Baloo's Bugle

July 2008 Cub Scout Roundtable Issue

Volume 14, Issue 12
August 2008 Theme

Webelos: Forester & Naturalist
Tiger Cub



Sam Houston Area Council

Characters: Eight boys

Props: See what each boy needs in the skit.

[Have each boy walk on stage with his prop, say his line, and build a fire.]

Cub # 1:       (holding wood shavings, pine needles, dry grasses, shredded bark, etc) I知 tinder! I知 quick to burn because I知 small and dry!

Cub # 2:       (holding pieces of firewood) I知 kindling! I知 dry dead twigs no thicker than a pencil.

Cub # 3:       (holding pieces of firewood) I知 fuel! I知 dry dead wood as thin as your finger and up to as thick as your arm.

Cub # 4:        (holding a big cardboard match) I知 a match! I create a spark which will ignite the tinder.

Cub # 5:        (holding a poster board picture of a small flame) I知 a flame! I start the kindling burning.

Cub # 6:       (holding a poster board picture of a medium fire) I知 a blaze! I burn the fuel and give off heat and light.

Cub # 7:       (holding a poster board picture of roaring fire) I知 a bonfire! I知 very dangerous. I can give off enough heat to make this whole pack hot.

Cub # 8:       (holding a pail with a small mist bottle of water hidden inside) I知 water. I can put out fires and cool you off. (Takes spray mist bottle out of pail and lightly sprays it into the air.)


Sam Houston Area Council

You need two players and a behind-the-scenes person to move the fire (an artificial campfire with almost invisible strings attached).

The players sit by the fire, reading, doing a puzzle, etc.

The fire moves slightly.  They don稚 notice.

It moves again.  They don稚 notice.

This continues until the fire is pulled off stage.

At that point, one of the players looks at the other and says,

鏑ooks like the fire痴 gone out again!


Sam Houston Area Council

Den Chief: OK, guys. Is everybody ready to go hiking?

[Boys start hiking up their socks and pants or shorts.]

Den Chief:    What are you doing? I said hiking! Are you ready to go hiking?

Cub #1:        Yes, we池e hiking up our socks and our shorts you know.

DC:       No, no, no. Hiking. Hiking, don稚 you know? hiking!

Cub #2:          Oh, OK. [Takes football from behind his back; boys line up to begin play.] Hike one, hike two, hike three.

DC:         No, no, no! Hiking! Hiking! Hiking! Come on guys. Get with it!

[Cub #3 walks by with a crown on his head.]

Cub #4:          Hi, King!

DC:         No, no, no! Hiking, walking, Scouting staff. You know hiking!

All Cubs:         Oh, why didn稚 you say so? [Walk offstage hiking with Den Chief.]


Sam Houston Area Council

Cast: 2 People, campfire blanket

Have one person lie down on his back and the other kneel directly over him.

The top person wears the campfire blanket so as to hide his legs and expose the legs of the person lying down, to create the effect of it being one person sitting down.

Person:         Hi there!

          Welcome to Don's House of Fine Exercises and Sports Medicine. Today I'm going to ask you about your regular stretching routine.

          Can you do this? (He lifts up a leg so that it's parallel with the chest.)

          Or this? (Lifts other leg.)

          And how about this? (Crosses the legs.)

          This is an unusual one. Can you do it? (Brings feet around the neck.)

          And let's not forget this one. Can you do it? (Stretches out the legs in spread eagle fashion in the air.) (Elicit a no answer from a volunteer.)

          Well, neither can I! (Stands up.)


Sam Houston Area Council

Two Scouts meet, and the first scout begins to brag he can climb anything.

Cub #1:        鼎an you climb that tree?

Cub #2         鉄ure I've done it lots of times.

Cub #1         鼎an you climb the steep hill over there?

Cub #2         哲o sweat, no problem for me.

Cub #1         滴ow about the Empire State Building?

Cub #2         泥one it. Did it.

Cub #1         滴ow about Mount Everest?

Cub #2         釘oy that was I cold day, I've done that too. I told you I am the world's greatest climber, I can climb anything!

Cub #1         的'll bet you ten bucks I can show you something that you can't climb.

Cub #1         [Pulls out a flashlight and shine the beam up into the sky] 鄭ll right climb that!

Cub #2         "Are you crazy? No Way!

Cub #1         的 knew you would back out, now pay up!

Cub #2         的 won't pay because it痴 not fair. I know you, I'd start climbing and I'd get half way and you'd turn the flashlight off!


Utah National Parks

Personnel:   Any number of boys

Opening:        All start out walking.

1st Cub:        (stops) I'm thirsty. (All get a drink.)
(Continue Walking.)

2nd Cub:       (stops) I'm hot (All wipe off face.)
(Continue Walking.)

3rd Cub:        (stops) I'm hungry (All get something to eat.)
(Continue Walking)

4th Cub:        (stops) My shoestring is undone
(All tie shoestrings.) (Continue Walking)

**Make up as many more things as you need so that
every Cub in your den has a part.**

Last Cub        (as Cubs approach the end of the stage): This sure has been a long walk how far have we gone?

1st Cub:        (Looking back) Across the stage! (Or maybe all the others say this)


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