Baloo's Bugle

April 2008 Cub Scout Roundtable Issue

Volume 14, Issue 9
May 2008 Theme

Theme: Leaf It to Cubs
Webelos: Outdoorsman & Artist
Tiger Cub Activities

Cubmaster’s Minutes

Nature and the Good Visitor
Capital Area Council

Our pack meeting tonight brought us all together to think about nature.  We can enjoy the great outdoors but we must think of others who will follow us.  Wherever you go in the great wide world of nature,

Walk Through The Woods
Capital Area Council

When you walk through the woods, I want you to see,
The floating gold of a bumblebee
Rivers of sunlight, pools of shade
Toadstools sleeping in a mossy jade.
A cobweb net with a catch of dew.
Treetop cones against an azure blue.
Dancing flowers, bright green flies
Birds to put rainbows in your eyes.

When you walk through the woods, I want you to hear,
A million sounds in your little ear.
The scratch and battle of wind tressed trees
A rush as a timid chipmunk flees
The cry of a hawk from the distant sky
The burr of the leaves when a breeze rolls by
Brooks that mumble, stones that ring
And birds to teach your heart to sing.

When you walk through the woods, I want you to feel
That not we nor man could make this real
Could paint the throb of a butterfly's wing
Could teach the woodthrush how to sing
Could give the wonders of earth and sky
There's something greater than you or I
When you walk through the woods and the birches nod
Son, meet a friend of mine, named God.

A Poem for Closing
Capital Area Council

Let's be quiet as we go
In earnest thought of what we owe
To those who all about us make
The Scouting movement, let us take.

With gratitude what they bestow,
And for the men who long ago
Started this movement we help grow,
Lest we their vision should forsake,
Let us be quiet as we go.

For all the Scouting good we know,
Things, thoughts, but most the spirit's glow,
Strong, straight, and mentally awake,
For country, God, and other's sake
Let us be quiet as we go.

Respect Nature
Grand Teton Area Council

We have been able to learn and discover much about nature and the outdoors this night. Let us remember to always treat the creations the Lord has given us with reverence and respect. If we learn to save and respect and conserve them, they will in turn do the same for us.

To Leave No Trace
Grand Teton Area Council

We make our place In a world of constant change.
We stand the test
When we do our best
To take care of the range.
May we make the choice
To do our best in all we say and do;
So in times of good or times of bad
Our good choices will see us through.