Baloo's Bugle

February 2009 Cub Scout Roundtable Issue

Volume 15, Issue 7
March 2008 Theme

Theme: "When I Grow Up"
Webelos: Athlete and Engineer
Tiger Cub


Note on Word Searches, Word Games, Mazes and such – In order to make these items fit in the two column format of Baloo’s Bugle they are shrunk to a width of about 3 inches.  Your Cubs probably need bigger pictures.  You can get these by copying and pasting the picture from the Word version or clipping the picture in the Adobe (.pdf) version and then enlarging to page width.  CD

All Aboard Pre-Opening Game
Catalina Council

  • As people come to the pack meeting pass out the game below.
  • Have each person find someone whose name, either first, middle, or last name begins with a letter from the phrase "All Aboard"
  • Have the people they find sign his or her name on the game sheet.
  • Also have each participant list something starting with the letter that “goes” on the second half of the line.
  • Anyone in the room may sign in the third column. The winner is the one who gets all blanks filled in.
  • If there is a tie the winner is the one who can correctly identify all who signed his/her paper.

Who Invented It?
Catalina Council

Give each Scout a sheet of paper list the inventions in one column and the inventors in another column.  Have the Scouts figure out who did what.

1.     Telephone                                         Alfred Nobel

2.     Phonograph                         Alexander Graham Bell

3.     Dynamite                                   Charles Goodyear

4.     Power Loom                                   Galileo Galilei

5.     Telegraph Sir                            Alexander Fleming

6.     Steamboat Samuel                              F. B. Morse

7.     Reaper                                    Edmund Cartwright

8.     Vulcanized Rubber                            Robert Fulton

9.     Nylon                           Wilbur and Orville Wright

10.   Thermometer                             Cyrus McCormick

11.   Penicillin                              Thomas Alva Edison

12.   Airplane                              The DuPont Company

Answers: 1. Alexander Graham Bell, 2. Thomas Alva Edison, 3. Alfred Nobel, 4. Edmund Cartwright, 5. Samuel F. B. Morse, 6. Robert Fulton, 7. Cyrus McCormick, 8. Charles Goodyear, 9. The DuPont Company, 10. Galileo Galilei, 11. Sir Alexander Fleming, 12. Wilbur and Orville Wright

Famous Scouts Match Game
Oregon Trail Council

Famous Scout

What He Did


Sam Walton


38th President of the U.S.,
Eagle Scout


Bruce Jenner


First American to orbit the earth, astronaut, Senator


H. Ross Perot


First man to balloon around the world, Eagle Scout


Alan B. Shepard


Cofounder of Microsoft Corporation


Merlin Olson


Television news reporter and anchor


John Glenn


32nd President of the U.S.


Mark Spitz


Movie director, producer,
Eagle Scout


Bill Gates


43rd President of the U.S.


Donald Rumsfeld


42nd President of the U.S.


Gerald Ford


Self-made billionaire, presidential candidate, Eagle Scout


George W. Bush


First American in space,


Steven Spielberg


Won Olympic gold medal in decathlon


Neil Armstrong


Founder of Wal-Mart, youngest Eagle Scout in his state.


Franklin D. Roosevelt


Won seven Olympic gold medals for swimming


Steve Fossett


First man to walk on the moon, astronaut, Eagle Scout


Walter Cronkite


Secretary of Defense,
Eagle Scout


Bill Clinton


Astronaut and Eagle Scout


James Lovell


Professional football player, sports commentator

Answers -           1-M, 2-L, 3-J, 4-K, 5-R, 6-B, 7-N, 8-D, 9-P, 10-A,
11 - H, 12-G, 13-O, 14-F, 15-C, 16-E, 17-I, 18-Q

What Will You Be?
Sam Houston Area Council

Challenge your Scouts to choose a buddy and create a made-up story — probable or silly — for that Scout as a grown-up. Have them answer such questions as:

·       Where will the Scout live?

·       What will he do for a living?

·       Will he have children?

·       If so, what will their names be?

Occupation Bingo
Alice, Golden Empire Council

Prepare Bingo cards with different job categories, fairly broad, such as Teacher, Communication, Technology, Art or Music, History, Construction, etc.  Each family, den or individual gets a bingo card and tries to find a person who fits into that category.

Career Search
Pacific Skyline


Find people who are doing or have done any of these careers and have them sign on the line.  If someone has done more than one career have them sign in a second space.  Limit of 2 spaces per signer.

Later in the meeting recognize the person who has the most signatures.  Also recognize anyone who has had more than one career.  Ask if anyone has done more than two career changes.  You could have some of these people give a one minute highlight about their career.

