Baloo's Bugle

February 2009 Cub Scout Roundtable Issue

Volume 15, Issue 7
March 2008 Theme

Theme: "When I Grow Up"
Webelos: Athlete and Engineer
Tiger Cub


In Twenty Years
Sam Houston Area Council

My dishes went unwashed today, I didn’t make the bed.
I took his hand and went with him to Cub Scouts instead.
That my house was neglected; that I didn’t sweep the stairs,
In twenty years no one on earth will know or even care.
But that I helped a curious boy from childhood to adulthood grow,
In twenty years the whole wide world will look and see and know.

Thank You For Your Time Award
Sam Houston Area Council

Materials – small clock (that might be placed in a doll’s house) made into a neckerchief slide OR mounted on a painted piece of wood or on a sturdy piece of cardstock (write in marker – thank you so much for your time!).


The time you have spent as a volunteer,
Be it half a lifetime or just a year,
Will have its effect in such far reaching ways,
It can never be measured in hours or days.
But we want to say thank you for doing your part,
For giving your hand and giving your heart.
Thanks for the smiles when you’ve wanted to weep,
For the camping trips, when you couldn’t sleep
For running and phoning, and meeting and waiting,
For hiking and swimming and roller-skating.
But thanks more than ever for years yet to come,
When someone remembers a job that you’ve done.
And memories brighten a young man’s face,
In some other time and some other space.

We have some parents with us tonight that have given some extra time this month helping with ____. Please help me thank them for their time.

(Call forward adults and leaders and present clocks.)

"Everyone Is Essential"
Pacific Harbor


  • Three broomsticks, staves, PVC pipes, etc.,
  • Large rubber band(s).
  • A Cub Scout, his parent, and the Cubmaster each holding one stick.


"Our pack program has three elements, each of which are essential for its success. First, of course is the boy (Scout brings Stick forward). This stick represents the fine boys in this pack, but it needs help to stand. (demonstrate that the lone stick falls down)

(Hold your stick in the air) "This stick I am holding is the second element (attaches his stick to first stick with rubber band while speaking). This stick is the Scouting program and the wonderful leaders who work so hard to keep the program going.  But, you see, the program still can't stand on its own. (Show the two sticks fall down)

"The third stick represents parents of the boys in our pack (parent brings stick forward). Parents are critical to making our Scouting program successful (CM attaches third stick to others). Now, you see, this makes the program strong, so it can stand on its own. Everyone working together is essential -- nobody can leave the job to others."


The Famous Scientist
Sam Houston Area Council

Cubmaster, wearing lab coat or other appropriate scientist outfit, invites new Bobcat to come forward with his parents.

Have parent hold a beaker while the Cubmaster adds the “ingredients” of the Bobcat award (Cub Scout Promise, Law of the Pack, etc, each written on a card and explained as it’s added).

The Cubmaster stirs the mixture, then takes out the badge and presents it to the parents, who award it to the Scout.

He then hands the beaker to the Scout, stirs it some more, and takes out the parent pin, which he hands to the Scout to present to his parents.

This same procedure can be followed for other awards.

High Goal
Catalina Council

Personnel: Cubmaster (CM), Bobcat, Wolf, Bear, Webelos Badge and Arrow of Light Candidates

Equipment: A large reproduction of each of the five badges of rank fastened to standards or held by each boy; Webelos badges, Arrow of Light awards and certificates

CM:   The highest rank in Cub Scouting is the Arrow of Light. You may well ask, “How does a boy reach this high goal?” Well, let the Cub Scouts speak for themselves. First, a Bobcat, Name .

Bobcat:    I am a Bobcat Cub Scout, a new member of the pack. I have just learned the Cub Scout Promise and the Law of the Pack.

CM    Will the following boys and their parents come forward. (Cubmaster reads names of boys to receive Bobcat rank. He than presents badge and certificate to presents the parents with the badges and certificates.) Lead Cheer. Next, a Wolf, Say his Name .

Wolf:       I am a Wolf Cub Scout. Because I am 8 years-old, I have worked on Cub Scout advancement in the Wolf book. I had lots of fun in my den and pack and with my whole family as I earned my Wolf badge.

CM    (Cubmaster calls forward the boys to receive the Wolf rank with their parents and presents the parents with the badges, arrow points and certificates.) Lead Cheer.  Next a Bear, say his Name .

Bear: I am a Bear Cub Scout. Because I am 9 years old, I have been working on the advancements in the Bear book with my parents to earn my Bear badge.

CM    (Calls forward the boys to receive the Bear rank with their parents and presents the parents with the badges and certificates.) Lead Cheer. Beyond Bear, there is the Webelos badge and the Arrow of Light award, the end of the Cub Scout trail. Tonight we have Number of candidates, Number for the Webelos Badge and Number for the Arrow of Light. Name .

1st Year Webelos Scout:    I am reaching the end of the Cub Scout trail and have found that it is not an end at all, but only a beginning leading onward and upward to the great brotherhood of Scouting. In earning the Webelos badge requirements, I am ready to learn about Boy Scout requirements and now understand more about the ideals of Boy Scouting.

2nd Year Webelos Scout:   The Arrow of Light trail has led me to the beginning of a new adventure. In learning the Boy Scout requirements, I have found that as a Boy Scout I must continue to do my best!

CM    To the parents of each of these Webelos Scouts I take great pride in presenting you your son's Webelos Badge or Arrow of Light award to present to him.

