The Lost Lollipop

Here is a crowd teaser.

Need: 2 scouts.

Small boy is sitting, crying

Passer-by #1: (Enters) What's wrong little boy, why are you crying?

Boy: (Sobbing) I lost my lollipop !

Passer-by #1: Have you looked for it ?

Boy: (Continues to sob) Oh, yes, I've looked under my bed, in my sock drawer, and even in Charlie's pocket.

Passer-by #1: I've heard that chanting often works. You think very hard about the lollipop until you can see it in your mind, and chant 'lollipop' over and over again.

Boy: (Closing eyes tightly) Big red yummy lollipop, big red yummy lollipop, big red yummy lollipop.

Passer-by #1: (Nods approval and strolls out)

Boy: (Continues chanting for a while, then starts crying again)

Passer-by #2: (Enters) What's wrong, little boy ?

Boy: (Sobbing) I lost my lollipop, and I hunted and hunted, then this man told me to chant, and I did, and it didn't work !

Passer-by #2: Chanted ?

Boy: Yeah, like this (Demonstrates, then starts to cry)

Passer-by #2: Don't cry little boy. Maybe we need more help.

Boy: (Turns to audience) You're my only help to get my lollipop back. Everybody, very softly now, chant with me, "Big red yummy lollipop, big red yummy lollipop, big red yummy lollipop." (Gets everyone doing it in unison) Great ! I think it's working, keep going now.

Passer-by #1: (Re-enters) Hi little boy. Did it work ?

Boy: (Loudly) No, it didn't, but I did find a whole lot of suckers !

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