Baloo's Bugle

January 2009 Cub Scout Roundtable Issue

Volume 15, Issue 6
February 2008 Theme

Theme: American ABC's
Webelos: Scholar and Engineer
Tiger Cub



American ABC'S Closing

Sam Houston Area Council

Sing the "Star-Spangled Banner"

Supplies – Make a map of the United States with the following listed cities highlighted

Introduction: "A tour of the USA by the letters."

The ceremony –

P   Have everyone stand and sing the "Star-Spangled Banner"

P   After the song, have Scouts read off a name from the list and point it out on the map.

Do this alphabetically.

Assign boys multiple parts, if needed

Cub # 1:             Anchorage, Alaska

Cub # 2:             Boston, Massachusetts

Cub # 3:             Cherokee, Kansas

Cub # 4:             Dover, Delaware

Cub # 5:             Everglades, Florida

Cub # 6:             Freedom, California

Cub # 7:             Gallup, New Mexico

Cub # 8:             Hartford, Connecticut

Cub # 9:             Independence, Missouri

Cub # 10:         Jefferson, Iowa

Cub # 11:         Knoxville, Tennessee

Cub # 12:         Lincoln, Nebraska

Cub # 13:         Montgomery, Alabama

Cub # 14:         Neptune, New Jersey

Cub # 15:         Oshkosh, Wisconsin

Cub # 16:         Providence, Rhode Island

Cub # 17:         Quartzite, Arizona

Cub # 18:         Revere, Minnesota

Cub # 19:         Sleepy Hollow, Wyoming

Cub # 20:         Tornado, West Virginia

Cub # 21:         Ulysses, Pennsylvania

Cub # 22:         Vermillion, South Dakota

Cub # 23:         Washington, DC

Cub # 24:         Xenia, Ohio

Cub # 25:         Yakima, Washington

Cub # 26:         Zapata, Texas

CM                 From A to Z, Scouts do exciting things all over our great land.

Flag Closing

Sam Houston Area Council

Setting – color guard, Cubmaster (or 5 Cub Scouts, each reading one verse of the poem)

Scene – Cubmaster (or 5 Cub Scouts) reads the poem below as color guard slowly retires the flag.

Cub # 1:      We watch the flag as it passes by
A flash of color against the sky;
Its fifty stars are a dazzling white
As those few that shown by the dawn’s first light.

Cub # 2:      The brave, bright red that will never fade
By the blood of men’s sacrifice was made.
The white, for our nation’s purity
Can be kept from stain by you and me.

Cub # 3:      The blue, the vastness of God’s own sky,
His promise that freedom shall never die.
The mighty cities, the farmlands fair,
The many churches for praise and prayer.

Cub # 4:      The chance to do and the chance to be
In a land our forefathers fought to free.
The hope that the world is looking for
Our good will for peace but our strength for war.

Cub # 5:      All these are the flag of our dear land
A symbol we cherish and understand.
As we bare our heads and our hearts beat high
As our flag, “Old Glory” is passing by.


Baltimore Area Council

Set Up:   Eight Cubs each with a placard with his phrase on front and his part in LARGE print n the back.

Cub # 1:      DO YOUR BEST in everything you do on life's way.

Cub # 2:      ALWAYS BE FRIENDLY to brighten other people's day.

Cub # 3:      GIVE AWAY YOUR SMILES for 'tis rewarding indeed.

Cub # 4:      BE PREPARED to help others in their daily need.

Cub # 5:      BE HONEST AND SINCERE towards others you meet.

Cub # 6:      BE LOYAL AND TRUE a most commendable feat.

Cub # 7:      COUNT YOUR BLESSINGS, being thankful each day for life's opportunities that come your way.

Cub # 8:      Good night to each and every one of you. May these thoughts stay with you your whole life through.


Catalina Council

Personnel: Narrator and seven Cub Scouts.

Equipment: Seven large card , each with a letter to form the word Liberty.

Setting: In order, each Cub Scout steps forward turning his card so that the letter maybe seen by the audience and recites the phrases given below.

Narrator: The word “Liberty” is held so dear.  Each letter is a symbol of this nation held together by love, not fears.  Man has fought and died in years gone by, but the meaning stays the same for you and I.

Cub # 1:      L: L is for Laws made for the protection of all

Cub # 2:      I: I is for Ideals who's standard shall not fall

Cub # 3:      B: B is for Bravery, for all, not a few

Cub # 4:      E: E is for Equality upheld through and through

Cub # 5:      R: R is for Religion, a matter of choice

Cub # 6:      T: T is for Truth, which we are free to voice.

Cub # 7:      Y: Y is for Youth inspired from the start.

All:              It’s all up to you - so do your part!


Catalina Council

Or maybe you would prefer this as an opening CD

Personnel:  11 Cubs

Equipment: Card with part on the back and large capitol letters on front to spell out Americanism.

Cub # 1:      A is for Advantages
We have so many more;
Because we are American
Let us give thanks therefore.

Cub # 2:      M Is For Majority
Decision by the most;
That’s the rule we follow
From coast to rugged coast.

Cub # 3:      E Is For Education
Available to all;
So every last American
Stands up straight and tall.

Cub # 4:      R Is For Religion
We worship as we will;
A right we’ll always cherish
And let no evil kill.

Cub # 5:      I Is For Independence
That our fathers once declared;
Our nation rose to greatness
Because these brave men dared.

Cub # 6:      C is for Citizenship
Of which we can be proud;
So let’s proclaim it daily
And do it long and loud.

Cub # 7:      A is for Assembly
To gather as we might;
That’s another privilege
Another previous right.

Cub # 8:      N Is For The News
A press that’s always free;
A sentinel on watch
To guard our liberty.

Cub # 9:      I is for Impartial
Equal justice for us all;
Law — the same for everyone
The great, the poor, the small.

Cub # 10:  S Is For Our Speech
Though others may disagree;
You may still express yourself
Because our speech is free,

Cub # 11:  M Is For Our Motto –
And that is why we say,
“In God We Trust, To live
The good American way.


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