Baloo's Bugle

July 2008 Cub Scout Roundtable Issue

Volume 14, Issue 12
August 2008 Theme

Webelos: Forester & Naturalist
Tiger Cub



Sam Houston Area Council

Home Run Cheer 
Simulate swinging a bat at a ball, shade your eyes with your hand and yell, “There she goes!”

Mosquito Cheer 
With hand, slap yourself on neck, arms and legs while saying “Ooooo, aaah, eeeee”

Spider Cheer 
Walk all four fingers of one hand up the other arm and then scream ‘EEEEEKK!”

Bee Cheer 
Put arms out to sides pretending to fly, while saying “Buzz, buzz, buzz.”

Beach Cheer 
Divide the audience into three groups. When you point to group one, they yell “Sand!” When you point to group two, they yell, “Surf!” When you point to group three, they yell, “Sun!”

Summer Fun Cheer 
Tell the group when you say “summer” or “fun”, they are to say the opposite. Vary the speed you use to see whether they can keep up.

Watermelon Cheer

Capital Area Council

You take a big bite of a watermelon,

Chew it up good and now

You spit out the pits like a machine gun

Utah National Parks

Ocean Cheer

Best done with a large group;

First row sways from side to side;

Second row sways in opposite direction;

Third row same as first, etc.

Then have them add sound effects:

Pole Vault Cheer

Hold one arm straight in front.

Stand two fingers of the other hand on the outstretched arm, like legs, and pretend that they “run” down the arm.

When they get to the wrist, make them “leap” into the air. As you bring your hand back down, clap.

Baseball Cheer

Pretend to throw a baseball in the air

Then pretend to hit it with a bat.

After you hit the ball, shout, “Home Run!!”

Bowling Cheer

Pretend to throw a bowling ball down an alley

The yell, “Strike!”

Bicycle Cheer

Say: “Pump, pump, pump!”

Make motions as if using a manual bicycle pump

Bear Hug a Tree Cheer

When lost in the forest, a Cub Scout should “Hug a Tree.”

Put your arms around your own shoulders and

Give yourself a big bear hug just like that tree.

Long Hike Cheer

Stomp your feet loudly three times,

shuffle your feet softly three times

the say “Boy, I’m tired.”

Longer Hike Cheer

Stomp your feet loudly six times,

Shuffle your feet softly six times

Then whine “Are we there yet?”

End of Hike Cheer

Throw hands up in the air and yell “We made it!” and collapse.

Capital Area Council

Big Balloon Cheer

Stick out your thumb and pretend to blow up your hand, keep opening your fingers until your hand opens up really big and yell "BANG!.

Jet Plane Cheer

Move your hand around yelling "Zoom, Zoom"

then add one big clap for the sonic boom.
Lightning Cheer

Shake your finger like jagged lightning yelling "Shhhhh, Shhhh" on each movement. 

Throw in a "BOOM" every now and then.


Utah National Parks

Some of these are real scout Classics!! CD

Cub 1:   (Just standing there.)

Cub 2:   (Runs on and yells) They are after me, they are after me!

Cub 1:   What’s wrong?

Cub 2:   They are after me!

Cub 1:   Who’s after you?

Cub 2:   The squirrels are after me, they think I’m nuts! (and runs off)

Cub 1:   (Enters during break between skits, poking stick in ground and playing with it.)

Cub 2:   (Enters from other side and says) What you doing?

Cub 1:   Just stickin’ around

Cub 1:   What did the bug say when it hit the windshield?

Cub 2:   I don’t have the guts to do that again.

Cub 1:   I wonder what it would be like to be a piece of wood

Cub 2:   I’d probably be bored!

Cub 1:   You shouldn’t swim on a full stomach.

Cub 2:   Okay, I’ll do the backstroke.

Willie:    I just found a lost baseball.

Dad:     How do you know it was lost?

Willie:    Because the kids down the street are looking all over for it.

Cub 1:   Why are you crying?

Cub 2:   I cleaned the bird cage and the canary disappeared.

Cub 1:   How did you clean it?

Cub 2:   With the vacuum cleaner.

Camper:        Can you pitch a tent?

Beginner:      Overhand or Underhand?

Traveler:       I’d like to buy a round trip ticket, please.

Agent:   To Where?

Traveler:       Back to here, of course.

Cub 1:   I slept with my head under the pillow last night.

Cub 2:   What happened?

Cub 1:   The tooth fairy came and took my teeth out.


Utah National Parks

What kind of a dog has no tail?          Hot dog.

What kind of an insect does your uncle like best? Ants

Why did the hamburger look sad? It was grounded.

What do spiders eat with their hamburgers? French Flies.

What do you call an airline that flies backwards?
                                       A receding airline.


Knock, Knocks

Utah National Parks

Knock, knock

Who’s there?


Hutch who?

Did you sneeze?

Knock, knock

Who’s there?


Dozen who?

Dozen anyone answer the door?

Knock, Knock

Who’s there?

Wooden shoe

Wooden shoe who?

Wooden shoe like to know!


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