The LawnMower Sale

Here is a good one "to get" your favorite Scout Leader with.

Need: 3 or 4 boys as lawnmowers, 1 Salesman, and 5 or 6 customers

Lawnmowers on hands and knees in a row. Salesman standing around talking about lawnmower sales: "Lawnmowers, Good Condition, Sale today only. Come and try them"

Customer 1: (walks in) "Hey I'd like to buy a lawnmower. Can I try one?"

Salesman: "Sure give this one a pull" Takes customer to a lawnmower.

Customer 1: Pulls imaginary cord on mower, Lawnmower starts up (Scout makes noise and moves off stage with Cust. 1 pushing..

Repeat the above for (n - 1) lawnmowers. On the last mower, mower won't start, spits and sputters... This happens for all remaining customers. The salesman may even give it a try. Disgusted and concerned about the sale of his last mower, the salesman asks for a volunteer from the audience.. Many hands will go up, but salesman will select someone special like Council Executive, Scoutmaster, Commissioner, or Camp Director ... This person will come up and mimic what the others tried to do.. Of course the mower starts up immediately and moves off st age..

Salesman turns to audience: "I guess all it needed was a big jerk!"

All exit


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