Baloo's Bugle

July 2008 Cub Scout Roundtable Issue

Volume 14, Issue 12
August 2008 Theme

Webelos: Forester & Naturalist
Tiger Cub


S'mores Advancement Ceremony

Alice, Golden Empire Council


ü  Campfire, real or artificial (artificial one could be “built” as it is described),

ü  Marshmallow Sticks for each boy and one for demonstration

ü  A Marshmallow, 2 Graham Crackers, a Square of Chocolate for each Cub receiving an award. (Additional materials for everyone to make S’mores later if the meeting is outside); Awards for each boy are attached to a Marshmallow Stick with his name on it.                                                  

Set Up:

ü  Cubmaster and other personnel are in front of the audience, with a table holding marshmallow sticks for each boy and the makings for an artificial campfire, OR with all materials near a real campfire. 

ü  Give each adult their part in large letters and a prop that fits their part, (in parenthesis) that they can hold up. 

ü  If done outside, make sure everyone has a flashlight if needed.

The Ceremony:

Cubmaster:  One of the things we all look forward to in Summer is making and enjoying S’mores. The boys in our Pack have also been looking forward to receiving awards they have earned. And both S’mores and Advancement have some things in common:  Let’s compare the campfire to the Scouting Program –

Chartered Organization Rep: (holds up picture of location provided by them) The campfire needs to be built in a safe location.  The Chartered Organization provides that safe place for the Pack.

Committee Chair: (holds up a large stone or a picture of a fire ring) The campfire must be contained in the right area by the stones of the fire ring, just as the National, Council and District provide guidelines that assure quality program resources for every unit and every boy.

Unit Commissioner: (holds up a shovel) The water and shovel that we must always have handy to our campfire are like the various rules and safety procedures, like tour permits, that we always use in Scouting.

Cubmaster: (holds up a piece of tinder) Tinder is needed to light the fire – Baden Powell first provided the “tinder” for Scouting when he saw young men in need of guidance and outdoor skills.

Assistant Cubmaster: (holds up a piece of kindling) Kindling is provided by small sticks in our campfire, and by the Ideals and Purposes of Scouting in our programs.

Den Leader:  (holds up a small log) Fuel, the wood that provides steady warmth in our fire, is like the “fuel” provided by dedicated, trustworthy leaders and volunteers who keep the Scouting program going steadily.

Pack Trainer or Parent: (holds up matches or fire starter) The Spark that lights our campfire can be compared to the Inspiration of ideas and glow of knowledge when dedicated leaders really get to know the Program through Training and the Boys through Experience – then they can really “light a fire” under their Scouts!

Cubmaster: Once our campfire is lighted, we must practice patience and good habits – the fire will be too hot for our S’mores if we aren’t patient, and it could go out if we fail to tend it properly. Like our campfire, the boys who will receive awards here tonight have had to learn patience to wait for their reward, as they tackle new goals and practice new skills – even the Bobcat takes practice and memorization. (If this is an artificial campfire, add red/yellow tissue paper for flames now – or turn on an electric campfire)

Cubmaster: But even with just the right kind of glowing embers to make S’mores, no one would enjoy the treat without the right equipment (holds up the Marshmallow Stick) and the right ingredients.  (holds up S'mores makings)

The marshmallow stick is the tool that gets our marshmallow to the fire.  Parents and other adults help get the boy to scouting. So we would like to call up our first boys who will receive awards tonight (Calls them by name) along with their parents or other adults who have helped them succeed.  Parents, I give you the stick to represent your part in helping (name of boy) earn his awards.  Please remove the “S’mores” fixings, or awards, from the stick and present them to your scout. And just as you have provided scouting tools for your boy, please give your scout the tool he will need to make his S'mores. (Cubmaster and/or Den Leader reads off the awards as they are handed to the boy - Continue on by awarding all rank advancements and other awards to each boy- Be sure to have someone take a picture of each family before they return to their seats)

Cubmaster:  Now you boys are prepared to enjoy your reward, both your advancements AND your S’mores – but always remember that without kindling, tinder, fuel, and a spark, you couldn’t succeed in Scouting.  And always remember to be an example to other boys, to be a friend to each other, and to live the Ideals of Scouting. Congratulations!


Utah National Parks

Equipment: Picnic basket, table, tablecloth, paper plates, napkins, paper cups, plastic forks and spoons, awards to be presented attached to appropriate items.

Setting: Cubmaster enters with a picnic basket. He opens the basket and places the tablecloth on the table.

Cubmaster: We have several Cub Scouts to honor today for the hard work they have done since our last meeting. With these paper plates, we have our Bobcats. (Call boys and parents forward, pull paper plates with Bobcat badges attached to them from the basket, present awards and give congratulations.)

Present other awards in same way:
Tigers - cups
Wolf – napkins,
Bear – knives,
Webelos – spoons,
Activity badges – forks.

Cubmaster: You have seen all of the things that help make a picnic fun, except for the food. These young men and their parents represent the things that make the pack grow and thrive. They are as important to the pack as food is to a picnic. Let’s wish them well as they continue their Scouting trail.

A Bear Promotion Ceremony

Utah National Parks


Large tub, old tennis shoe, bucket with colored punch, enough cups for each Scout participating, balloon, sack of dirt, inner tube, rubber band, paper heart, shovel, and a ladle.

Set Up:

·         Boys and parents gather on one side of the stage.

·         Cubmaster on the other side with a jar marked “Webelos Water.”

