Baloo's Bugle

February Cub Scout Roundtable Issue

Volume 14, Issue 7
March 2008 Theme

Theme: Litter to Glitter
Webelos: Engineer & Athlete
Tiger Cub Activities


Scavenger Hunt
Baloo’s Bugle Archives

Conduct a clean-up treasure hunt on your school grounds or in your neighborhood.  Not only will you have fun looking for the items listed, but you will pick up litter as well.


A ballpoint pen          A red object              A lunch bag

A pencil                  A blue object        A candy wrapper

A piece of clothing  A yellow object    Something plastic

Something round    Something glass       Notebook paper

A leaf or twig            A bottle cap         A broken crayon

A rubber band        Something square    Something metal

A paper clip


  • Divide the group into teams of two or more.
  • Give each team two trash bags, gloves, and a copy of the wanted list.

Litter Sweep Relay
Capital Area Council

Object:  To be the first team to make a clean sweep of all the litter.

Materials: A broom for each team and a small pile of dry trash: soda cans, paper, small plastic bottles, etc.

How to play:

  • Divide into two teams and
  • Give each team a broom and a small pile of dry trash - soda cans, paper, small plastic bottles, etc.
  • At the start signal, the first boy on each team sweeps the trash to a certain point and back.
  • The next team member then takes over, and so on until all have run.
  • The first team finished wins. If a boy loses any trash he must sweep back and pick it up.

Sam Houston Area Council

Set up five classroom trash cans in an obstacle course. The first cub on the team runs the course, weaving in and out around the cans. When the cub reaches the last can, he turns around and weaves back to the team. The runner taps the next team member in line, who takes his turn running the course… You could gives each boy on each team five pieces of trash that have to make in each trash can as they go through the obstacle course.

Sam Houston Area Council

  • Fill a clean open-topped non-breakable container (a plastic spaghetti sauce jar or a soup can work well) with water for each team. Be sure the containers are the exact same size and filled to the brim with water.
  • Set a start and finish point.
  • At a signal, the first runner heads for the finish line, walks over the line, turns around and heads back to his or her team, and passes the container to the next person in line.
  • At the end of the race, the team with the most water still in the container is the winner.

Sam Houston Area Council

  • Provide a stack of newspapers for each team and have team members divide the stack evenly among themselves.
  • Set up a paper bag or recycle bin (or whatever container your community uses for recycling newspaper) at a finish line.
  • At a signal, the first member of the team carries his or her stack of newspaper to the finish line, deposits it in the container, runs back to the team, and taps the next person in line.

Sam Houston Area Council


  • Five empty cans large enough for a golf ball,
  • golf club,
  • paint,
  • golf balls (maybe you'll want to use the wiffle type gold balls??)

To play:

  • Paint five cans with bright colors.
  • Paint or draw a point value on each can. (Suggestions: Paint the number 5 on one can, the number 10 on another, 15 on a third, 20 on a fourth, and 50 on the fifth.)
  • Set up the cans in a row.
  • Give students three golf balls and three chances to accumulate points for their team.

Sam Houston Area Council

Equipment: Two empty cans

To play:

  • Divide the den into two teams and line them up relay style behind a start/finish line.
  • Give each team an empty can.
  • The object of the game is for the first Cub on each team to kick the can to a turning point and then back to the start/finish line.
  • One at a time, the rest of the team repeats the action.
  • The first team finished wins.

Sam Houston Area Council

Boys always get fussed at for doing this – why not make it a game?


  • Lots of crumpled newspaper, computer or copy paper,
  • trash cans

To play:

  • Divide the den into two teams and seat them behind a throw line.
  • Place the trash cans about 10 feet away. (the distance depends on the motor skills of your boys.)
  • On the signal to GO, Cubs fire their paper “basketballs” at the trash can goals.
  • After a set amount of time stop the game.
  • Count the number of “basketballs” in each trash can.
  • The team with the most “basketballs” in the cans wins.
  • Work together to collect the paper and place it in a recycle bin.

Sam Houston Area Council

  • This activity can be done one team at a time.
  • Provide a recycle bin full of clean aluminum cans (for example, soda pop cans).
  • At a signal, cubs have 2 minutes to stack the cans one atop another.
  • Each cub takes a turn at building a tower by stacking cans one atop the other.
  • The cub on each team who builds the tallest tower then represents his team in a final team-against-team stacking competition.

Sam Houston Area Council

The Cub Scouts stand in a circle with one Cub in the center. The Cub in the middle holds a beanbag and tosses it to one of the Cubs standing in the circle. While it’s in the air, the Cub in the center shouts either “PAPER!”, “PLASTIC!”, or “ALUMINUM!” The Cub who catches the beanbag must name an object made from paper, plastic, or aluminum in 5 seconds while the other Cubs count out loud.

If the object’s name is duplicated, or if the Cub can’t think of an object, he’s out of the circle. When there is only one Cub left (the winner) he takes the place of the Cub in the middle of the circle.

Great Salt Lake Council

Materials needed

  • Roll of newspaper for each boy,
  • Soft rubber ball or nerf ball,
  • Two goals


  • Play like you would regular street hockey.
  • Each team has a goalie.
  • “High Sticking” results in a penalty.

Great Salt Lake Council

Materials needed:

  • Seven or more 2 – liter bottles,
  • Water,
  • Volleyball or basketball


  • Have boys fill each bottle with a few inches of water.
  • Replace lids.
  • To play the game, boys take turns setting up the “pins” and bowling with the ball.
  • They can keep individual scores or team scores after so many rounds.

Or try it the Texas way -

Sam Houston Area Council


As many empty 2 liter soda bottles that you want for bowling pins (10), water, ball, chalk or masking tape


When playing outside, mark off the spots for the bottles with chalk. That will make it easier for Cub Scouts who are going to set up the pins. For inside bowling you can make small Xs with the masking tape on the floor to mark where the bowling pins go.

Fill the bottoms of the bottles with a small amount of water.

Set up as many lanes as you like... Grab some balls and have fun setting up and knocking the pins down.

Great Salt Lake Council

Materials needed:

chairs – need one less than there are boys


  • One person is “Recycle Man” and stands in the center of the group,
  • The group is seated in chairs.
  • Each boy is given a name of paper, plastic or aluminum.
  • When “Recycle Man” shouts one or two of these names, the boys having these names must change chairs.
  • While they are changing, “Recycle Man” tries to get one of their chairs.
  • The boy without a chair becomes “Recycle Man”.
  • Now and then, “Recycle Man” can shout, “Recycle Man”, which is a signal for everybody to change chairs.
  • “Recycle Man” tries to find a chair at that time too.

Great Salt Lake Council

Materials needed:

  • Variety of plastic lids from margarine containers, yogurt containers, etc.,
  • Tape or string,
  • Markers


  • With a permanent marker, mark half the lids with the letter “C” for Cubs and the other half with the letter “S” for Scouts.
  • Divide the group into two teams, the Cubs and the Scouts.
  • Give the team the appropriate set of lids.
  • Using tape or string, mark two targets circles about 15 feet away from a base line.
  • Each team must stand behind the base line and sail their lids, Frisbee style, into their target.
  • A point is awarded for each lid that lands in the target.
  • A point is taken away if a lid lands in the opposing target.

Materials found in Baloo's Bugle may be used by Scouters for Scouting activities provided that Baloo's Bugle and the original contributors are cited as the source of the material.

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