Baloo's Bugle

November 2007 Cub Scout Roundtable Issue

Volume 14, Issue 4
December 2007 Theme

Theme: Celebrations Around the World
Webelos: Craftsman & Scientist
Tiger Cub Requirement 2


I did not put in a lot of the usual Holiday skits.  They did not fit the theme.  Read through some of these and then maybe you can write an international and multi-cultural (multi-holiday) skit that matches the members of your pack.  CD

A World Of Celebrations
Alice, Golden Empire Council

Setting:  A group of Cub Scouts | each one should have his props right next to him, or behind his back.  (You can substitute customs from any country | especially if you have children who come from other cultures)

Cub #1:  Well, we're ready for Christmas | we dug out our stockings (holds up his stocking) and we're going to hang them by the fireplace.  (Looking at another Cub)  Are you ready at your house?

Cub #2:  Oh, we don't have stockings at my house.

Cub #1:  What, you don't get your stocking filled with goodies?  How awful!

Cub #2:  My family is from Holland | we have a different custom.  Children put their wooden shoes out, with some straw in them.  (holds up some straw)

Cub #3:  What's the straw for?

Cub #2:  It's for St. Nicolaus' donkey.

All Cubs:  He has a donkey?  Not reindeer?

Cub #2:  That's right | he takes the straw for the donkey and leaves gifts in the shoes.  But it's NOT on Christmas Day.  We go to church then.  But on Dec. 6th, St. Nicolaus comes and leaves gifts.

Cub #3:  Well, I guess that's as good as a stocking.  You know, my Mom is from Sweden, and they do things different there, too.  On St. Lucia Day, Dec. 13th, my oldest sister wears a wreath on her head with candles in it. (holds up a picture of a girl dressed for St. Lucia Day)

Cub #4:  What's the wreath for?

Cub #3:  Well, it's because she is supposed to represent Saint Lucia, who brought food to Christians who were hiding from their enemies in dark caves. And besides, it's really dark in the winter in Sweden | the sun barely shines | so Swedish people love to see light.  My sister brings special sweet buns to my parents while they're still in bed.

Cub #4:  Do you get some, too?

Cub #5:  Well, everyone gets some | but first, my parents get theirs | and me and my brothers wear hats with stars | it's from an old legend.

Cub #4:  So, what about Santa?

Cub #3:  Well, here in America, we do have Santa, but we also leave some food for the Juul Nisse.

Cub #4:  What's that?

Cub #3:  In Sweden, elves called Juul Nisse help children with their chores and bring them gifts | so we leave them food to say thanks!

Cub #5:  You know, my grandpa is from Mexico | the children get their gifts on January 6th | it's called Three Kings Night, after the three wise men.

Cub #6:  What do they do on Christmas?

Cub #5:  Oh that's great, too.  We always have tamales and go to church | and in Mexico, they have Las Posadas.

All Cubs:  What's that?

Cub #5:  Well, for nine nights in a row, people join a procession, and go from house to house | they pretend to be Mary and Joseph, looking for an inn to stay in. Everyone decorates their house with paper banners, and there is lots of singing.

Cub #6:  So, do people let them in?

Cub #5:  No, they have to go from house to house each night, and everyone says there is no room, till they get to the right house.

Cub #6:  What happens then?

Cub #5:  Oh, when they get to the right house, they get to come in and there's a party!  There's a pinata (holds up a pinata or a picture of one)to break, filled with candy and little gifts.  It's a lot of fun!

Cub #6:  Boy, people celebrate Christmas in lots of different ways!

All Cubs:  But it all sounds like fun!

Baden-Powell & Good Deeds
Alice, Golden Empire Council

Setting:  An adult dressed as Baden Powell, and standing off to the side of the stage (or a large picture of him, with the sound of his voice coming from off-stage.)  A group of Cub Scouts are sitting in the middle, looking like they are talking.  (moving their mouths and hands, but not saying anything)  If possible, it would be great to have stars on the wall behind the boys, with small white Christmas lights, not turned on, but able to be turned on at the end.

Baden-Powell:  When I founded scouting, I wanted boys to learn how to take care of themselves.  But I also taught them to be kind to others | to do a good deed every day.  I often think (that) when the sun goes down, the world is hidden by a big blanket from the light of heaven | but the stars are little holes pierced in that blanket by those who have done good deeds in this world.  The stars are not the same size; some are big, some are little, and some men have done small deeds | but they have made their hole in the blanket by doing good before they went to heaven.

Cub #1:  (Looking at a second boy) Wow, you're doing great | you almost have the Promise memorized!  But remember to put in " help other people" | Baden-Powell wanted scouts to always do a good deed each day.

Cub #2:  What kind of good deed?

Cub #1:  Well, Saturday my family helped plant trees along the river | it was hard work, but fun, too.  And boy, did I get dirty!

Cub #3:  Today, I helped my den leader clean up after we finished our project | that was a good deed, too.

Cub #2:  So, I need to do a good deed every day?  Sounds kind of hard.

Cub #4:  Well, sometimes you have to work hard to do a good deed | me and my dad helped my neighbor paint his fence | and that was hard work.

Cub #5:  But sometimes, a good deed is pretty easy. There's a new boy in my class, and he was kind of lost | so I helped him find the cafeteria and meet some of my friends | I guess that was my good deed for the day.

Cub #2:  Hey, I helped my Mom bring in all the groceries from the car | was that a good deed.

Cub #6:  Sure, that was a good deed.  Just remember to be kind and helpful, and you won't have any trouble doing a good deed each dayc

Cub pauses, then looks like he has a great idea

Hey, even helping you learn the Cub Scout promise is a good deed!

Lights go out as Christmas lights go on in the room. 
Voice of Baden-Powell is heard from off-stagec.

Baden-Powell:  c some stars are little, some are big | but all those good deeds have made their hole in the blanket | by scouts doing their good deeds for the day.

Holidays Around The World
Mount Diablo Council

Setting:  Have on hand the props shown in parenthesis.  You could have a narrator say the verses, and the boys could come in and hold up their prop. Boys could also read the verses, but they do need to be read loudly and clearly, so that people can understand them.

Narrators or Cubs read one verse at a time:

In India and Thailand, they celebrate
The Festival of Lights
With little lamps or lotus boats
 That float into the night.

(Cub holds up a votive candle in a little foil boat folded up to look like a lotus, or just folded up like a boat)

In Sweden, too, the honor Santa Lucia
Queen of Light,
The oldest girl will wear a crown
With candles warm and bright

(Cub carries a wreath holding candles, or just a picture of a girl as St. Lucia)

In Mexico, the children gather
Goodies from the floor,
For they've broken the pinata,
Filled with candy treats galore!

(Cub brings in a pinata)

In Poland, on the table,
Under dishes they put straw,
And they leave a chair that's empty
For the holiest child of all

(Cub with a handful of straw or a small chair)

In Holland, children fill their shoes
With Carrots and with straw,
In hopes "Black Pete" will substitute
A gift for one and all.

(Cub with wooden shoes or just a bunch of carrots)

In Israel, the children play
With a special top,
For a special day

(Cub with a dreidel)

In England, children hang a sock |
One that doesn't have a hole!
They hope it will hold presents
And not a lump of coal!

(Cub with a stocking)

Let's Celebrate!  Let's Celebrate!
And learn of special ways
That people all around the world
Celebrate their holidays!

(Cub with a globe or a map of the world)

Who Stole The Christmas Cookies?
Alice, Golden Empire Council

Setting:  Cub Scouts gathered around a refrigerator (just a large piece of paper with a refrigerator drawn on it)  Cubmaster is out of sight, holding several cookies and a glass.  

Cub #1:  Wow, I'm really looking forward to Christmas | can't wait to see what I get!

Cub #2:  Yeah, I think we're all ready | wonder what I'll get?

Cub #3:  Oh no!  I forgot!

Other Cubs:  What did you forget?

Cub #3:  We forgot the cookies and milk for Santa!

Cub #4:  Oh, that's easy | my Mom even has a special plate.  (pretends to reach up in a cupboard, pulls out a plate)  "See | it's perfect for Christmas"

Cub #5:  Great, all we need now are the cookies and milk!

Cub #6:  I'll get the milk.

Cub #1:  I'll get the cookies from the cookie jar! (reaches up and pretends to get a really large object)

Cub #2:  Wow, that's a big cookie jar!  (pretends to take the lid off the jar)

All Cubs:  (looking inside the jar, then looking horrified) Oh, no, it's empty!!  Now what can we do?

Cubmaster: (enters holding cookies and an empty glass)  Boy, those were some great cookies.  But I need some more milk.

All Cubs:  STOP!  Put down those cookies!

CM:  (looking startled) But they're delicious!  I just need some more milkc..

Cubs:  No, you've got to put down those cookies | they're for Santa!

CM:  Oh, sorry, I didn't knowc(puts them on the plate)

Cubs:  Wow, glad there were still some left!

CM:  I'll tell you one thing | Santa is going to LOVE those cookies!  (All leave the stage)

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