Baloo's Bugle

April 2008 Cub Scout Roundtable Issue

Volume 14, Issue 9
May 2008 Theme

Theme: Leaf It to Cubs
Webelos: Outdoorsman & Artist
Tiger Cub Activities


Planning for the Future
Capital Area Council

Setting: An old man is digging in his garden.  Beside him on the ground is a young sapling tree, which he is preparing to plant.  Two men come up to him, stop, and watch what he is doing.

Man #1:  What kind of tree is it that you are planting old man?

Old Man:         (Stops digging and wipes his brow) It is an apple tree.

Man #2:  (astonished) AN APPLE TREE?  Well, how old are you?

Old Man:         I'm 90 years old.

Man #1:  You're 90 years old!  And you are planting a tree that will not give fruit for many years?

Old Man:         Why not?

Man #2:  Well, you'll probably not be around when that tree finally bears fruit.

Old Man:         Tell me, did either of you eat any apples when you were little boys?

Both:      Of course we did.  Why?

Old Man: Then tell me this - who planted the trees that you got those apples from?

Man #2:  Well it must have been, HMMM?

Man #1:  I don't know.

Old Man:         You see, someone planted the trees before you were born for you to enjoy and now I'm doing the same for those who come after me.  How else can I repay those who planted trees before I was born?

Man #1:  You are a very wise man.

Man #2:  And we have been very foolish.

Old Man:         Thank you, and remember that what we do for our land today will be around for many years from now.  So make sure you leave something that you will be proud of in the future.

The Highest Tree Climber In The World.
Sam Houston Area Council

Cast: Two friends and The Highest Climber…

Setting: At a campfire.  Tree climber is hidden in the woods and is able to ruffle a bush or tree.

This skit can easily be rewritten to include more Cubs asking questions.  You should try to have every boy in every skit your den performs.  CD

Cub #1:  You know, they say there's this really good tree climber trying out for the Olympics. I wonder if he's practicing around here.

Cub #2:  Call out and see!

Cub #1:   Hey! Tree Climber! Are you around here?


Cub #2:  Are you practicing?


Cub #1:  How high are you?

Climber:Oh, not high. About 100 feet.

Cub #2:  Wow! Can you go higher?

Climber:Yep! (Ruffles tree.) Now I'm at about 200 feet.

Cub #1:   Fantastic! Can you go higher?

Climber:Yep! (Ruffles tree.) Now I'm at about 275 feet.

Cub #2:  Neato! Can you go higher?

Climber:Yep! (Ruffles tree.) Now I'm at about 325 feet.

Cub #1:  Great! Can you go higher?

Climber:Yep! (Ruffles tree.) Now I'm at about 400 feet.

Cub #2:  Gee! I'm amazed!

Cub #1:  Excuse me, sir, but I have a book here that says that the highest tree in the world is only 360 feet high!

Climber:Ahhhhhh!!!!!! (Thump!)


Talking Trees
Sam Houston Area Council

Cast: 4 boys dressed as lumberjacks, the rest of the den dressed as trees.

Set Up: The trees are on stage with 2 lumberjacks hidden behind in their costumes. 2 lumberjacks stroll onto the set.

Cub #1:    Sometimes I wish I were Paul Bunyan. Then maybe this job wouldn’t be so hard.

Cub #2:    I know what you mean. But if we don’t get to work soon we’re going to be in big trouble!

Cub #1:    Ok let’s get busy. How about this tree? (points to a tree)

Tree:        Oh no, don’t chop me.

Cub #1:    Did you hear that?

Cub #2:    I did! I can’t believe my ears. And no one else in the camp will either.

Cub #1:    I can’t chop down a talking tree.

Cub #2:    And you can’t tell anyone either. They’ll think you’ve gone crazy.

Cub #1:    Ok then let’s try a different tree.

Cub #2:    (pointing to the next tree) How about this one?

Tree:        Oh you don’t want me, I’m all full of termites!

Cub #1:    Oh MY did you hear that? Another talking tree!

Cub #2:    Yeah I did! And we ought to be grateful. Our boss would be upset with us if we came back with a tree full of termites!!

