Baloo's Bugle

January 2009 Cub Scout Roundtable Issue

Volume 15, Issue 6
February 2008 Theme

Theme: American ABC's
Webelos: Scholar and Engineer
Tiger Cub


Scout Week Display Pointers

Alice, Golden Empire Council

·         Contact a local business or library early to reserve time and space for a display; measure and record dimensions so you can plan your display. Make note of what day and time your display is to be put up and taken down.

·         Plan a colorful display, with a good background, clear signage- avoid too much detail or small items. Ask a local artist or display specialist to help plan your display – you may have one in your pack family!

·         Group items together – such as a Pinewood Derby racer, a trophy and an enlarged photo of Race day on one level in one area of the display.

·         Consider using a theme for your display – it could be something simple, such as “Scouting Thru the Year” with large calendar pages listing a special activity for that month.  It could also focus on some aspect of Scouting, such as “Scouting & Citizenship – a Community Resource” – use American and Pack flags as background and display large photos of service projects, examples of citizenship in action, marching in parades or putting out flags on Memorial Day.

·         The story of Scouting in America would be a good theme, considering the American ABC theme for February- tell the story of how Scouting came to America, focus on specific American events and scouting culture.

·         Use good signs – large computer lettering is very professional looking.  Mount each sign on colored paper for greater impact.  Be sure to have a very large sign if you have a specific theme – it could be done as a banner made on the computer.  It could also be done by having the boys make a collage of scouting materials and photos from Boy’s Life to fill in large letters that spell out the theme – but put them on a plain background so they will stand out.

·         Create different levels for your display – you can use boxes, but be sure to cover them with fabric or paper.  Put taller levels to the back, but use varying heights and try putting them on the diagonal.  This way, you can overlap and use the space more efficiently, and separate different events or ideas for greater impact.

·         Think about where your display will be – if it is in a display case, think about what direction it will be viewed from.  If people will be looking down on the display, you want to create a horizontal display that can be seen clearly from above.  Make sure that the display looks good from any direction that can be seen – if the back side of boxes can be seen, they should be covered, for example.

·         Arrive on time, with signage and all necessary equipment and materials, such as flags and flag stands, pins, tape, boxes or other equipment to create different levels.  If you need a ladder, plan to bring it with you. 

·         Do a test run of putting up your display – tape out the dimensions of your space on the floor, then practice putting up the display and check to see if it looks good and can be understood.  Make a diagram or take a picture so you will be able to recreate your display quickly in the actual site.

·         Clean up the site before your leave, and be sure to thank the merchant or librarian for the opportunity.

·         Advertise your participation – make sure pack families know about the display, and encourage them to patronize the merchant.  Consider adding a poster with contact information for your pack, or if appropriate, leave information about Scouting near your display.  Be sure this is approved by the site manager.

·         Invite the local newspaper to report on your displays, especially if you are having a contest – call them before you put up the display – they may prefer a picture of the actual work of creating the display.

·         Be sure to make a photo of the completed display – show it off at the pack meeting or Blue & Gold, add it to the pack scrapbook, and give a copy to the merchant along with a thank you card!

·         Don’t Forget – Take down your display on the agreed upon date and time!  The merchant or librarian may have other displays waiting to be installed.


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