Baloo's Bugle

November 2008 Cub Scout Roundtable Issue

Volume 15, Issue 4
December 2008 Theme

Theme: Holiday Lights
Webelos: Craftsman and Scientist
Tiger Cub
Achievement 4


The Lights are Beautiful

Sam Houston Area Council

Set Up: Have enough appropriately sized light bulbs light so that each Scout receiving an award (or each Scout in attendance) will receive a light bulb to give to his parents to screw into a socket on the string of lights.

Materials: Long string of large outdoor Christmas lights (C7 or C9 style) where each light screws into the base and is not dependent upon other lights in the string.

The string of lights should:


ü  Have no lights screwed into it (or as many sockets empty as there are Scouts receiving awards or as there are Scouts in the pack – could have more than one string... depending on how you want to do it)

Scene – Ask two or more adult leaders (depends on the length of your string of lights) to come to the front of the room to hold the string up... OR you could lay the string of lights across a large table or tables.

Cubmaster: This month we’ve really talked about all the lights around us at the holidays. I want you to know that you Cub Scouts that are a part of our pack are bright lights to me at all times. Your shining faces and examples help me and the other adults all year round – but we seem to notice that more as we watch your excitement during the holidays.

                Your lights have been really shining this month in the work that you’ve done toward ranks, arrow points, and activity badges.

Cubmaster announces and distributes Bobcat, Tiger, Wolf/Arrow Points, Bear/Arrow Points, Webelos/Activity Badges and Arrow of Light.

As awards are distributed, give each Scout a light bulb. Make sure to include Scouts who might not be on your list of awards this month. Ask each Scout to give the light bulb to his parents to take up and put into the string of lights...
OR other adult leaders could add their “lights” as well.

Cubmaster: All of our lights are now part of this long string and when we add the Cub Scout program (plug in the lights) we are beautiful to see! (replace non working bulbs at this point... ☺)

                Thanks for all of you this month for being a great part of our pack!

Holiday Lights Advancement Ceremony

Capital Area Council

Preparation: Have a Christmas tree with various colored lights.  (This can be a cardboard tree with holes for the lights.)  The bulbs should be unscrewed slightly so that they can be easily turned on at the proper time.

Personnel: Cubmaster (CM) and Assistant Cubmaster (CA)

CM: As we look at our tree this evening, we see that it is dark, with only one light on.  (Screw in top light.)  This is the light which represents the Webelos Arrow of Light Award.

           Let us see if there are boys here tonight who can help light the way to the top of the tree, to the highest rank in Cub Scouting.

           The first step along the Cub Scout trail is the BOBCAT. (Turn on light at the bottom.  If there are any Bobcats to be inducted do it here.)  Call boys and parents forward, present badges to parents to award to sons.  Lead cheer.

           Once a boy has achieved this honor, he is ready to climb. 

CA:   There are 5 achievements to complete for the Tiger rank.  They are Making My Family Special, Where I Live, Keeping Myself Healthy and Safe, How I Tell It, and Lets Go Outdoors.  Each achievement has three parts - a den activity a family activity, and a Go see It.  The following boys have completed these requirements:  Call boys and parents forward and any boys who have earned any Tiger Track beads, too, present badges to parents to award to sons.  Lead cheer.

           Thank you boys.  We are now able to turn on the light representing the Tiger rank.  (Turn on next light.)

CM:  There are 12 achievements to complete for the rank of Wolf. Some of these require knowledge of the United States flag, of keeping strong, of safety and being useful to the family.  The following boys have completed these requirements:   Call boys and parents forward and any boys who have earned arrow points, present badges to parents to award to sons.  Lead cheer.

           Thank you boys.  We are now able to turn on the light representing the Wolf rank.  (Turn on next light.)

CA:   As the boy grows older and stronger, he is able to climb higher.  But just as it is a little more difficult to climb the upper branches of a tree, so the achievements are a little more difficult for the Bear rank.  Call boys and parents forward and any boys who have earned arrow points, present badges to parents to award to sons.  Lead cheer.

           Thank you boys.  We are now able to turn on the light representing the Bear rank.  (Turn on next light.)

CM:  These boys have helped us light our tree, but it is still not quite as it might be.  Since they have received help from their parents and leaders, let us turn on a light for the parents, too.  (Turn on another light.)

