Baloo's Bugle

February 2009 Cub Scout Roundtable Issue

Volume 15, Issue 7
March 2008 Theme

Theme: "When I Grow Up"
Webelos: Athlete and Engineer
Tiger Cub


When I Grow UP
Sam Houston Area Council

Setting – Cubmaster (CM), 9 Cub Scouts and cards with letters C-U-B-S-C-O-UT-S and appropriate verse written on the back in LARGE print.

CM:        Cub Scouts are eager and ambitious young men looking forward to making their mark in the world. What will they be?

Cub #1:     C could stand for Carpenter

Cub #2:     U A University Student

Cub #3:     B A Bus Driver.

Cub #4:     S A Soccer Player

Cub #5:     C A Computer Programmer

     O An Office Worker

Cub #7:     U A Uniformed Policeman.

Cub #8:     T A Traffic Controller

Cub #9:     S Could stand for Space – an astronaut, scientist, technician or maybe a resident.

CM:        As Cub Scouts we are thinking about our future. What will it be? The opportunities are never ending.

The Doctor
Catalina Council


  • Doctor, wearing white shirt backwards and cardboard headband which has a foil circle attached.
  • 5 Cub Scouts in Cub scout t-shirts and shorts, with bandages as indicated in script, and
  • A narrator (MC).


Cub Scout doctors can wear small-size lab coats, or dad’s old white shirt turned backwards with cuffs cut off. They can wear white tennis shoes. They can wear a stethoscope and carry a black bag.


  • Doctor is sitting at a desk which has a large sign, “The Doctor Is In” on it.
  • Placed on the desk are a large medicine bottle, a piece of cardboard with rib cage drawn on it to resemble X-ray, pencil and index cards.
  • Desk is located near center of stage. 5 chairs are placed near desk.
  • Cub Scouts enter together, jogging, flexing muscles.

MC:         Our Cub Scouts have been learning about different professions this month, and Tommy thinks that being a doctor would be interesting work. To help him make up his mind our den is going to re-enact a day in the life of a doctor.

Cub #1:   (To other Cub Scouts) Well, today is the day for our annual physicals. As Cub Scouts, we should stay in good physical shape.

Doctor:     Come in, come in. Please sit down.

Cub #2:   Sorry we’re late, doctor.

Doctor:     Doesn’t your watch tell time?

Cub #2:   Oh, no. I have to look at it.

Doctor:     (To all Cub Scouts) Now let’s check your sense of balance. Lift your left foot. (Cub Scouts lift left feet) And now your right foot. (Cub Scouts lift right feet) And now, both. (Cub Scouts try) Hmmm. . . (Doctor rubs chin) Now tell me, do you have any special problems?

Cub #3:   (Holding up X—ray) I’m worried because I swallowed a roll of film at our last den meeting.

Doctor:     Don’t worry. I’m sure nothing will develop.

Cub #4:   (Holding up bandaged finger) Tell me, doctor, will I be able to play the piano when my finger is well?

Doctor:     (Looking at finger) Of course, of course.

Cub #4:   Great! I never could play before!

Doctor:     (To Cub Scout 5) I see you look a little thinner.

Cub #5:   Yes, I’ve been exercising regularly. This morning I touched the floor without bending my knees.

Doctor:     Excellent. How did you do it?

Cub #5:   I fell out of bed.

Cub #1:   Doctor, what can I do for my black eye?

Doctor:     Wow! Who gave you that shiner?

Cub #1:   Nobody! I had to fight for it!

Cub #2:   Doctor, my leg hurts!

Doctor:     (Handing him large bottle) Here, rub this on your leg. It will relieve the pain.

Cub #2:   Will it make my leg smart?

Doctor:     (Disgusted) If it does, try rubbing some on your head! Seems to me there’s only one thing wrong with you boys. (pretends to write prescription)

               Excess energitis! I recommend a balanced diet, daily exercise, fresh air, plenty of rest, and regular den meetings mixed with rousing monthly pack meetings.

Future Careers
Catalina Council

Props:      A large box that Cubs can step into and out of; decorate front with knobs and dials. Costume pieces representing the future career for Cubs to have on when they announce their future career. (e.g Chef’s Hat for chef)

Cub #1:   Ladies and gentlemen, this is the fantastic, terrific magic future machine. By entering this machine you will know your future career.

Cub #2:   Let me try it first!

Cub #1:   OK, enter the chamber (he turns dials on the front). Come out and reveal your future. (This is repeated for each Cub.)

Cub #2:   Wow, I am going to be an inventor. I'll invent a way to transport people and products instantly.

Cub #3:   (enters then exits) Hey, I'm going to be a chef. Dinner anyone?

Cub #4:   (enters then exits) I'm going to be a doctor. Want a shot?

Cub #5:   (Enters then exits) I'm going to be a scientist. I'll discover a new clean energy source.

Cub #6:   (enters then exits) Yea, yea, yea! I'm going to be a rock star. Where's my guitar?

Cub #7:   (enters and exits) An astronaut, look at Mars!

Cub #8:   I'm not sure about this, but here goes.

Cub #1:   This way. (Turns dials.)

Cub #8:   (enters, screams) No! No!

Cub #1:   What's the matter? What will you be?

Cub #8:   NO! I'll be a(pause for silence) CUBMASTER!!!(Runs off stage with arms flying.)

No Rocket Scientist
Catalina Council

Set Up:

  • Rocket pilot (RP) in cockpit on one side of stage.
  • Ground control (GC) with computer on other side of the stage.


RP:   Mayday! Mayday! Engines on fire Mayday!

GC:   We read you. Hang in there. We're going to try and lock in on you with our computer.

RP:   Well, hurry up! I can't hold on much longer. I'm surrounded by flames.

GC:   O.K. This is critical. Before you eject -- state your height and position.

RP:   Oh, I'm about 5 foot 6, and I'm sitting down. Bye!

Pretends to push eject button and jumps out of cockpit

The Fortune Teller
Sam Houston Area Council

Setting – at least 5 Scouts. You can add lines for a larger den. One Scout (Cub #1) should be dressed as a fortune teller with a magic ball or reading palms.

Scene – Scouts are sitting in a circle on the floor. Each will have a turn to visit with the fortune teller.

Cub #1:   Why have you come to visit me today?

Cub #2:   We want to know what we’re going to be when we grow up.

Cub #1:   Let me check my crystal ball!

Cub #3:   What do you see?

Cub #1:   I see that you (pointing to Cub #2) are going to be a doctor when you grow up.

Cub #2:   Wow – I love taking care of people.

Cub #4:   What else do you see?

Cub #1:   I see that you (pointing to Cub #3) are going to be a scientist when you grow up.

Cub #3:   That’s great – I wondered why I got that chemistry set for my birthday.

Cub #5:   Do you see anything for him (pointing to Cub #4) or me?

Cub #1:   Yes I do! You (pointing to Cub #4) are going to be a teacher.

Cub #4:   Super – that’s just what I wanted to hear!

Cub #5:   What about me? What do you see for me?

Cub #1    (peering very closely at the crystal ball): Oh! You will be very popular when you grow up – you will be a Cubmaster!