Cubmaster: Bears, you are now ready to begin your final area of Cub Scouting – that of Webelos. You will find it different, challenging and rewarding. To help prepare you for this great effort, the Pack developed some Webelos Water, (looks at jar).

Uh, well, it looks like it evaporated! Let’s see, I guess we could make more! Now, what was that recipe? (Cubmaster appears deep in thought, then gets idea and goes to props.)

Cubmaster: Let’s see.

«  An old tennis shoe to remind you that you still have many miles to go on the Scouting Trail, (throws shoe in tub) and coincidentally to remind you not to take your shoes off in a two-man tent. (holds his nose).

«  Ah, a sack of dirt to remind you that Cub Scouts is now a lot of outdoor activities.

«  An inner tube to remind you that you may have a few flat tires, but they can be overcome.

«  A shovel to remind you to keep your room clean. (Winks at Mom & Dad).

«  A balloon to remind you that a lot of hot air doesn’t get the job done.

«  A heart to remind you of your commitment to your parents and family.

«  A rubber band to remind you to stretch yourself to learn new ideas and skills.

OK, that’s about it! Let’s stir it a little!  (Stir)

Looks good. Now, let me get you each a cup of our new Webelos Water. (Reach inside tub with ladle and scoop punch to pour in cups for everyone to see. Give cup and Webelos Colors to each Scout.)

Congratulations new Webelos and parents!




ü  Stage steps (at least six steps to the top),

ü  Cardboard scenery decorated as mountain to fit across side of steps. Place a strip of paper with the appropriate rank on each step, (Bobcat lowest to Arrow of Light.)

ü  Books and awards to be presented.


ü  Place steps sideways so audience can see mountain scenery but not steps.

ü  Each scout will be allowed to ascend to the step marked with the rank he has achieved to receive his award. (You can also include arrow points and activity badges.)

Cubmaster: Has anyone ever been mountain climbing? (response)

Well, the Cub Scouts who have earned awards tonight will demonstrate how to climb a “mountain”.  Before you can climb a mountain, you need to have the appropriate equipment. You need ropes, packs, medical supplies, maps,

hiking boots and many other things. YOU NEVER GO CLIMBING ALONE!

In Cub Scouting, in order to advance along the Cub Scout Trail, you also need the appropriate equipment. That is your book, your uniform, your den and your pack. You can’t do it alone. You need the help of your den leaders and parents. I have here some supplies for climbing to the top of Cub Scout Mountain. (hold up books).

Will (name of recipient) and his parents please come forward? I know you are not prepared to go climbing so here is a (Wolf) book. It won’t get you to the top of Cub Scout Mountain, for that you will need different equipment. But, let’s see how far this will help you climb. (Cub Scout climbs to Wolf step and faces audience.)

I now present this Wolf Badge to your parents to present to you. They have been helpful in assisting your climb. You made this climb look easy, but you worked hard to reach this altitude of Cub Scout Mountain.

(Proceed with other awards in similar manner. Arrow of Light recipients will reach the ‘peak’ and should be allowed to climb to the top step even if there are more than five.)


Capital Area Council

There s no Tiger in this ceremony.  Not sure how to add it except to say, hopefully you will not have all ranks that night and can drop one and shuffle to add in
Tiger after Bobcat.  CD

PROPS: You will need a prop compass made of heavy cardboard; placed in front on the advancement table.

CUBMASTER: We look to the compass for our guide.

To the East, we find a Cub ready for his Bobcat Badge. Will (name) and his parents come forward, (Present award) He brings his eagerness like the dawn of a new day.

To the South is the Wolf with his spirit of adventure. Will (name) and his parents come forward. (Present awards)

To the West is a Bear hunting on the trail of Scouting. (Present awards)

To the North is the Webelos about to realize his boyhood dreams, alive with Scout action. Will (name) and his parents come forward. (Present awards)

Let the compass guide all of you on your trails and may you all carry into your adult lives the ideals of Scouting.

Bubble Advancement Ceremony
(This ceremony can be used in dens or packs)
Capital Area Council

Equipment:   Bubble solution, and bubble wand, awards to be given.

Personnel:    Den Leader or Cubmaster, boy receiving award (and parents, if appropriate)

Set up:           Den Leader spends a few seconds blowing bubbles with the Cubs and then calls them around him/her.

Den Leader: Did you know that soap bubbles can only join at one of two angles (places or ways)?  There are no other possibilities.  So the number two would be important if you were a bubble. 

The number two is important to Cub Scouts also.  Whenever you give the Cub Scout Promise you hold your right arm high with two fingers held out straight in the Cub Scout sign.  The two fingers stand for the two points of the Promise; to help other people and to obey.  They also stand for the two alert ears of a wolf.  A wolf that is always listening to Akela.

(Name) has been listening closely and working with his parents and in our den.  He is now ready to receive his first/next bead in his Progress Towards Ranks.  (Award bead and help boy get it attached.  Your Den Chief could do this.)

We'll now form a living circle and give the grand howl in (name's) honor.


Capital Area Council

ü  Attach awards to small kites.  Display on wall.  With fluffy clouds, bright sun and/or rainbow.  On kite write, "It takes high ideals to earn your . . . "

ü  Attach awards to a Frisbee or plastic disc, small plastic paratrooper, or paper airplane.  Throw for each boy to catch.

ü  Attach award to airplane tickets.  On airplane ticket write, "You are just the ticket.  Congratulations on earning you . . ."

ü  Put awards in balloons with a lightweight paper basket.  Write the message, "You soar to great heights in scouting.  Congratulations on earning your . . . "


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