Baloo's Bugle

April 2008 Cub Scout Roundtable Issue

Volume 14, Issue 9
May 2008 Theme

Theme: Leaf It to Cubs
Webelos: Outdoorsman & Artist
Tiger Cub Activities


Capital Area Council

Woodchopper's Applause-
Shout, "Chop, chop, chop, timber.

Swing ax as if chopping down a big tree and say "Chop, chop, chop."  Then stop, stand back raising hand to mouth to form megaphone, and shout "Timmm-berrrr!"

Paul Bunyan Applause:
Make motions as if sawing down a tree.  Meanwhile alternately sucking in air with a "Shhh" and blowing out with a “Phhh” (puh – short u ) sound. 
After a few of these you have cut though the tree. 
Stand back, and with your hand alongside your mouth, yell "Timberrrrr!"

For either you could divide the audience in half –

  • For the Lumberjack – alternate sides going Chip and Chop until you signal to yell “Timber!!”
  • For the Paul Bunyan – alternate the inhale and exhale sounds until you signal to yell “Timber!!”

Rainstorm Applause I: Start by gently patting hands on knees alternately to simulate rain falling.  Increase the noise by switching to hand clapping as the storm reaches its height.  With a hand signal, everyone shouts "Boom!" to represent thunder.  Gradually decrease the hand clapping back to patting the knees as the storm subsides.

Rainstorm Applause II:
To simulate the storm arriving -
Start by clapping only the two pointer fingers

Then the pointers and the tall men
Then pointers, tall men, ring fingers,

Then add pinkies,
Then whole hand clapping

Then after a few moments of the full storm begin to simulate the storm leaving -
You have the whole hand clapping
Remove the pinkies
Then remove the ring fingers
then remove the tall men,

Then stop.
Silence, the quiet after the storm

Tree Cheer
Sam Houston Area Council

While reaching arms both above your head, yell, “Tree-mendous!!”, “Tree-mendous!!” “Tree-mendous!!”

Trapper Trails Council

John Travolta & the Mosquito Cheer- Use your disco pointer finger pointing up and down and sing, Oo AH, Oo ah, (Then slap all over) Eatin’ alive, Eatin’ Alive.  My RT is definitely going to do this one.  Even if it is too old for the Cubs!!  CD

Grand Teton Area Council

Palm Tree Applause:
Show the palms of your hands

Snap Dragon Applause:
Slap hands together while saying "Gotcha! Gotcha! Gotcha!"

With your hands, slap yourself on the neck, arms, legs, etc, while saying, "Oooo, Ahhh, Ouch!"

Spider Applause:
Walk all 4 fingers of one hand up the other arm and scream, “Eeeekkk”

Water Sprinkler Applause

  • Make fist with the right hand with thumb sticking out.
  • Place end of thumb on end of nose.
  • Rapidly open and close fist while saying "Choo, choo,  choo, choo," etc. sounding like a water sprinkler and turning around as you go.
  • After a complete turn spin back around the opposite direction, again like a water sprinkler, saying "Wheeee."

Chinese New Year Cheers

Here is a challenge from Amber -   She came up with my her cheers because most of the ones I listed in Baloo's Bugle had nothing to do with Chinese New Year.  (Guilty as charged – CD)

 Year of the Rat Cheer: put your hands with palms facing you beside your mouth and fan your fingers out (to make whiskers) and say “Squeak, squeak, squeak” in a deep voice (high voice would be mouse).

Year of the Rooster Cheer: Cock-a-doodle-doo. Put your hand on your head with fingers spread apart to be the comb of the rooster.

Now the challenge – Come up with cheers for the other one or more of the other 10 animals in the Chinese Zodiac.  Or better ones for these two animals.

Sam Houston Area Council


Cub #1:   What did the beaver say to the tree?

Cub #2:  I don't know, what?

Cub #1:  It's been nice gnawing you.

Oak Tree

Cub #1:  Why did hundreds of people flock to the base of that oak tree?

Cub #2:  Why?

Cub #1:  It has a scenic root.