         He may wear his Webelos Badge on his Webelos Scout uniform. (Oval) The Webelos Badge is worn centered on the left pocket. (Diamond) The Webelos badge is centered on the bottom of the pocket to complete the Cub Scout diamond.)

         The Arrow of Light is worn centered on the bottom of his left shirt pocket and may remain there throughout his youth Scouting career (Presents badges.) Lead Cheer

What Will I Be?
Great Salt Lake Council

Each of the Cub Scout receiving an award or recognition will have it placed in a different type of container that represents a type of person that they could grow up to be.

  • A Doctor:                            First aid kit
  • A Pilot:                           Paper airplane
  • A Postman:                     Large envelope
  • A Carpenter:                           Tool box
  • A Grocery Store Manger:      Grocery Sack
  • A Landscaper:                    Pot for plants
  • A Pharmacist:                     Large pill jar
  • A Teacher:                            Pencil box
  • A Truck Driver:                          Truck

The Star Fighter Pilot
Sam Houston Area Council

Setting – someone dressed as a Star fighter Pilot from the future and Cubmaster (CM).

CM:      What's that noise? Is it a Star fighter engine? (No response from audience. CM asks audience to make a rocket engine sound.) Yes, I believe that is a Star fighter rocket engine.

(Person dressed like a Star fighter pilot enters the room. S/he approaches the CM and salutes.)

Pilot:    Star fighter Pilot reporting to Cub Scout Advancement Ceremony sir. (CM returns salute.)

Pilot:    News on the intergalactic radio advises that you have a Cub Scout advancing to the rank of ____. Is this true? Am I in the right galaxy?

CM:      Yes, Star fighter, you are correct. We do have a Cub Scout of this status. Will ___ and his parent come forward?

Pilot:    As a Star fighter Pilot, there are only a few truly important duties that I am called upon to perform. One of them is the Cub Scout Advancement Ceremony. Not all Scouts obtain the rank of ____. Therefore, Mr. & Mrs. ___ it is my proud duty to present you with the ____ badge for you to bestow upon your son.

CM:      (Instructs parents and boy to please be seated.) Starfighter you would be welcome to stay at our pack meeting.

Pilot:    Thank you sir but I must blast off. Pilot salutes CM and exits the room. (Pilot returns to room.)

Pilot:    Sir, could you please assist me in blast off.

CM:      Will the audience please assist the Pilot in starting his rocket engines. (Pilot leaves room again and CM quiets engine sound.)

Steps to Success Advancement Ceremony
Oregon Trail Council

Materials: Various hats and props for the presenters.

Personnel: Cubmaster (CM), Assistant CM (CA), Committee (MC), Den Leaders (DL) and Webelos Leaders (WL)

CM    Our world is full of many different professions that people do. Much like the many achievements done by Cub Scouts, people’s professions make the world a more interesting place.

CA    One of the first jobs many people have is working in a fast-food restaurant. (CA or MC wears chef’s hat or restaurant uniform.) The first rank that each boy in Cub Scouting earns is the Bobcat. (Call forward boys and parents and award Bobcat badge to parents to award to sons.)

Tiger DL  A well-respected profession is being a teacher. (CM opens a book and presents Tiger Cub badges.)

Wolf DL   Building a future are construction workers. (CA dons hard hat and tool belt and awards Wolf badges.)

Bear DL    Helpful to good health for all are doctors and medical professionals. (CM wears a white coat and a stethoscope and awards Bear badges.)

WL    We all want examples of how to be active and healthy, and we look to sports figures. (CA and CM wear a baseball caps and gloves and award Webelos badges.)

CM    What’s the best profession of all? It’s up to you and what is right for each of you, Cub Scouts. (CM chooses and models a representative profession and awards the Arrow of Light.  You may wish to solicit ideas from those receiving the Arrow of Light)

Prepared for Success Advancement Ceremony
Oregon Trail Council

Materials:    Graduation hat with appropriate rank emblem for each boy

CM    Whatever our boys decide to do in the future, they have already started to prepare by accomplishing tasks to achieve their next rank in Scouting. Our (Bobcats, Tiger Cub, Wolf, Bear, Webelos Scouts) have reached their goal tonight.

As the Cubmaster awards the appropriate badge of rank to each boy and his parents, place a graduation cap on the boy’s head with his rank emblem on the flat top.

Graduation Hat
Oregon Trail Council

Material -

  • One 2' by 3' poster board for 6 hats.
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Brass paper fasteners
  • Gold (Yellow) Yarn (for tassels)


Cut one piece of poster board into 6 squares (each measuring 8 inches by 8 inches) and 6 strips (each measuring 2 feet by 3 1/4 inches).

Make a series of V-shaped marks in each strip. The V-shaped notch should go about halfway through the strip.

Cut out the V-shaped notches in the strip.

Fold the strip in half (along the dotted line).

Form the strip into a circle with the notched part facing into the circle. Adjust the size to fit the child's head.

Glue the ends to form the hat band.

  • Glue the hat band to the mortar board (one of the squares).


  • Make a tassel by winding yarn around a 6 inch piece of cardboard. Wind the yarn around the cardboard about 5 or 6 times.
  • Slip the tassel off the cardboard.
  • Wrap a piece of yarn around one end and tie it securely.
  • Cut the long end of the tassel.
  • Attach the tassel to the hat using a brass paper fastener.