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Woodsman Rank in 1971

Woodsman (Based on 1971 Requirements - Abbreviated Version) These requirements must be completed in five and one half days. If not, the must be started anew.
  • Observe the rules of your camp and show respect and courtesy to your fellow campers and members of your camp staff.
  • Pass a standard personal and tent inspection each day while in camp.
  • Demonstrate that you are a first class swimmer.
  • Make useful pieces of camp equipment using square, diagonal and sheer lashings.
  • Point out in the sky the North Star and at least 5 constellations.
  • Observe and identify in the field, 10 trees, 5 birds, and 4 edible plants. Tell how the plants are eaten.
  • Tie and explain the uses of the following: Sheep Shank, Sheet Bend, Bowline on a Bight, Square Knot, Girth, Clove, Taut Line, Timber, and Two Half Hitches.
  • Using only a pocket or sheath knife and two matches, build a fire using only natural materials. Set the fire to burn for 15 minutes without adding any more wood to it after lighting.
  • Do two hours of service for your camp.

Woodsman Candidate Card Circa 1971

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