Cub #1:    Ok let’s try another one.

Cub #2:    How about this one:

Tree         It’s no use boys. We all talk over here.

Cub #1:    Golly! Another talking tree! This gives me the creepers!

Cub #2:    Me too! Let’s get outta here!

(They run off stage.
The other two boys come out from behind the trees.

Cub #3:    Well that takes care of them! They won’t be coming back to our part of the woods again!

Cub #4:    Yeah. Let’s get to work. We’ll get in trouble if we don’t get to work!

The Best Tree Contest
Sam Houston Area Council

Cast: 5 trees and a judge.

  • An apple tree.
  • An almond tree,
  • A redwood tree (use the tallest boy in the den),
  • An evergreen tree, and
  • The smallest Cub Scout with a couple of twigs hanging out of his uniform.

Apple:I know I’m going to win the best tree contest. After all, I’m the best tree because I have yummy fruit. Can’t make applesauce or apple pie without fruit!!

Almond:    I’m the best tree because I have nuts. Almonds are full of potassium and protein. Nuts are used in all kinds of candies, cookies, salads and even main dishes!

Redwood:   I’m the best tree because I grow straight and tall. I provide lots of shade and lumber. I’m the biggest and tallest tree in the world!

Evergreen:  I’m the best tree because I stay green all year round. I make a great Christmas tree!

Apple:Who is that over there?

Almond:    Oh I think he’s just one of the workers.

Redwood:   No way he could be one of the contestants.

Evergreen:  He’s too small.

Apple tree:He’s too scrawny.

Evergreen:  He doesn’t do anything.

All:      Shhh guys, here comes the judge.

Judge:  (looks around. Looks up and down and circles every tree thoughtfully writing on a tablet taking notes. Then:) I have made my decision!

All:       (A flurry of excitement as they are all nervous and chat with each other wondering if it could be them)

Judge:And ….. the winner is -- (And the judge puts the sash or ribbon on the little boy tree.)

Apple:Excuse me judge, I don’t understand. Why did you pick him? He doesn’t have fruit.

Almond:     He doesn’t produce almonds.

Redwood:   He’s small and won’t provide enough lumber to make a house!

Evergreen:  Yeah? He couldn’t even be a Christmas tree. I don’t understand why he won.

(They all murmur)

Judge:Shhhhhhhh!!! (harshly) Can’t you see? More than bearing fruit, he’s a little small... but... He’ll grow strong and useful to everyone. This tree (pointing and standing him up proudly)….is the future!!


The Tree
Grand Teton Area Council

  • Stands with arms like tree branches.
  • Walks in chewing gum. Pretends to remove gum and stick it on tree.
  • Walks in, leans on tree, gets gum on elbow. Pulls it off and sticks it on a bench by the tree.
  • Walks in, sits on the bench stands up, pulls the gum off and throw it on the ground.
  • Walks in, steps in the gum, removes it from his shoes and sticks it on the tree.

Cub # 2:  Comes in, sees his gum on the tree. Puts it in his mouth and walks off.


The Den Mother's Bouquet
Grand Teton Area Council

Characters:  Six Cub Scouts dressed for a walk in the woods (Summer uniform or Cub Scout T-shirts.)

Scene:  A nature walk. 

Props:  Cub - fashioned bouquet, with strands of ivy.

Cub #1:   Gee, Fellas.  I don't think Mrs. Brown's having a very good time.

Cub #2:   Well, you didn't help things much, giving her that garter snake.

Cub #3:   I was just trying to help her collect stuff for our nature display at pack meeting.

Cub #4:   Yeah...and you heard what she said! "Nothin' ever again, that moves by itself."

Cub #3: I know better!

Cub #5:   Don't worry about a thing, you guys.  I'm gonna fix everything.

Cub #6:   Yeah? How?

Cub #5:   Well, you know how nutty women are about flowers? So, I picked her this neat bunch of flowers...(he holds up bouquet, with trailing strands of ivy)...See?

Cub #6:   Oh no...(wails).            We'll never get to go on another hike!

Cub #5:   How come?

Cub #6:   Cause...that's poison ivy!!