Pecks On Trees

Cub #1:  What is green and pecks on trees?

Cub #2:  Woody Wood Pickle


Cub #1:   What did the tree wear to the pool party?

Cub #2:  Answer: Swimming trunks!


Cub #1:  Why did the tree get lost in the woods?

Cub #2:  Answer: It took the wrong root.

Higher Than A Tree

Cub #1: I’m a great jumper.

Cub #2: I can jump, too. I bet I can jump higher than that tree.

Cub #1: This I’ve got to see.

Cub #2: (Makes a small hop.)

Cub #1: That’s higher than the tree??

Cub #2: Sure. That tree can’t jump at all.

Grand Teton Area Council

Cub #1:   Boy #1:  I just saw a moth crying.

Cub #1:   Boy #2:  That's impossible.

Cub #1:   Boy #1:  Haven't you ever heard of a “moth bawl?"

Cub #1:  Enters with pine branch and pokes Cubmaster.

CM:        What are you doing?

Cub #1:  I'm needling you.

Cub #1:  Enters with stump and sits down.

Cub #2:  What are you doing:

Cub #1:  I don't know, I'm stumped.

Cub #1:   Pardon me do you have a watermelon patch?

Cub #1:   Why is your watermelon leaking?


Grand Teton Area Council

A family had two pet skunks named Out and In. 
It was hard to tell when In was out and Out was in, etc. 
One day, In became lost. 
The family looked for him, but they couldn't find him. 
So, they sent Out to look for him.
He brought In back immediately. 
When asked how he found him so fast, Out replied, "In-stinked!" (Instinct)

Grand Teton Area Council
Capital Area Council

Equipment:       small twig with a lot of leaves (or just a lot of leaves) and 2 scouts

Preparation:      none


Cub #1:   Enters plucking leaves from twig The sillier his actions, the better.

Cub #2:   Enters and asks, "What are you doing?"...

Cub #1:   Answers "Leaving"

Or they can be simply walking along together

Or the MC can be cued in and react to the Cub entering

The Squirrels
Capital Area Council
Grand Teton Area Council

Cub #1:   "Runs out yelling, They're after me,! They're after me!"

Cub #2:   "What's after you?"

Cub #1:   "The squirrels are after me"

Cub #2:   "Why do you say that?"

Cub #1:   "They think I'm nuts!"


Bee Sting
Grand Teton Area Council


Cub #2:   "What's the matter with you?"

Cub #1:   "A bee's stung my thumb!"

Cub #2:   "Try putting some cream on it then."

Cub #1:   "But the bee will be miles away by this time."

Capital Area Council

What flower does everyone wear year round?         Tulips.

When is a baseball player like a spider?
                                                When he catches a fly.

Why is a dog's tall like the heart of a tree?
                              Because it is furthest from the bark.

What kind of bird is present at every meal?     A Swallow

What tree will keep you warm.                                Fir.

What's the difference between an oak tree and a tight shoe?      One makes acorns, the other makes corn ache.

What mathematics subject did the acorn say when it grew up?             Geometry!

What tree does everyone carry with them?              Palm.

Grand Teton Area Council

Q:     Why did the young seed leave home?
A:     He wanted to branch out.

Q:    What kind of tree plays basketball?
A:     The Palm.

Q:    Where are young trees cared for?
 A:    The Nursery.

Q:    How did the man know the trees were done performing?
A:     He saw the Pine bow (bough)

Q:     What animal can jump higher than a tree?
A:      Any animal.  Trees can’t jump!

Q:     What can move a tree, but not a stone?
A:      The wind!

Q:     If you’re having a dream where you are being chased by a bear and you come to a cliff where you have to jump or face the bear, what two words will solve the problem?

A:      Wake up!

Q:     What do you get when you cross a tree with a dog?
A:      Tree bark!

Q:     What do termites eat for breakfast? 
A:      Oak meal

Q:     What are sleeping trees called? 
A:      Slumber

Q:     What do you call a bee that can't make up it's mind?
A:      A May bee.

Q:     How did the firefly feel when he ran into the fan?
A:      De-lighted.