Baloo's Bugle

August 2008 Cub Scout Roundtable Issue

Volume 15, Issue 1
September 2008 Theme

Theme: New Buddies
Webelos: Citizen and Communicator
Tiger Cub
Achievement 1



Let’s Get Acquainted

Southern NJ Council

This will go great right after opening
before everyone sits down.  CD

Have everyone shake hands with the person on his right, then his left.  Then tell everyone on the word “Go” to turn around and shake hands with the person behind him.  At this point, if everyone has followed directions, there will be no one behind to greet, for he too, will have turned.


Southern NJ Council

Round Of Applause

New Style - Turn body around while clapping.


Old Style - Make a large circle with hands while clapping.  Bottom of circle about at knees, top over your head.

What Are We Cheer

At the beginning of the meeting, tell the audience that anytime during the meeting you say, "What are we?"

they are to respond "One big, happy Family".

Sam Houston Area Council

FRIENDSHIP CHEER - Have your neighbor put his left hand out to his side, and you clap it with your right hand; meanwhile you are also holding out your left hand and your other neighbor is clapping with his right hand, etc.

THUMBS UP - Hold out a hand at arms length; make a fist with the thumb up. For variation add, “GREAT JOB!”

NEW PERSON CHEER - “Hi, there. Welcome, welcome, WELCOME!”
(Effective when given by continuing Cub Scouts and families after new families or leaders are introduced.)

GRAND CHEER - While sitting stomp feet four times, slap knees four times, clap hands four times, stand up and yell HURRAH!

PACK CHEER - The Cubmaster says, Clap your hands (everybody claps two times) “stomp your feet” (everybody stomps two times), then everyone yells together “Pack _____ can’t be beat!”

Divide into two groups.

Group One: “I like Cub Scouts; yes, I do! I like Cub Scouts; how about you?”

Group one the points to Group Two.

Group Two: Responds in same manner.

Then Group Two points to Group One

Continue taking turns for a couple of rounds.

Heart of America Council

Bubble Gum Applause - (Pantomime) Unwrap gum, stick gum in mouth, chew, then blow a bubble. Slap hands together representing bubble popping.

Lollipop Clap - Tell all you have a large lollypop, start licking it from the bottom to top, "ummmmm."


Stamp Collector's Applause - Hold left hand in front of you, palm up. Place first two fingers of right hand to mouth as if licking stamp and then strike the palm of your left hand smartly with them. Do this several times rapidly.

DYBS yell: DYBS means “Do Your Best, Scouts” and is pronounced like 'dibs'. Leader raises his fist in the air and brings it down hard each time ‘DYBS” is yelled. Number of DYBS given is according to accomplishment.

That reminds me of the HOW Cheer
You can give someone a big How, or two or three -

According to the Commissioner Dave How Scale –
Three How’s is a perfect score.  I almost never give three how’s but very often award two and a half how’s. 
That is yelled – How, How, Ugh.

Pack Cheer: “Clap your hands, stamp your feet, Pack _____ can’t be beat!”

Bravo: The cheer leader says, “That deserves a Bravo! We’ll do this in a circle.” He then proceeds to have one end of the circle start with the ‘BRR’ sound and proceeds to point around the circle while they do the ‘AVOOOO’ sound. The sound level should rise as more of the circle starts yelling.

The Good Turn: Stand up and turn around while clapping.

Heart and Soul Applause: (For people who put their heart and soul into something.) Pat the palm of your hand on your heart and then on the sole of one shoe.

Trapper Trails Council

Musical- Announce the name of a well known song such as "Yankee Doodle" or "Dixie" and ask everyone to clap to its rhythm.  For a different finish, tell everyone to miss the last note.  Someone is sure to forget.

Big Hand-Leader says, "Let's give them a big hand!"  Everyone holds up one hand with palm open.


Sam Houston Area Council


Cub # 1:       What kind of ship never sinks?

Cub # 2:       Friendship!


Cub #1:     What do flowers call their best friends?

Cub #2:     What?

Cub #1:     Buds.


(Maybe put signs on boys - 1 through 7)

Cub # 1:       I am one.

Cub # 2:       Two is company.

Cub # 3:       Three is a crowd.

Cub # 4:       (Silent, Looks Around, Pretends to Worry)

Cub # 5:       (Silent, Looks Around, Pretends to Worry)

Cub # 6:       What are four and five?

Cub # 7:       Nine.

Heart of America Council

Cub #1:     I was going to get you a pocket calculator for your birthday.

Cub #2:     How thoughtful of you.

Cub #1:     But I changed my mind. I thought you already knew how many pockets you had.

Cub #1:     What three states have the most cows?

Cub #2:     I don't know. Which ones?

Cub #1:     Cow-lorado, Moo-ssouri, and Cow-lifornia.

Cub #1:     Spell “we” using two letters other than W or E.

Cub #2:     U and I.

Cub #1:     What can a person wear that is never out of style?

Cub #2:     A smile.

Trapper Trails Council

Spell surpass with two letters.                                             X L

What runs around all day and lies under your bed at night with its tongue hanging out?     Your shoes.

Cub 1: So we're supposed to do a run-on, right.
Cub 2: Yup.
Cub 1: Ya got one in mind?
Cub 2: Nope.
Cub 1: Then I guess we'll do a run off.
Cub 2:. Yup.

Sam Houston Area Council


What should a Cub Scout keep after he gives it away?

Answer: A promise.


What is it that always increases the more Cub Scouts share it? Answer: Happiness.



Sam Houston Area Council

Knock, Knock

Who’s there?


Ketchup who?

Ketchup to me if you can!

Heart of America Council

Knock, knock.

Who’s there?


Gladys who?

Gladys time for Scouts.


Sam Houston Area Council

Cub:           (Comes on stage with stick in his hand.
He puts the point of the stick down on the floor,
Then he picks it up and puts it down in another place.

Leader:     What are you doing?

Cub:           Oh, I’m just sticking around.




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