Marked Trail
Grand Teton Area Council

Characters:  Adam- Leon- Den Leader, (Adam and Leon are putting thermos bottles and lunches into backpacks with Mom's help)  If you need more characters – make them up and split up the parts.

Den Ldr:  Beautiful day for a hike.

Adam:     Great day

Leon:       Just great for walking in the woods.

(Adam closes his backpack and puts it on his back)

Adam:     Hurry up, Leon.

Den Ldr:  You mustn't keep John waiting.   You're lucky to have a friend like John,

Leon:       I'm glad he likes to hike. I'm glad he likes the woods.

(As he adjusts the backpack straps, the phone rings)

Adam:     I'll get it.  (Answers phone) Hello. Oh, John.  We're ready.  (Pause) OK. Guess you're right.  Good-bye.

(Hangs up, turns to Den Ldr and Leon) It was John.

Leon:       I know.  He can't go.

Den Ldr:  What a shame.

Adam:     He said to go without him.

Den Ldr:  Without John?  You'd get lost in the woods.

Adam:     Oh, no.  The trail is marked.  The Saturday hikers always mark the trail.

Den Ldr:  Mark the trail.  How interesting.  Just like pioneers and Indians.

Adam:     Not exactly.

Den Ldr:  Well, how do the Saturday hikers mark the trail?

Adam:     Oh, they drop candy wrappers, paper, tissues, Band-Aids, and

Leon:       Pop cans.

Den Ldr:  And so we will bring a trash bag to clean it up


The Infantry is Coming!
Grand Teton Area Council

Equipment:       A small tree or bush and about 5 scouts.

Preparation:      Rehearse panic


3 scouts are loafing around waiting for something to happen

  •  (comes in shouting)
    The infantry is coming! The infantry is coming!
    Hurry! Hide! (he runs offstage, but no one else moves)

(5-10 second pause)

  •  (comes in shouting)
    The infantry is coming! Look Out!
    They're coming fast! Quick! Hide yourselves!
    (he runs off, but no one else moves)

(5-10 second pause)

  •  (comes in shouting)
    You guys! The infantry is corning!
    Hide! Look! Here it comes!
    (other scout comes on holding the small tree and all of the scouts run offstage, screaming.)
  • With Small Tree Branch: Wait! Wait! It's just an Infant Tree!

The Sap is Still Running
Grand Teton Area Council

Gray Area Alert – The volunteer for this skit must know it in advance.  He/she should ham it up when selected so it is obvious he/she is in on the gag and it is not a random selection.  (Think about the guy in the Indiana Jones Stunt Spectacular at Disneyworld.  You know right away who will be messing things up.) Scouts  should NEVER purposely try to embarrass any member of the audience, troop, pack, anyone!  CD

Equipment        Lots of scouts

Preparation       Time to practice


Start by assigning different scouts to a certain noise that can be heard in a forest. This can be done using boys in the den, by assignment or asking for volunteers
The following are good noise examples –

Ducks quacking
Birds Chirping
River roaring
Brook babbling
Owls hooting
Trees rustling

Then have the narrator ask for a “volunteer.”  Per note above, the volunteer is a plant.

Narrator explains, "I need you to do one thing. It is springtime.  These are Maple Trees.  The fluid we need to make Maple Syrup and Maple candies is running inside the trees (Make sure you have already chosen two people to be trees) You are to be the fluid running through the trees so I want you to run around all the trees and keep on running until I tell you stop."  (Volunteer should appear to be very excited at this important part.  And that he loves Maple Syrup.)

The narrator then begins the story.
It was a quiet day in the forest. Then the _______(Bird, owl, etc.) started to _____(chirp, screech, etc)" (when scout assigned to the noise said is  called out then they make their noise until they are told to stop.

The narrator continues saying each thing he assigned until all of the things have been called out and are making their noises.

The narrator pauses to admire the forest scene, then begins -
All of the sudden the _____(bird, etc.) was quiet and stopped _____(chirping, etc.).  The narrator continues to call out each thing and have them stop making their noise, one at a time, repeating the same thing until all the things have been called on to stop.

But the sap was still running

Then everybody walks off the stage including the person that was running.