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Baloo's Bugle


December 2004 Cub Scout Roundtable Issue

Volume 11, Issue 5
January 2005 Theme

Theme: Cub Scouts Spread the News
Webelos: Fitness & Readyman
  Tiger Cub:
Achievement 3 & Activities




The Rainy Day Resource Page

An Online Guide to Activities for Children

There is a computer section, an active section and an Easy Recipes section.  How to make lots of gloppy stuff – Play Dough, Edible Peanut Butter Play Dough, Kool Aid Play Dough, Salt Clay, Finger Paint, “Oobleck” or Play Slime and more.  Check it out!!


25 Ways to Recruit Cub Scouts

Santa Clara County Council

The article has lots of ideas of things that leaders and Scouts can do in preparation not only for a Joining Night but all year long and in a variety of settings. They may seem obvious but they are easy to do and are great conversation pieces while creating awareness of Cub Scouting in your community.


As leaders, you are Cub Scouting’s best sales force. This guidebook has been created by the staff of the Santa Clara County Council to assist leaders in offering a series of quality invitations to each and every young man. The goal is to leave no stone unturned. This collection of invitation ideas, will help ensure that no boy gets left behind, left out of the opportunity to build a pinewood derby car, or left out of the opportunity to “Do His Best”.

Take the challenge - use these ideas. Use your imagination and to help spread the excitement of the Cub Scout program.

National Quality Unit Award

Here is a great site to learn all about the National Quality Unit Awards.  The history, the evolution, the patches, …


Youth Protection Training On-Line

Go here and you can see if your council is signed up to use the on-line youth Protection Training offered by National -


Scouting Values

Stories from Famous CEOs, Athletes, