Firecrafter Rank in 1971

Firecrafter (Based on 1971 Requirements - Abbreviated Version) These requirements must be completed in five and one half days. If not, the must be started anew.
  • Hold or receive the Camper and Woodsman Ranks.
  • Have completed the First Class Rank requirements.
  • Be at least 13 and no older than 20 years of age by the time of the Grand Ritual
  • Build a fire by friction, using a set made in camp of natural, local material (except thong), unassisted and keep the fire burning for 15 minutes. (Author's note: This was a real challenge and too several hours and three tries for me. In the process I learned more about wood and firebuilding than I had in meeting Eagle requirements.)
  • Pass a standard personal and tent inspection each day at camp.
  • Complete a leadership assignment of assisting Scouts to advance to Second Class, First Class, Camper, or Woodsman.
  • Conduct a campfire program or suitable substitute that demonstrates leadership ability, planning, preparation, execution, and one that creates general interest.
  • Know the name of every Scout in your troop in camp (later deleted in 1971).
  • Complete the Grand Ritual and pass the "unknown test".

Firecrafter Candidate Card Circa 1971

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