Baloo's Bugle

December 2007 Cub Scout Roundtable Issue

Volume 14, Issue 5
January 2008 Theme

Theme: Cub Scout Car Show
Webelos: Fitness & Scientist
Tiger Cub Requirement 3


Car & Driver
Alice, Golden Empire Council

  • Boys work in pairs.  One partner is the driver and stands directly behind the other with his hands on his partner's shoulders. 
  • They walk through a course that has been set up previously.  Use tape on the floor or signs to indicate making a turn, stopping for signals, taking a detour, etc. 
  • Begin with eyes open, but the "driver" can only direct his "car" by using his hands on the shoulders. 
  • After doing the course with eyes open, try it with the "car" having a blindfold or closed eyes, directed only by the "driver's" voice. 
  • To make it even more challenging, have the vehicles cross over each other's paths!

Auto Trip Musical Chairs
Alice, Golden Empire Council

Players are seated in a circle and each one is given the name of a part of a car (tires, gas tank, hood, steering wheel, tires, brakes.) One player begins as the storyteller, including various parts as he tells the story of the "trip." "We went down the road till a Tire went flatc"  As a car part is mentioned, the player with that part gets up and runs around his chair, then sits back down.  (It helps the storyteller to have the car parts listed on the wall)  The story continues, with the storyteller sometimes yelling "Blowout!"  Then everyone, including the storyteller must leave their seat, race around the circle and find a different seat.  Meanwhile, the den leader pulls one chair out of the circle.  Whichever player is left without a seat becomes the new storyteller.

Bulls-Eye Race
Baltimore Area Council


  • Make a track out of one 8-foot length of 6" wide x 3/4" thick plywood board.
  • Use the traditional strip of wood running the length of the board for the lane.
  • Paint 1-inch strips across the board every 6 inches in different colors (Red, yellow, blue, green, etc.) before you attach the center strip.
  • Cut a 36x36" piece of butcher paper. Draw a bulls-eye on the paper using 6-inch wide rings.
  • Give each ring a point value.
  • Tape the bulls-eye flat to the floor.
  • Raise the track a few feet off the floor. (The track could be braced on the seat of a chair.)

The Race:

Boys hold their pinewood derby cars at any starting line they wish (e.g., the yellow stripe) and then let it go.

The Object:

  • The object is to have the car stop in the bulls-eye.
  • If the car stops short, the boy should start his car higher up on the track.
  • If the car rolls too far, he should start it on a lower stripe. Each boy gets two trial runs and then a scoring run.
  • Points are awarded depending on where the car stops.

Grand Prix Race
Baltimore Area Council


  • 2 foot x2-foot piece of cardboard for each team;
  • Cones and other objects


Set up cones and objects to create a track.

Divide boys into teams of two.

Each team is given a car (2 x 2 piece of cardboard).

The Race:

  • One Cub Scout from each team sits on the cardboard and scoots around a predetermined race track using his feet and hands.
  • When he completes the course, the second boy on the team takes his turn.

Box mobile Derby
Baltimore Area Council

This is a fun game where Tiger Cubs in their Box Cars "drive" from pit stop to pit stop trying to accomplish each task. Use your imagination to come up with pit stop ideas!

Some Pit Stop Ideas:

  • Staying in Your Lane: Tiger Cubs walk the edge of a wooden board or a taped line on the floor. If a boy strays out of his lane, he has to return to the start and try again.
  • Backing Into a Parking Space: Tape a balloon to the wall and have Tiger Cubs back into it until it pops.
  • Washing the Windshield: Have a damp washcloth hanging from a string. Tiger Cubs mush wash the windshield (their faces) with using their hands.
  • Singing with the Radio: Tiger Cubs stop and sing any song as if they were singing with the radio.
  • Gassing Up the Car: Have a small (8-oz. or less) glass of water for each boy to drink as he comes through this pit stop.
  • Changing Tires: Have Tiger Cubs take off their old tires (shoes) and put on new (adult sized) tires before racing down a path and back. Then they put their original tires back on.

Transportation Charades
Baltimore Area Council

Before the meeting, write down different modes of transportation on slips of paper.

To play the game, each Cub, (Tigers with the help of their adult partners), acts out one type of transportation while the others guess what it is.

Red Light, Green Light
Baltimore Area Council

Materials: STOP and GO signs and rope for finish line (Signs are easily made by writing the word on construction paper; tape a pencil to the back for stability.)

  • Boys line up on one side of the yard; den chief stands at the finish line on the other side.
  • When the den chief holds up the GO sign, the boys may move toward the finish line.
  • When the Den Chief raises the STOP sign, Cub Scouts must stop in their tracks.
  • If they don't stop, they must go back to the start position.

Great Salt Lake Council

  • Arrange the Cub Scouts in a circle, with one boy in the center.
  • Each boy chooses the name of a car he would like to be.
  • It can be the make of a vehicle such as Ford; or it can be a specific model like Explorer.
  • The boy in the middle starts the game by saying "I would like to drive a Honda."
  • He can say any car that the boys have chosen.
  • Now the "Honda" player needs to answer "I'd rather drive a _______" filling in another name of a car.
  • Play continues until a person chooses a car that doesn't belong, or is his own car.
  • He then goes into the center and play starts over.
  • You can also change it so that the player that misses is out and play the game elimination style.

Great Salt Lake Council

Materials needed:

  • Two old rubber tires and
  • Several tennis or ping pong balls.


  • Divide the group into two teams.
  • Have the teams form two lines about 15 feet from the tires.
  • The tires can be standing up or lying flat on the ground.
  • Each player gets a chance to throw one or more balls into the tire.
  • Remind them about ricochet.
  • Each ball that lands in the tire if it is flat, or that goes through the tire standing up earns the team a point.
  • The team with the most points wins.

Baltimore Area Council

  • Two boys stand back to back with their backs touching.
  • They run together from the starting line to the finish line, with one boy facing forward and the other facing backward during the run.
  • Then on the return, the one facing forward faces backwards. They must always keep their back touching.

Baltimore Area Council

Divide the boys into two or more teams of eight boys.

Line them up single file at a starting point.  You can make up other problems and actions for the boys to do.

  • The first player one each team represents a flat tire.  He hops to the goal and back.
  • The second player is a broken radiator. He makes a hissing sound as he runs to the goal and back.
  • The third player has water in his tank. He walks forward three steps and backward two steps until he has covered the course.
  • The fourth player has a rundown battery, so the 5th Player pushes him.
  • The sixth player lost his wheel. He moves on two hands and one foot.
  • The seventh player can only move in reverse; so he runs backward.
  • And the eighth player is in good shape. He runs fast!

Whirling Wheels
Santa Clara County Council

Equipment: 1 beanbag per Den. 

Arrange the Dens like the spokes of a wheel, facing in a clockwise direction with the Denner in the center.  A beanbag lies at the feet of each Denner When the leader gives the starting signal, The Denner Picks up his beanbag, Runs down the line of his Den and Runs in a clockwise direction around the wheel and Back to the outside end of the Den. The beanbag is then passed up the Den to the Cub now at the center.  This continues until all the Cubs have had a turn.

Jet Car
Capital Area Council


  • 2" x 2" x 5" box,
  • 9" balloon,
  • 2 straws 1 1/2" long,
  • 1 straw 4" long,
  • 2 wooden dowels 3" long and 1/8" in diameter,
  • 4 milk bottle caps or other lightweight wheels,
  • 2 rubber bands,
  • masking tape,
  • hammer and small nail.



  • Tape the two short straws on the bottom of the box to house the dowel axles.
  • Make a small hold in the center of each bottle cap wheel with the hammer and nail.
  • Force one wheel onto each axle.
  • Wheels should fit tightly. Put each axle through a straw on the box bottom and attach the other two wheels.
  • Insert the long straw section into the neck of the balloon about 3/4".
  • Secure with a rubber band.
  • Poke holes in the box so that the straw can mounted at an angle, aiming at the floor.
  • Secure with a rubber band.


  • Blow through the straw to inflate the balloon,
  • Pinch off the straw to trap the air.
  • Set the car on the floor and let it go.

Tire Grand Prix
Capital Area Council

  • Lay out a course in a safe, open area, and give each player an old tire.
  • Then have players race, rolling their tires around the course.
  • At each "pit stop" the driver passes the tire on to a fresh driver.
  • For added fun, allow player to kick, knock over, or in any way impede the progress of the opposing racers, while still trying to get their best time.
  • Alert safety guards to watch for unnecessary roughness.
  • Old tires can be borrowed, which alleviates the disposal problem after the race.

Going on a Trip:
Capital Area Council

Equipment for each team: one suitcase filled with a hat, coat, gloves, and any other desired clothing, one umbrella. (Keep the contents of the suitcases uniform in components and fastenings).

At a signal, first player from each team runs to the goal, opens the suitcase, puts on clothes, closes suitcase, opens umbrella and runs to starting point. There, he takes off all the items and player #2 puts them on. Player #2 races to the suitcase, undresses, repacks the suitcase and returns to the team. # 3 starts the process over, comes back and gives the items to #4, etc. This continues until each player has dressed. First team completed wins.

I Am Part of an Automobile
Capital Area Council

With players seated in a circle, someone starts off by saying, "I am a ______________." and gives the name of some part of an automobile. The idea is to see how long you can keep going around the circle until you run out of parts. As long as one is able to name a new part, he may remain in the game. Keep going until only one is left in the circle. No part may be named twice.

