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January 2009 Cub Scout Roundtable Issue

Volume 15, Issue 6
February 2008 Theme

Theme: American ABC's
Webelos: Scholar and Engineer
Tiger Cub


From Program Helps via

If you follow the grid on the inside of the cover in the front of Cub Scout Program Helps, your Cub Scouts can complete earning their Rank Awards (Tiger, Wolf, Bear)
by the Blue and Gold in February.

The suggestions in the Cub Scout Program Helps stop in January because of you have followed them, your Cubs have earned their badge of rank for the year.

Alice, Golden Empire Council

Boys at all levels could work on the Citizenship, Communicating or Geography Belt Loops.  This would also be a great time to work on special local or regional patches that focus on community and history. If your pack is having their Blue & Gold Dinner this month, be sure to have the Cubs do some of the decorations or other preparations as part of their advancement.  Each den could be in charge of centerpieces for their tables, or prepare a game, skit or performance to be done at the dinner. 

Tiger Cub Achievements

Ach. #1F – Make an American food favorite, such as the Cub Grub recipes, then help clean up;

Ach. #1D – Make and start adding recipes to a cookbook of family favorites; Ach. #1G – visit a library or local historical site to learn more about your community.

Ach. #2 – Do any of the activities to learn more about your American community and how to be a good citizen;

Ach. #3G – Learn about a sport played in America, such as baseball or basketball, then go see a game

Ach. #4G - Visit a television or radio station or local newspaper to learn how communications are handled – take information about your den or pack, especially if you are participating in special Scout Week activities

Tiger Cub Electives

Elect. #6 – Learn and sing a song for your Blue & Gold or pack meeting

Elect. #8 – Get to know religious leaders; ask if you can have a special Scout Sunday or Sabbath 

Elect. #10, #11 – Honor the tradition of good deeds in Scouting by doing individual service to someone who needs a hand, or participate in a den or pack service project to help the needy 

Elect. #12 – Visit a long-term care facility and sing a scout song or do some scout activities; you could also ask if anyone was a scout themselves, and find out what they did as a scout  

Elect. #17 – make a Pinewood Derby model 

Elect. #20 – get the word out about Tiger Cubs

Elect. #41 – Explore how Americans get around on buses, trains, planes or boats in your community

Elect. #42 – Visit a zoo or aquarium in your community – look for American ABC animals 

Elect. #48- Go for a ride on a bus or train – look for things that are special about America

Elect. #49 – Visit a local government office to find out how American government works in your community

Wolf Achievements

Ach. #1a, j – Practice skills used in sports that originated in America

Ach. #2 – Do any or all of the activities to show your patriotism; learn about your state and its flag

Ach. #4f – Visit an important place in your community and explain its importance

Ach. #10c- Go on a walk to a park, wooded area, or to visit a museum with your family – look for things unique to America;   Ach. #10d – read a book about America or a Boy’s Life magazine with your family;  Ach. #10e, f – Watch television or listen to a radio show with Akela, or attend a concert or play with your family; Ach. #10g – Have a Family Board Game Night with your family – see if you can find games that were created in America

Ach. #11d – Find out how you can help your religious community;  give service in uniform if appropriate

Wolf  Electives

Elect. #1c – Learn another American alphabet – American Sign language. 

Elect. #2 – help plan and put on a skit about America or Scouting in America

Elect. #4f – Play a wide area or large group game with your den or pack – try one from Baloo

Elect. #5g, h, i – Make a pinewood derby model 

Elect. #9a – help with a den party to celebrate the birthday of Cub Scouting in America

Elect. #11 – learn to sing a song or songs; sing a grace at the Blue & Gold or a song at the pack meeting

Elect. #12d – help draw and paint scenery for a skit, play or puppet show;   Elect. #12 e – make a stencil pattern for a poster or sign; Elect. #12f – make a poster to advertise the Blue & Gold or Pinewood Derby

Elect. #13a -  Make a list of birds you see in a week;   Elec. #13c – read a book about birds, and find out where they live in America;   Elect. #13d – Point out 10 different birds (try to focus on American birds)

Elect. #20d – know and practice safety rules for skiers;   Elect. #20e – know and practice ice skating safety rules;   Elect. #20g – go bowling, follow the rules and practice skills;   Elect. #20m – show basketball skills and play a game

Bear Achievements

Ach. #3 – complete any or all of the activities to learn and demonstrate what makes America special

Ach. #4 – Find out all about American folk tales, do any or all of the activities, share what you learn with your family, den or pack

Ach. #5a – Choose an American animal to learn about and make a poster;   Ach. #5c, d, e – explain what a wildlife conservation officer does; visit a nature center in your area; learn about extinct animals

Ach. #6g – do a neighborhood clean up with your den or pack to demonstrate how scouting serves the community

Ach. #8 – do any or all of the activities, as part of the Anniversary month of Scouting;

Ach. #9b, f – with an adult, make den snacks or a family dessert – try one from Cub Grub

Ach. #10b – Have a family fun night at home and play games that were created in America 

Ach. #11b – learn what to do in case of an accident on ice

Ach. #15b, c – play games with your den. Give some from this packet a try!

Ach. #17a – watch a TV show with your family;   Ach. #17c- visit a newspaper, TV or radio station and find out how stories are communicated; share information about Scouting and how you are celebrating this month;   Ach. #17d – use a computer to find information about America or Scouting, then write a report to share.

Ach. #18d – Write an invitation to a den, pack or special Scouting event;  Ach. #18e - write a thank you note to someone who has helped your den or pack celebrate Scouting Week or special activities. Ach. #18f, g – write about some thing you have done with your family, den or pack, especially any Scout Week activities

Ach. #21a, b – Make a Pinewood Derby car and a stand and/or  a display for it

Ach. #23 – Do any or all of the activities, and focus on American sports 

Bear Electives

Elect. #3 – Do any or all of the activities; try to find out how radios connect different parts of  the United States

Elect. #17 – Do any or all of the suggested activities to demonstrate that scouts are helpful and learn useful skills

Elect. #20b, c – know safety rules and demonstrate skills for skiing and ice skating; Elect. #20f – earn a new Cub Scout Sports pin, repeat up to three times with different sports to earn arrow points

Elect. #22a, b – start a stamp collection and mount and display a collection of any kind you have made at a pack meeting;  Elect. #22c – start your own library and organize a record keeping system

Elect. #23a,b,c,d,e – Use maps and do the activities to become more familiar with your community and country

Webelos Activity Pins

Scholar You might focus on American education systems

Engineer – You might focus on engineering structures in America – for example, the Brooklyn Bridge or Golden Gate Bridge have fascinating stories and showcased innovative technology and engineering

Citizen – work on the requirements would fit with the theme of American ABC’s 

Communicator #7, #8 – visit a newspaper, radio or TV station and find out how they receive information; furnish information about special Scout activities during February; write an article about Scouting for your local school or community paper; #9, #10 – Invite a person to visit your den who uses another “American alphabet” – sign language or other means of communication for those with special needs or who speak another language.

Family Member #8 – plan a night of family fun using games developed in America

Forester, Geologist, Naturalist – you might focus on plants, animals and rocks that are native to your area or to America


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