Baloo's Bugle

September 2007 Cub Scout Roundtable Issue

Volume 14, Issue 2
October 2007 Theme

Theme: Down on the Farm
Webelos: Citizen & Showman
Tiger Cub
Requirement 1

Cubmaster’s Minutes

Carrots and Cubs

Alice, Golden Empire Council

Props: a package of carrot seeds and a bunch of carrots with tops on – or some other vegetable, if needed)  

Inside this package are tiny carrot seeds – they don’t look like much. (hold up package)  But if we plant them in the right kind of soil, and make sure they get lots of sunlight, water and air, they will grow to be big, healthy carrots like these (hold up carrots)  Our Cub Scouts are a little like the carrot seeds – they have the potential to grow into strong, healthy young men. As scout leaders and parents, we can provide the varied experiences, learning opportunities and growing space so that our Cubs will develop into young men of character, with strong minds, bodies and spirits.  Remember to take care of your most precious crop.

Undiscovered Secrets

National Capital Area Council

No matter where you live, there is a world of undiscovered secrets of nature waiting to be explored.  Farmers and naturalists are students of nature.  During this month, Pack __ has studied farms and farming life and learned more about the nature of our world.

A naturalist stands like Columbus on the prow of his ship, with a vast continent before him.  Except that the naturalists world can be at his feet.  It is as near as your back yard, a nearby park, woods, or the fields of a local farm.  All kinds of insects, birds, plants, and other forms of life inhabit these lands.  Continue exploring the world of nature and you will find many wonderful things that God has given us to enjoy.

A Crop of Smiles

National Capital Area Council

Once upon a time, two brothers left the farm to move to a city to look for work.  Just outside of the city, the first brother met an old man and asked him,  “What are the people like in this city?”   The Old man replied, 'Well, how were they where you come from?"  “They are all grumpy and cross," replied the brother. " That's why I decided to leave."  "You'll find the people here exactly the same," said the old man as he walked on down the road.

A little while later, the old man met the second brother.  He too asked,  “What are the people like in this city?  The Old man replied, “'Well, how were they where you come from? "They were very nice.  They always smiled," replied the brother.  "That's why it was so hard for me to leave." “You'11 find the people here exactly the same," said the old man as he smiled and joined the second brother on his way.  Remember, we reap what we sow.

Food for Thought

Heart of America Council

Setting: On the head table is a vegetable seedling and a fully mature vegetable plant.

Cubmaster: This tiny seedling doesn’t look like much, does it? It’s very weak and fragile.  But we have learned this month that if we plant it in good soil, and if we make sure that it gets lots of sunshine, air and water, it will grow up to be a big healthy (type of vegetable) like this one.

Cub Scouts are like this seedling.  They need certain things, too.  Things like proper rest, food and exercise. But Cub Scouts need something more than that. If they are going to be the kind of men we all admire, they have to have healthy minds and spirits as well as healthy bodies.  In Cub Scouting, and later on in Boy Scouting, boys can develop that extra quality of mind and spirit. They do it by following the Cub Scout Promise, and later, the Scout Oath.


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