Baloo's Bugle

January 2009 Cub Scout Roundtable Issue

Volume 15, Issue 6
February 2008 Theme

Theme: American ABC's
Webelos: Scholar and Engineer
Tiger Cub


A Den Leader's PayDay

Professor Beaver's Site

Write this out putting the candy (or a wrapper from the candy or a picture of the candy) where you see *)

Sometimes we were Butterfingers*

But always a Joy*

We always did Snicker*

After all, we are boys.

We wanted to give you $100,000 Grand*

But had Zero* money

So that idea was canned.

We M & M*ade you this card

With Mounds* of love and rhyme

To thank you for giving up

so much of your time.

Put in a row of Hershey Hugs and Kisses and have the Cubs sign it.  I used poster board for mounting the candy and a calligraphy pen for printing the poem.  Prof Beaver


The ABCs of Leaders

Sam Houston Area Council

Great Cub Scout Leaders –

A -      Attend Roundtable

B -      Believe in the program

C -      Call to check up if you miss a den meeting

D -      Discover new ways to involve the Scouts

E -      Explore all the options

F -       Find time

G -      Give unconditionally

H -      Help whenever asked

I -        Inspire

J -       Juggle lots of projects

K -      Know their knots

L -      Listen

M -     Make extra project pieces for siblings

N -      Notice the wonderful things about their Cub Scouts

O -      Offer support

P -       Pray

Q -      Quote Lord Baden-Powell

R -      Reap the rewards of Cub Scout smiles

S -       Sing!

T -      Tell their Scouts – “great job!”

U -      Understand that life happens

V -      Value the Aims of Scouting

W -    Wake up in sleeping bags

X -      X-amine all material for appropriateness

Y -      Yell cheers during pack meetings

Z -      Have a Zany disposition

Here's another version - CD

Awards from the Heart

Oregon Trail Council

Everyone needs a pat on the back to feel appreciated! These awards are quick and easy. Remember to award den chiefs, pack leaders, and parents, too. Be sure to mention specifically what the person is being recognized for.

Monu-MINT-al Award
Attach a mint to a note or certificate stating that the person has made a monu-mint-al contribution to Scouting.

We Are Not STRETCHING It – We Appreciate You!
Mount rubber bands on foam board or mat board.

You Are Tops
Award a toy top

You Rose to the Occasion!
Award a plastic rose.

What a Catch!
Award a certificate with a fish picture or plastic fish.

You Have Been the Link to Success
Award links of a chain.

There are many lists like this on the internet -

Professor Beaver's site has lighthearted, fun award ideas

Try some searches - "101 ways to recognize," scout leader recognition


The ABC’s Of Being An Effective Leader

Catalina Council

«  A – Attitude: accent the positive, attitudes determine effectiveness

«  B – Boys: remember the program is for them

«  C – Communications: help keep the lines open

«  D – Diplomacy: be a diplomat, always put your best foot forward

«  E – Effort: you’ll get out as much as you put in

«  F – Flexibility: to be able to change and adapt

«  G – Guide: guide, but don’t force

«  H – Harmony: you can help maintain this in your pack

«  I – Interest: keep interest high by KISMIF (Keep It Simple, Make It Fun)

«  J – Joy: spread it, pass it on

«  K – Knowledge: Cub Scouts depend on you for this – stay informed

«  L – Listen: with understanding

«  M – Morale: keep your spirits high

«  N – Nobody: is a nobody in Cub Scouting

«  – Organized: set goals and reach them

«  P – Problems: there are none…just look at them as unresolved opportunities

«  Q – Quandary: keep yourself out of this state

«  R – Resourceful: know where to get materials and ideas

«  S – Scout: our goal is for every Bobcat to become an Eagle Scout

«  T – Training: be sure to keep yourself up-to-date

«  U – Uniform: promote the uniform and set a good example by wearing it

«  V – Volunteers: that’s most of us in the Cub Scout program, try to recruit others

«  W – Wisdom: this includes perseverance, tolerance and tact.

«  X – Xtra Special: each Cub Scout is definitely that

«  Y – Year: Cub Scouting is year-round and plan your program that way

Z – Zest: perform your job with it

Exceptional Award

Sam Houston Area Council

Materials – Block letter E mounted on a display with the wording – for your exceptional help, many thanks!

Cubmaster (or Committee Chair) – There are many parents and leaders here tonight who have helped our pack in a variety of ways. They have contributed their time to the success of our pack meeting and they deserve the Exceptional award for seeing projects and meetings and lots of other things through from a to z. (Call adults forward and present awards.)

Leader Recognition Ceremony

Baltimore Area Council

Cubmaster: Tonight, I would like to recognize one of our Den Leaders that completed the requirements for the Den Leader Award. Will ____________ please come forward. We want you to know that we appreciate all the time and effort that you put forth. You are helping shape these boys lives and building leaders of tomorrow. I would like to present to you the Den Leader's Award Certificate and Square Knot that you can wear on your uniform.



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