1.     Farmer_____________________________________

2.     Transportation_______________________________

3.     Architect, construction________________________

4.     Armed Forces _______________________________

5.     Bonus: Something not on the list _______________

6.     Travel industry ______________________________

7.     Business person _____________________________

8.     Teacher ____________________________________

9.     Researcher __________________________________

10.   Entertainer-What kind? _______________________

11.   Heavy equipment operator _____________________

12.   Bonus: Something not on the list _______________

13.   Chef, waiter or waitress _______________________

14.   Bonus: Something not on the list _______________

15.   Computer related ____________________________

16.   Parks and Recreation _________________________

17.   Medical profession ___________________________

18.   Law or law enforcement _______________________


Lines of Work Quiz
Detroit Area Council

Identify the person who you think made the following remarks about their line of work:

1.     It has its ups and downs.______________________

2.     I get a bang out of it!__________________________

3.     I set new records every day_____________________

4.     I get a kick out of it.__________________________

5.     Baaaaaaad!__________________________________

Choose from the following -

A. Football player

B. Shepherd

C. Drummer

D. Disc jockey

E. Elevator operator

Guess What?
Oregon Trail Council


  • Small boxes or paper or plastic bag that cannot be seen through;
  • A variety of small tools that are used in different professions; plastic toy hammer, child’s small sand rake, calculator, test tube, miniature schoolbook, etc.


  • Place each item in a different bag or box
  • One at a time have each person reach into the bag or box and try and identify the item.
  • Person who gets the most correct wins.


#1 -    Have each person pull out the first item they touch.
Have them tell of a career that would use the item (there may be multiple careers that use the same item).
Others may add to the discussion.
Be sure all Cubs get a chance to participate.

#2 -    Set up the items for a Kim's Game. 
See How To Book, Section 3, Games, page 3-34.

Find the Eagles
Alice, Golden Empire Council

Using the lists in the U.S. Scouting project web site, mount names of famous people on the wall.  Each person or team gets a paper and must decide which people earned their Eagle as a scout, and add them to their own list.

Careers Word Search
Oregon Trail Council

ACTOR                     ARTIST              ASTRONAUT

BANKER               CARPENTER                      CHEF

COACH                    DOCTOR                 ENGINEER

FARMER              FIREFIGHTER               LAWYER

MUSICIAN                 NURSE        PHOTOGRAPHER




Catalina Council

Have everyone write as many smaller words as they can find in the word “transportation”. Score one point for each word. Score three points for words connected with transportation (Example: port, train, etc.)

Find What I Need
Alice, Golden Empire Council

Prepare matching occupation words strips and some equipment or clothing used in that occupation.  As people enter, either an occupation or material word strip is taped to their back.  They must find their “matching” word by asking only questions that can be answered by a “Yes” or “No”

Baby Face Match-Up
Great Salt Lake Council

Obtain pictures of either the participants or famous people when they were younger. Have participants match up the baby picture with the name of the grown-up person.

What Am I
Great Salt Lake Council

Place the name of an occupation on the back of each person as they enter.

They should ask yes or no questions of the others to discover what they are.

Alternative: Use plant names.

Tree Tag
Great Salt Lake Council

·       One person is “It” and tries to tag another.

·       Players are only “safe” when they are touching a tree.

·       Players can only stay safe for 10 seconds, then they have to leave and go to another tree.

·       Once tagged the player becomes the new “it.”

·       If there is a lack of trees or you are playing inside have chairs or the leaders be the trees.

Arbor Day Treasures
Great Salt Lake Council

Find tree names hidden in the sentences:

1.     The ranger’s map led us safely through the woods.

2.     Will owls hoot in daylight?

3.     Its fun to hike and tramp in every direction.

4.     Forest rangers wear white helmets.

5.     We saw a honey bee checking clover blossoms for honey.

6.     Many forest fires are caused by human carelessness.

7.     We got soaked when we were caught in a cloudburst.

8.     The boy’s face darkened when she kissed him on the cheek.

Answers -    1 - maple, 2 - willow, 3 - pine, 4 - elm,
5 - beech, 6 - fir, 7 - oak, 8 - cedar

Create A Forest
Great Salt Lake Council

Cut out tree parts (trunk, branch, leaves, fruit, nest, etc). Give each boy an envelope containing 5 (or number of your choice) of the same item (I.e. trunks) as he arrives.

Each boy is to trade their items until they have a full set.

On the large piece of butcher paper write across the top “Our Den Forest”

Have the boys assemble their trees and write their names under them on the paper.

When complete hang it on the wall or display at pack meeting.

My Body
Great Salt Lake Council

Let the boys take turns outlining each other’s body on butcher paper.

Then let them fill them in.

They can

Draw parts of the body (organs, bones, etc.) or

Draw themselves (clothes, hair, etc.) now or

Draw them selves in their future careers.

Hang on the wall or display at pack meeting.