Baloo's Bugle

August 2008 Cub Scout Roundtable Issue

Volume 15, Issue 1
September 2008 Theme

Theme: New Buddies
Webelos: Citizen and Communicator
Tiger Cub
Achievement 1


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Bobcat -
1, 4, 6

Tigers –
Ach. 2, 4G                                        Elect. 6, 9

Ach 2C, 4A, 12D                 Elect. 1A, 11A, 23D

Bear –
Ach 3F, 7A, 9E, 11C, 16B, 23B, 23C
Also -  24A - Be A Leader, with an Adult follow up on your, "Bring A Buddy" invitation to encourage a new boy to join Cub Scouting.

Alice, Golden Empire Council

Every rank of Cub Scouts can use this beginning of the year at school and scouts to practice being friendly and helpful, and to include every boy in activities.  Parents and adult Scout leaders can help the boys understand friendship – try the Ethics in Action activities.  If you have new boys in the den, encourage everyone to mix by playing games and assign older boys to help the new boys learn the Bobcat, make a neckerchief slide, or add their name and goggle to the Den Doodle.  Make sure every family has a good contact list and information about activities, and ask them to help with a game or an activity.  Have a special New Family Induction ceremony and introduce the family and new boys.

Tiger Cub Achievements:

Ach. #1D – Make a family or den scrapbook

Ach. #1G – Visit an older person, ask how family life was different and find out what friends did to have fun.  Ach. #2F – Look for places where friends could spend time together.

Ach. #3G – Learn the rules of a game or sport, then go to a sporting event with a friend. Ach. #4F – Practice listening and taking turns –then do it when you talk with friends. Ach. #4D – Play “Tell It Like It Isn’t”  Ach. #4G – Visit a TV or radio station or newspaper – see if how they communicate is the way friends do it; how are they different, or the same? Ach. #5D – Compare your leaf rubbings – are they different and the same in some ways, like friends?  Ach. #5G – Take a hike with the den and share ideas, discoveries along the way, and a treat.

Tiger Cub Electives:

Elect. #2 – Work together with your den to make a decoration to share with someone.  Elect. #6 – Teach a song to your den and sing it together like good friends – especially if you have a new boy who doesn’t know a den or pack favorite! Elect. #9 - Help a new boy or girl get to know other people. Elect. #10 – Be a friend to an elderly person;   Elect. #15 – Make Bubble Art with a friend  Elect. #16 – Share collections and hobbies with the den to make new friends or learn more about each other.  Elect. #26 – Practice good manners and friendly behavior on the phone; Elect. #35 – Play a game; Elect. #39 or 41 – Watch to see how people treat each other – how can you tell if they are friends?  Look for good manners and kindness.

Wolf Achievements:

Ach. #1a, 1j – Do these Feats of Skill with a buddy; Ach. #2g – You need a buddy to help you fold a flag;  Ach. #4f – Invite a buddy or his family to go with you, or “buddy-up” if you go with your den; Ach. #10 – Invite a buddy or his family to join your family; Ach. #11c – if you choose an idea that involves befriending someone.  Ach. #12d – having courage to be a “buddy” to someone different; 

Wolf Electives: 

Elect. #1 – Use a code to “talk” to a buddy;  Elect. #2 – if your den does a skit;  Elect. #4a-e

Play a game with a buddy;  Elect. #7c – Make a pair of footwalkers and use them with a buddy;  Elect. 9 – Have a party with “buddies” and make a gift to share;  Elect. #14 – do with and for a best buddy – your pet;  Elect. #19 – go fishing and take along a buddy; Elect. #20 – do any of the sports activities with a buddy;  Elect. #22a, b Share a new language with a buddy;  Elect. #22e

Invite a boy to join Cub Scouts or help a new boy do the Bobcat.  Elect. #23d – Explain and use the buddy system

Bear Achievements:

Ach. #1b – practice being kind and helpful to make a new buddy; Ach. #3c, d – Invite a buddy to come along on your visit;  Ach. #3f – Help a new buddy learn how to do the flag ceremony; Ach. #6b, g – Buddy up to plant trees or do a service project; Ach. #8b – find out what buddies did together when you talk to an older person;

Ach. #8c – start a scrapbook to share memories of good times with your buddies;  Ach #9a – Make cookies with an adult, then put 2 each in a baggie and give them to others – one to eat and one to share with a buddy; Ach. #9e – Make trail food with buddies and then eat it on a hike; Ach. #10a – Invite a new buddy or his family to join you; Ach. #12c, d – Invite a new buddy or his family to join your family;  Ach. #14f, g – Invite a new buddy to bike along;  Ach. #16b – you need a buddy to do this contests – remember to a good sport and be kind;  Ach. #18 b, d, e – Write to a buddy; Ach. #24a – Help a boy join Scouts;

Bear Electives:

Elect. #8 – Make and play with some buddies in a Cub Scout band; Elect. #9a – Try Bubble Art with a buddy; Elect. #9b – Invite a buddy to come along to see some art;  Elect. #18 – plan and make a backyard gym and invite your buddies to come enjoy it; Elect. #19d – Always use the buddy system when swimming and share it with a friend if he doesn’t know it; Elect. #20 – do any of the activities with a buddy – remember to be a good sport! Elect. #25b – Use the buddy system on a hike

Webelos Activity Pins:

Learn the Scout Law and think about how those qualities can help you be a better “buddy.”  Help another boy learn the Law or earn his Bobcat.

«  Athlete – Try the Dual Person contests with a buddy – be a good sport!

«  Citizen #3 – with a buddy, raise and lower the flag and fold it properly

«  Communicator #3, #5, #9, #10, #11 – Learn about communicating and get in touch with a buddy or make a new buddy.

«  Family Member #8 – if you invite a buddy to come along

«  Handyman #2, #3, #6, #10, #13 – Be a “buddy” to a neighbor or friend by using these skills

«  Scholar #13 – help a buddy with schoolwork

«  Showman – use any of the skills to put on a play, puppet show or event for a buddy or buddies

«  Sportsman #2 – explain what good sportsman ship is (if you are a good sport, you can be a good friend)





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