided to leave his hook and WORM in the water and take a little nap.  He was awakened by the screeching sound of his REEL; sure enough he had hooked into a great big FISH.

The FISHERMAN wounded in the REEL and to his surprise he found a stick on the end of his hook.  The WORM was gone.  So the FISHERMAN put another WORM on his hook and tossed his line into the water.  Again he was awakened by the sound of the REEL, this time he found a tin can on his hook.  “This is getting frustrating” he said, “I really want to catch a FISH before I run out of WORMs”.

One last time the FISHERMAN threw this line into the water and set his rod and REEL beside him.  The sound of the REEL woke him once again.  This time however he could not REEL in his FISH he knew for sure that his WORM was ling gone.  He REELed and REELed until finally a large black fin rose out of the water.  The FISHERMAN has caught a submarine.  Riiinnnng . . . . went the alarm clock the FISHERMAN rolled over and said “six thirty in the morning”.  The whole trip had only been a dream. 


 Sam Houston Area Council

Divide the audience into four groups. Assign a part to each group and have them practice. As narrator, read the story, they respond to the appropriate word.

            Timmy:                                  “I love to swim”.

            Cub Scouts:                              “Do your best”.

            Swim/Swimming:     “Splash, splash, splash”.

            Sun Screen:           “Aaaaaaaaa-Oooooooo”.

The day of the summer Pack meeting was hot and dry. That was good because it was to be a SWIMMING party. The CUB SCOUTS and their families were to meet at the Miller’s house at noon. TIMMY started getting ready at 9 O’clock in the morning. He loved to SWIM. He had just completed SWIMMING lessons at the local SWIMMING pool and had his card stating that TIMMY had passed Advanced Beginners. He knew all his CUB SCOUT friends would be surprised. It was just last year that TIMMY could not SWIM at all.

TIMMY found his SWIMMING suit and towel and even his thongs without any trouble. But search as he might he could not find his SUN SCREEN. This was terrible. All the CUB SCOUTS had learned the importance of always using SUN SCREEN at one of the Den meetings. TIMMY knew that he must protect his skin from the intense summer sun while he was young so that he would not get skin cancer when he got older. Also, he did not want to get a bad sunburn. One of his friends in CUB SCOUTS had fallen asleep in the sun and couldn’t sit down or lay in bed comfortably for a week!

“Where are you, SUN SCREEN?” asked TIMMY as he started looking through the house again. It was almost time for the SWIMMING party. He didn’t want to be late. That was when he found it. Way in the back of a bathroom drawer, there was the SUN SCREEN. He grabbed it but to his dismay, the tube felt very light. Oh, no! The SUN SCREEN tube was empty. TIMMY could not squeeze out even one little drop. What could he do? There was no time to go to the store before meeting the CUB SCOUTS for the SWIMMING party. And he knew he should never go SWIMMING without his SUN SCREEN.

Just then, TIMMY’s big brother Weston came bursting through the kitchen door. “What’s the matter”, he asked when he saw TIMMY sitting dejectedly in the living room? I’m all out of SUN SCREEN. I can’t go SWIMMING with the CUB SCOUTS, was the reply. “Here, you can use mine”, said Weston, tossing his little brother a new tube of SUN SCREEN. TIMMY couldn’t believe it. Just that fast was his problem solved. “Thanks, Wes!” TIMMY shouted as he headed out the door to the SWIMMING party with the CUB SCOUTS. And for a whole week he didn’t say anything bad about his brother!


Capital Area Council, TX

Narrator reads story.  When audience hears a "water" word, they do a wave, like at sporting events.

One upon a time, there lived a poor merchant from Botany Bay.  He sailed across the Seas to distant lands. He traveled with his dog, Bruno.  During Ocean voyages, he missed his family.

On one of these Sea journeys, the poor merchant traveled to the island of Catomania.  He heard a loud caterwaul as he entered the Bay.  The island had a terrible problem. Too many cats!  The king begged him to help.  The poor merchant let loose his trusty Bruno.  Bruno chased the cats on board the ship in the Bay.

The poor merchant quickly set sail for the high Seas, with a shipload of cats.  At the next port, the island of Micea, he found another island with a problem.  They had never seen a cat before.  The island was run over with Sea gulls.  There was practically not a place to land his ship because the gulls covered the Water's edge.  He was able to sell all of the cats to the inhabitants of Micea.  The cats who were hungry after the long Ocean journey, gobbled up all of the gulls but two who flew to the top mast of the poor merchant's ship in the BAY.

The merchant sailed for many days in the Ocean.  When he reached America, he brought out his caravan of camels.  They pulled his ship right to the Rio Grande River in Albuquerque.  He found the pioneers wrestling with a plague of locusts.  The quick-thinking merchant threw a stone at the giant gulls.  They swooped down and hungrily devoured the locusts.  The pioneers who were still settling in, didn't have much to trade, so he let his camels have a drink from the River and was on his way again.

The next stop was an island called Waterworld.  There was so much Water, the islanders had a hard time eating, sleeping, working or playing.  The camels smelled the Water as soon as they made port and stampeded.  Soon, the excess Water was gone.  The islanders thanked the merchant by presenting him with a cargo hold full of umbrellas.  They wouldn't he needing them anymore.

When the merchant arrived home, his family Rained tears of joy.  The tears poured for days and days.  The wise merchant who knew it never Rains but it pours, sold the cargo hold of umbrellas to the good citizens, and became the now rich merchant from Botany Bay.


Robinson Crusoe's Diary

Capital Area Council, TX

This is a nonsense game that never fails to crack them up - the sillier, the better!  Names of objects are written on slips of paper and dropped into a container.  As "Mr. Crusoe" reads his diary, each "sailor" takes turns drawing from the container to fill in the blanks.

Copy these phrases on slips of paper:

A ship

A dove

A bonfire

A big tree


A wild goat

30 cannibals

A loud noise

Some gunpowder

My tent

A strong fence

A chest of gold

A goatskin

A pile of straw

A piece of canvas

My fieldglasses

All my belongings

A table and chair

A cup of goat's milk

The top of the hill


"This morning I woke up early and ate my breakfast, which consisted of               and        .  Afterward, I took my saw and hammer and built        .  Since I was shipwrecked and alone, I had to go hunting in the woods to see what I might have for lunch.  I forgot my gun, so I had to capture       with my bare hands.  I also tried to catch       to  but could not run fast enough.  I went home to my cave, sat down in                  and ate my lunch.  Since my clothes were all lost as sea, I decided to make myself something to wear.  I made a pretty neat hat from        and a coat out of                .  I decided to wrap my feet in          .  Suddenly, I heard a           and rushed out and climbed into     .  I looked through      just in case I might see       .  I didn't but there on the beach I saw            dancing in wild glee around              .  Running up the trail toward my hideout was       crying out and looking very frightened.  I hid the poor thing behind         .  I then found my gun, loaded it with      and stood guard over         .  When it seemed safe, I got busy and built    all around             .  Then I finally lay down in my comfortable bed, mad of                   , and slept soundly.


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