Baloo's Bugle

February 2009 Cub Scout Roundtable Issue

Volume 15, Issue 7
March 2008 Theme

Theme: "When I Grow Up"
Webelos: Athlete and Engineer
Tiger Cub


Where Will We Work?
Scouter Jim

Jobs of the Future

ü  Robot Mechanic
Robots is a growing field and as they break down they will need to be repaired.

ü  Hydrogen Fuel Industries
Employees will be needed for a variety of jobs, if this becomes the fuel source of the future.

ü  New Energy Source Specialist
As new sources of energy emerge, Hydrogen, Solor, Wind, Tide, Geothermal, specialist will need to be trained in all aspects of development and delivery.

ü  Electric and Hydrogen Vehicle Services
With new technologies, people will need to be able to care and repair these technologies.

ü  Recycling Specialist

ü  As we move toward a green world, specialist will be needed to reduce the cost, time, and effort to recycle products.

ü  20th Century Re-enactor
People will need to be able to portray the “Ozzie and Harriet” world our past Century at emerging parks and national monuments.

Jobs of the Past

ü  Paper Delivery Person
In a green information age, daily newspapers may become a thing of the past like teletype machines.

ü  Video and Movie Store Workers
We are quickly moving to an age where entertainment is stream either to our computers or soon directly to devices like TVs, Cable systems, etc.

ü  Local Radio and TV Newscasters
People in the local TV and radio business may be in trouble as well as we become a global society.  We may be forced to get out local news from bloggers, who may become independent on the spot reporters.

Jobs that will Never Go Away

Cub Scout Leader
Theme Information from Program Helps
Sam Houston Area Council

Explore career possibilities of the 21st century this month. Host a pack career fair, inviting several adults to share what they do for a living and how these career opportunities might change as you grow up and technology advances. Discover how having a positive attitude is essential in reaching career goals. Den meeting plans could include field trips to learn about different occupations of interest to the boys and playing games centered on different jobs. This would be a good month to work on any of the Cub Scout Academics and Sports belt loops and pins - let the boys vote on the one that fits best with what they want to be when they grow up. For those future astronauts this month is a perfect time for a space derby!

Character Connections from Program Helps

Positive Attitude. A positive attitude helps boys achieve goals. Being positive helps boys be who they can be.

Honesty. Exploring what the future may bring for boys will encourage them to explore the consequences in their lives of honesty in their everyday activities.