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Firecrafter - Woodsman Rank


The Woodsman rank is designed for the second year camper, but if the Scout is qualified when he first comes to camp, he should consider completing both the Camper and Woodsman ranks so that he will be ready for the Firecrafter camp rank the next year. The Woodsman rank is easily included into a normal camp schedule.


Have or receive the Camper rank.



Understand and demonstrate the principles and high standards of Firecrafter in personal attitude and example, showing respect for your fellow campers and your environment.

The Scout should perform his given duties in camp and in the campsite. He should follow the rules of the camp at all times. He shall show respect for his fellow campers and his environment. If the Scoutmaster wishes to do so, he may have the Scout stand a brief personal and tent inspection as part of this requirement.


Using proper woodsman's tools and two matches, build a fire from natural materials. Set the fire to burn for 15 minutes without additional wood or alteration.

If the Scout does not light the fire with the given two matches, he should rebuild the fire and then try to light it with two more matches. If the fire does not burn for the required time, the Scout must gather more wood, and repeat the entire requirement. After burning for the proper time, he should extinguish it properly and then clean the area. Proper safety precautions, including fire buckets and a clear area, should be followed when completing this requirement.


Whip the end of a rope. Tie and explain the uses of the square knot, bowline, taut-line hitch, bowline-on-a-bight, sheet bend, timber hitch, sheep shank, two half-hitches, clove hitch, and lark's head.

The Scout must whip the end of a rope and tie correctly the ten knots at one sitting, explaining the uses of each. Once he has begun, no further instruction should be given. One should not be able to remove the whippings from the rope by hand. All of these and many others are shown in the booklet "Knots and How to Tie Them" as well as in the Boy Scout Handbook and the Pioneering Merit Badge Book.


Demonstrate the proper sharpening, care, and transportation of the knife and ax.


Demonstrating proper methods in the use of Woodsman's tools, use dovetail notches to make a useful camp gadget.


Repeat from memory the Outdoor Code and explain it's meaning in your own words




Identify five edible plants in the field and explain in detail their preparation.


Identify and name five trees in the field.


Identify and name, by sight or sign, five wild animals.

Identification should be done by observation. Plants should not be removed from their natural site. Explanation of preparation is to thoroughly cover preparation of the plants so as to be consumed.


Demonstrate proficiency in first aid by showing the proper treatment of minor wounds and injuries, bandages used to hold dressing in place, handling of "hurry cases" and general procedure for all first aid cases.


In the outdoors, cook a simple meal without utensils. The meal must include one raw meat, one raw vegetable, and a bread prepared from scratch.Demonstrate proper fire safety methods and leave the cooking site clean.


Complete leadership responsibilities while in camp by assisting Scouts to advance.

The Scout is to assist the younger Scouts to advance in the Scouting ranks or the Firecrafter camp rank system. The required number of Scouts which he will assist should first be determined by the Scoutmaster, but it is best if the candidate can learn to recognize when another Scout needs help and help him without needing further reminders. Each of the other requirements of this rank should be performed in such a manner as will demonstrate the ability of the candidate to teach that skill or knowledge to other Scouts.


Do two hours of service beyond what is normally expected.


Read the requirements for the rank of Firecrafter.

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