Baloo's Bugle

September 2007 Cub Scout Roundtable Issue

Volume 14, Issue 2
October 2007 Theme

Theme: Down on the Farm
Webelos: Citizen & Showman
Tiger Cub
Requirement 1


Carol, Black Swamp Council

Tigers –

Ach Bobcat requirement, 1G, 3FA, 5D,

Elect. 11, 23, 25, 28, 30, 44

Wolf –

Ach 2B, 8C;  Elect. 2E, 8A

Bear –

Ach 3F, 5, 6C, 13A, 16C;  Elect. 16C, 16D

Alice, Golden Empire Council

The Mathematics or Computer Belt Loops could be used with every rank for this theme.  Farmers must constantly be aware of the costs, yield, how much to plant, length of time, amount of water needed – all using math skills.  And today, most farmers use the computer to keep records and create charts to help them be successful.  The Character Connection of Faith could be the focus – no one demonstrates more faith than farmers, who have to chance storms, drought, floods, market fluctuations, weeds, sickness and pests but continue farming even after a bad year.

Tiger Cub Achievements:  #1F – if you choose an outdoor or garden chore; #1G – go visit a farm or farming museum (see website to locate one); #3F – Celebrate Fire Prevention Month by having a fire drill; #5F – Watch the weather, compare to faith and/or farming – how do you think the weather will affect farmers

Tiger Cub Electives:  #6 – the den could volunteer to sing or teach a song about farms or farming; #11 – participate in a food drive and check out how many different farm products are donated; #13 – pretend to have a farmer’s market and learn how to make change; #23 –learn all about milk and how it is used by your family, other milk products, where it comes from; #28 – Check smoke detectors for Fire Prevention Month;  #30 – Plant a seed and watch it grow; #31 – Learn about farm animals; #44 – Visit a dairy or cheese or milk processing plant

Wolf Achievements: #8 – how did farmers provide the foods you eat; #10c – if you visit a farm, farm museum or living history farm; #11a – Faith Character Connection; complete and compare to faith farmers demonstrate 

Wolf Electives:  #2 – if your den puts on a “farm” skit or you make farm animal puppets or paper bag masks; #8a – Learn about farm equipment and machinery; #8b, c, d –do the requirement and discuss how each machine is used on a farm; #12b –do a sequence drawing of a seed to plant or the sequence of planting a farm crop; #15 – in temperate areas of  the country, winter planting can be done; #18b – if a boy helps plan an outing to a farm or living history outdoor farm

Bear Achievements:  #3b – if you choose two famous Americans that have something to do with farming, such as George Washington Carver and Cesar Chavez; #5a – especially if you choose a farm animal; #8d and e – see if there is a farming connection to your ancestors or your community; #9a, b, c – when preparing food, check to see what farm products are included, where they come from, how farm production affects you; #10a – if you visit a farm or farming museum; #12e – if you plan a trip to a farm, farming museum or living history farm;  #13a, g – Take note of farm products in your food, where they come from, how much they cost if prepared at home vs. away from home;  #17d – if you use a computer to prepare a report about farming or a farm product; 

Bear Electives:  #7b, c – make a windmill or water wheel – how would they be useful on a farm?  #9c – if you choose a farm location;  #10b – if you make a farm animal mask;   #12e – if you collect seeds found on or near a farm; #14 – if you live in a temperate climate where you can do this in the late Fall; #16 – farm animals

Webelos Activity Pins:  Citizen- assigned  Check out the agclassroom web site to see what impact agriculture has on your state; find out how farmers model good citizenship  Showman– create a play or puppet show about farming;  help create a farm atmosphere for the pack meeting


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