           Now the boys have reached 4th grade or 5th grade and have more climbing to do.  This last climb will bring them to the top of the tree and the coveted Arrow of Light.  To reach there they must first attain the Webelos Award.  In order to reach the Webelos Award they must earn three activity badges.  Call boys and parents forward, present activity awards to parents to award to sons.  Lead cheer.

           Thank you boys as you have learned throughout Cub Scouting you have helped to make the world brighter.  (Turn on another light.) 

CA:   And now the boys who have earned their Webelos badge and have begun to learn what Scouting really is.  Call boys and parents forward, present Webelos badges to parents to award to sons.  Lead cheer.

           We are now able to turn on the light representing the Webelos  rank.  (Turn on next light.)

CM:  Now our tree is complete. As you have seen, it has taken boys plus parents and leaders to complete it. With the same effort you have shown before, keep working for the highest rank in Cub Scouting. Congratulations to you and your parents for the fine work you have done.

Winter Wonderland

Capital Area Council

There is something refreshing about the look of a field or woods after a good snowstorm.  It’s the look of a clean, unblemished land.  I’m sure it was this picture that was on the person’s mind when the term “Winter Wonderland” was first coined.  Even when we think of the words ourselves, I’m sure there’s more than one of us here that thinks of such a picture.  Close your eyes for a moment and think about it…  Winter Wonderland.  Winter Wonderland.  Winter Wonderland. 

Keeping your eyes closed, I want you to concentrate on the image that comes to mind when I give you another phrase:  Cub Scout Wonderland.  Cub Scout Wonderland.  Cub Scout Wonderland.

I don’t know about the rest of you, but the image that comes to mind for me is one of fun.  Kids running around having a good time doing things.  But I also see smiles on boys’ faces for having done things really well.  I see the look in their eyes that comes from having done something they never even thought they’d be able to do.  It’s the look of excitement and wonder.  It’s the look of goodness—a healthy, hardy look.

Okay.  Now let’s open our eyes and see these same things in real life.  Look around and what do you see?  I’ll tell you what I see.  I see you, Cub Scouts, who are pleased with yourselves for having succeeded beyond measure.  I see the parents who are proud of what they sons are doing and glad that they are part of it.  I see the brothers and sisters who are having almost as much fun as their Cub Scout brothers are having.  It is a sure sign of the success of the Scouting Program and the all of your hard work.

Tonight we will recognize our Tiger Cubs, Cub Scouts, and Webelos Scouts who have worked so hard and achieved so much. 

[For each rank, call off the boys names, inviting them forward with their parents to receive their awards.]

Christmas Awards

Baltimore Area Council

CHARACTERS: SANTA - with long list & empty sack, HELPER X with green cap, 6 HELPERS with red caps, working tools & toys, Cubmaster (CM) and Assistant Cubmaster (CA).

SETTING: Santa's workshop, with all 7 helpers busy working on toys & whistling or singing "Jingle Bells". As curtain opens, Santa enters, puzzled, despaired, checking list in hand.

SANTA:       Ho, Ho, Ho! This is an unusual list from the Cub Scouts of Pack _____.  We're running out of time! Good grief! Sakes alive!

(Sits down with sack opened, looking very sad.)

Helper #1      I've worked on trains, have they run out of brains?

Helper #2      It's clear to see - they don't want trucks from me!

Helper #3      Surely Santa, you know the score! That's no Ho,Ho! Please tell us more.

Helper #4      I know, great red & white one ... they need a change. (Rattles change in pocket.)

Helper #5      That's right, wise leader. Any new ideas in our "goody range"?

Helper #6      Shazam! Methinks the Cubs are tired of toys. How about more "Arrow points" for those boys?

Helper X     (Runs across stage, carrying a cardboard shield on large sack - Christmas type - with arrow points painted on it.)
Sock it to 'em Santa!
(He places shield in Santa's sock.)

Santa then gives awards to Cubmaster to distribute. 
Awards  were either hidden in "empty" sack, or placed in bag with shield.

CM                Thanks Santa for awards then explains to Santa how the awards were earned.  That the awards are not gifts but recognition for the things the Cub Scouts have done.

CM & CA    Present awards to parents to present to their sons and lead cheers.  Make sure every boy receive individual recognition.


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