Stock Car Racing
Capital Area Council

Active, indoors/outdoors - No equipment

The boys line up in lines

Each Cub is given the name of a car and when that car is called, he travels to the end of the area and back in the manner described

Examples are:

  • Rolls-Royce | this never goes wrong | the cub runs
  • Austin - has a flat tire | the Cub hops
  • Morris | stuck in reverse | the Cub runs backwards
  • Ford | very old model, can only go slowly, the Cub walks
  • Mini | it's a small car | the Cub runs, crouched down
  • Hummer | pulls caravan, the Cub tows his den behind

When "Stock Car" is called | everyone runs

Make up the car names and actions as you wish

Car Relay
Santa Clara County Council

Divide your boys into teams of 6 and have them each select the part of an automobile they will be.  Then tell them how they will race.

Steering | gear is broken | walk zigzag.

Flat tire |Limp.

Gas Tank | water in tank  two steps forward, one step back.

Transmission | Can't go forward | walks backward.

Battery | Dead | can't go at all  (See Tow)

Tow | Pushes 5th player by placing both hands on player's waist.

Car Tire Games
Santa Clara County Council

Tire Sprint:  Racers line up with forward edge of tire at the starting line.  On signal, they push tire forward and continue to push it across finish line.  If necessary, establish lanes.

Roll for Distance:  Each player rolls his tire separately and is entitled to run to gain speed and momentum but must stop at the stopping line while the tire rolls forward by itself.

Roll for Accuracy;  Same as above, except tire is rolled at a target of 2 sticks set 3-4 feet apart and approximately 20 feet away.

Moving Target:  Players take two turns rolling tire parallel to other players 15 | 20 feet away who try to throw balls or beanbags or broomsticks through the tire as it rolls by.

Tire Wrestling:  Place two tires on the ground so they touch each other.  One contestant stands in each tire.  As the signal, they wrestle to throw or push their opponent out of his tire.  The winner is the first to cause the other to fall or step out of his tire, provided he himself remains on his feet in his tire.

Tire Bowling:  Bowl, using discarded tires in place of balls, with milk cartons or tin cans for bowling pins.  Arrange "alley" on the ground with the bowling line 20 | 30 feet from the pins.  Each bowler rolls two tires.  Score as in bowling. Or from Capital Area Council -

Use discarded tires in place of a ball and milk cartons, tin cans, or bleach containers for pins.  Arrange "alley" on the ground with the bowling line 20 to 30 feet from the "pins".  Each bowler rolls two tires.  Score as in bowling.

Tire Rolling Relay:  Form teams and give the first player of each team a tire.   Place a stake or chair opposite each team on the turning line.  At the signal, the first player rolls his tire to the turning line, rolls it around the stake and back to the next player in line.

Through the Tire Relay:  Establish a rolling line in front of the lines of dens.  The first player of each team goes up to the rolling line with a tire.  At signal he rolls his tire forward toward his team by giving it one shove.  The players in turn then straddle-jump the tire.  If the roller did not steer the tire exactly straight, the line must shift in order to be in line with their tire.  If a player knocks the tire down in attempting to jump it, or if it falls over before he can jump it, he must recover the tire and give it to the player in front of him who rolls it for him and the rest of the team.  The original roller then takes place at the front of the line.  When the last man has jumped the tire, he rolls it to the starting line, and the action is repeated until the original roller has rolled the tire back to the starting line.

Car Games
Grand Teton Council


  • Players are seated in a circle.
  • First player names a geographical term \ city, river, country, animal, race, etc.
  • Second person must give a geographical word which begins with the last letter of the first player's word.
  • Continue thus around the circle.
  • The same word is not to be given twice.


  • For this game you will need two teams of three or more boys.
  • Each boy has blindfold so that they cannot see.
  • One boy will be the leader of his team and will have to guide his teammates and pick up small flags along the way. (The Webelos leader has put these markers in the back yard ahead of time so that no one will know where they are.)
  • Make two identical trails.
  • The team that comes back with the most markers is the winner.


  • One boy starts the game by saying "I pack my suitcase and I put in ......(he says something like my shirt., or my toothbrush). 
  • The next player says I pack my suitcase and I put in ....repeats the first player's item and then adds his own.
  • This continues and each boy who is not able to get all the previous items correctly is out of the game and
  • The game continues until all but one boy have missed.


  • Give each team a United States map.
  • Have the first boy from each team step up to the map and you call out a city.
  • The boys all get a predetermined time to find the city and whoever does gets a point (or only the team of the first boy to find the city gets the point.)
  • Once the boy has found it, he gets one point for his team and the next boy steps up to the map.
  • Call out another city.
  • This continues until one team has 11 points.


  • Give each boy a state map.
  • Tell them you are leaving this city (where you live or meet) and going to..........(another city in the state)
  • Have them plot the route you will need to take.


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