Baloo's Bugle

February Cub Scout Roundtable Issue

Volume 14, Issue 7
March 2008 Theme

Theme: Litter to Glitter
Webelos: Engineer & Athlete
Tiger Cub Activities


Turn Litter to Glitter Contest
Baloo's Archives

Materials:  Litter piece mentioned by each boy. Comb and mirror for sixth Cub and a large box marked “TRASH!”.

Personnel:  Six Cubs in uniform.

Five Cubs are on floor playing when the Cub #1 rushes in.

Cub #1:   (Runs in, very excited)  Hey, you guys!  Did you hear about the big contest?

Cub #2:   What contest?  What’s it about?

Cub #1:   The “Keep America Beautiful turn Litter to Glitter” Contest, that’s what!

Cub #3:   Are there prizes?  A contest is no good without prizes.

Cub #1:   Sure, lots of prizes.  Neat ones like bicycles and CD players, and lots of other good stuff!

Cub #4:   (Gloomily) I bet it’s hard.  Contests with neat prizes are always hard.

Cub #1:   Nope!  It’s easy.  Even the rules say it’s SIMPLE – in big letters.  The winner is the person who picks the easiest way.

Cub #5:   The easiest way to do what?

Cub #1:   The easiest way to Keep America Beautiful using Litter.  That’s what I’ve been talking about!

Cub #2:   I’m going to turn this soda bottle into a whirligig!

Cub #3:   I’m going to make a papier-mâché statue out of these newspapers

Cub #4:   I’ll turn these old CDs into an aquarium of fish!

Cub #5:   I can create a whole army from this cardboard!

Cub #6:   (With a swagger) Ha! I’m a cinch to win!

Cub#1:   Why’s it so cinchy for you?  What’s your great way to Keep America Beautiful using litter?

Cub #6:   See this mirror I found on our clean up? (Takes a comb out of his pocket, holds up the mirror, and combs his hair)  See!  That’s the easiest way I know to keep America beautiful using litter!

The other Cubs look at him and each other.  Quickly they surround and  drag him to a large box marked “TRASH” and dump him in.  They exit, laughing while Cub #6 stands up in the trash box with a disgusted look on his face.

Litter Hurts
Capital Area Council

This is almost on gray side but if played right will be very funny.  Play up the one scene Keystone Kops style.  CD

A Scout comes out and begins talking about low impact camping and the importance of preserving nature.  As he walks around, he sees a pieces of litter and picks them up.

He complains about the thoughtlessness of those who litter.

(First Scout exits)

Next a Scout enters and drops lots of litter in his path.

Other Scouts rush the littering Scout and pretend to beat him up.  (Ham this part up without harming the littering Scout)

Finally they pick up the littering Scout and ask him if he has learned anything from this experience?

He answers painfully: "I learned that every litter bit hurts!"

(Exit with Scouts assisting the scout who had been littering.)

Three R's For Planet Earth
Sam Houston Area Council

This can be done with four Cubs as shown or 8, or 12 or 16 or any number you have.  Just divvy up the parts.  CD

  • Gimme an R for REDUCE!
  • Walk or ride a bicycle when you can.
  • Turn off the light you when you leave a room.
  • Before you buy something, ask yourself if you really need it.
  • Gimme an R for REUSE!
  • Use a cloth towel, instead of a paper towel.
  • Donate old toys to a thrift shop or a homeless shelter.
  • Use an empty milk carton for a bird feeder.
  • Gimme an R for RECYCLE!
  • It takes less water to make newsprint from old newspapers than from trees.
  • Every time you recycle a soda can, you save enough energy to run a TV for three hours!
  • Recycled plastic is used to make toys and filling for sleeping bags.
  • Reduce what you use.
  • Reuse what you can.
  • Recycle the rest.
  • Three Rs for Planet Earth!

The Recycle Machine
Capital Area Council

Personnel: 4 Cubs.  In addition, another is hidden inside the machine.

Equipment: Large box made to look like, a recycle machine: other items mentioned.

Jack:   Hey look, guys, a recycle machine!

Jim:     Let’s try it out!  (Turns switch on)

Bob:     Let’s see what it does with this rusty, old pocketknife.  (Drops it into machine.  Machine makes noise and shakes, then out comes a new, shiny pocketknife.)

All        Wow, it works Fantastic!

Tom:    Maybe it can recycle this old, torn handkerchief.  (Drops it in and the machine shakes and rattles and turns out a new hanky.)

Jim:      That’s really great! Here, machine, here’s an old, broken pencil for you.  Drops it in and the machine performs giving out a new one.)

Bob:     It’s your turn. Jack.

Jack:   I wonder how this things works.  (Steps up, peers inside, and the machine pulls him in.)

Jack:   Help!

Others Oh no! What should we do?  (All look worried)

The machine finally makes a very loud noise and out pops Jack.  A sign on him reads REJECT.)

Tom:   Look! He has a sign around his neck. It says ‘REJECT’. A Cub Scout’s spirit is too strong and durable to ever be worn out.

Jack:    Remember, to help save our American resources, follow this motto

All        Reduce, Reuse, Recycle!
Use it up, wear it out, make it do, or do without!


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