Baloo's Bugle

September 2007 Cub Scout Roundtable Issue

Volume 14, Issue 2
October 2007 Theme

Theme: Down on the Farm
Webelos: Citizen & Showman
Tiger Cub
Requirement 1


Pumpkin Patch Patter

Heart of America Council


12 Cubs dressed as pumpkins,

Mother and children 

Other boys maybe dressed up a pumpkins sitting on stage at the sides.  If you donít have this many Cubs, double up on the speaking parts.


Have Cubs either make pumpkin costumes or make large paper pumpkins to pin them on their clothing.  Consider puppets Ė boys stay behind real pumpkins and say lines while out of sight.

One sign saying ďPUMPKIN PATCHĒ

12 signs saying ďTHE ENDĒ


Pumpkin Patch sign is placed on stage.

The 12 pumpkins sit on floor in single file. 

Mother and children enter and remain on stage pretending to look at the pumpkins.

Pumpkin 1: (Angrily) Well, here we are once again.   I hate being a pumpkin.

Pumpkin 2: I know what you mean.  Pretty soon theyíll all be over here poking and squeezing, and trying to decide how to dress us up.

Pumpkin 3: (Loudly) Iím tired of being Carved! It Hurts!

Pumpkin 4: (Smiling) I wish theyíd give me a pretty smile and not tooth decay.

Pumpkin 5: (Wiping his brow) And that candle so hot. Boy, were they glad I used DIAL!

Pumpkin 6: Well, itís better than crayon all over your face.  They really get carried away. I even had a beard and moustache.

Pumpkin 7: Be thankful for a beard and moustache.  How would you like to be wearing a girlís wig!  I was humiliated!

Pumpkin 8: At least a wig is soft. The family I was with stuck gourds all over my head.  Two ears, two eyes and a big nose!

Pumpkin 9: I keep getting a spot on the window sill. I need more room than that.  You canít imagine the bruises I have from falling.  (Rubs his back)

Pumpkin 10: (Very indignantly) Well, I resent when they decide to build a pyramid with two or three of us.  They call it a pumpkin man. I call it sore shoulders.

Pumpkin 11: (Disgustedly) IĎve been listening to you all complain for the last 10 minutes, and not one of you mentioned being put outside.  Every year, for one solid week, I get the place of honor on the front porch.

Pumpkin 12: (Shaking his head in agreement) Me, too. The least they could is take us in when it rains, or give us a raincoat.

Pumpkin 1: (Pointing to the family coming over) Be quiet; here they come.   Maybe weíll be too small or the wrong shape.

Children: (Excitedly) Mommy, over here!  Look at all the pumpkins!

Mother: Why, these pumpkins are too small and are all twisted out of shape.

Pumpkin: (In unison) Thank goodness!

Mother: (Very slowly says as she is eyeing each pumpkin) But Ö theyíll make perfect pumpkin pies.

Pumpkin: (Groan in unison) Oh! NO!

Six Oíclock in the Morning

Heart of America Council

Personnel: Cubs in animal costumes.

Setting: Various animals inside barn.

Rooster: (loudly) Cock Ďaí doodle do. Itís now time to wake up.

Cow: Well, I guess that means itís time to get going.

Dog: (Stretching) Youíd think that for one morning Rooster would forget.

(Lights off stage come on and moving sounds are heard from house, walking on floors, doors slamming,
water running.)

Horse: Come on you lazy creatures.  Farmer Brown expects us to be raring to go when he comes in.

Rooster: Itís six oíclock and itís time for everyone to get moving.  (Everyone moves around, groaning.)

Cat: Thereís activity going on in the house.  Iím going to go scratch on the door for some milk. (Cat Exits)

Farmer Brown: (Enters) Good morning animals, you are all up early. It looks like a beautiful day out there. (Animals just stand around.)  Letís get all of you some breakfast and start this day off right. (Starts feeding animals.  Farmer Brown just rambles on and on to the animals.)  Gee, it would be nice to know what you re all thinking when Iím talking to you.  (Animals turn  and stare)  But of course everyone knows animals canít talk. (Walks off)  (As Farmer Brown walks off all animals wink at audience.)

Farmer Brown and His Friends

Heart of America Council

Personnel: 6 Cubs


Large piece of cardboard made to look like a barn with enough windows for each boy. 

Farmer Brown needs to look like a farmer.

Setting: This skit is running jokes.  All should have a copy of it and is funniest if done very quickly.  Farmer Brown is in front of the barn, keeping things going.

Farmer Brown: Welcome to Den ___ís version of Hee Haw.

Cub 1: Hey Farmer Brown. What do you get when you cross an onion with a potato?
Farmer Brown: I donít know.

Cub 1: A spud with watery eyes.

Cub 2: Hey (4) Why did the rooster crow early?
Cub 4: Because his cluck was fast.

Cub 3: Why does a cow wear a bell?
Farmer Brown: Why?
Cub 3: Because her horns donít work.

Cub 5: Hey (1) what three states have the most cows?
Cub 1 : Cow  lorado, Moo  ssouri and Cow lifornia.

Cub 2: What do you call it when you pawn a pig?
Farmer Brown: A ham hock.

Cub 5: Hey (3), Do you like raisin bread?
Cub 3: Canít say, never tried raisiní it.

Cub 4: (6) What do you call a carrot that insults a farmer?
Cub 6: I donít know, what?
Cub 4: A fresh vegetable.

Cub 6: What do you get when you cross a dog and a chicken?
Farmer Brown: A pooched egg.

Cub 5: Hey, (2), How many kinds of milk are there?
Cub 2: Well...thereís whole milk, skimmed milk, condensed milk, and, say why do you want to know?
Cub 5: Iím drawing a picture of a cow and I want to know how many faucets to put on it.

Cub 1: Farmer Brown, what did the pig say when the farmer picked it up by the tail?
Farmer Brown: I donít know. What?.
Cub 1: This is the end of me.

Farmer Brown: (Turns around with ĎĎTHE ENDíí on the seat of his pants.)

Hamming It Up

Baltimore Area Council

Personnel: 8 Cub Scouts

Equipment: Pig masks and tails (There are many ideas on mask making in the Cub Scout Leader How-To Book)

Piggy #1: I sure had a high fever last night.

Piggy #2: How high?

Piggy #1: Two bales.

Piggy #3: Two bales? Thatís no way to take a temperature.

Piggy #1: Of course it is. I have hay fever!

Piggy #4: Hey, why did the pig cross the road

Piggy #5: I give up. Why?

Piggy #4: It was the chickenís day off.

Piggy #6:  What do you think my Uncle Porky pig sang when he joined the Navy?

Piggy #7: I donít know. What?

Piggy #6: (singing) ďOinkers away, my boys, oinkers away.Ē

Piggy #8: What do you call a pig who crosses the road twice but refuses to take a bath?

Piggy #5: What?

Piggy #8: A dirty double-crosser.

Piggy #3: (Holding up a blank piece of poster board) Here is my famous paining of five hogs eating in a field of corn.

Piggy #2: I donít see a field of corn.

Piggy #3: The hogs ate it all.

Piggy #7: I donít see the five hogs either.

Piggy #3: Of course not. Why should the hogs stay around when the corn is gone?

All:             And that, ladies and gentlemen, is the end of our tail! (All pigs turn around and show off curly tails.)


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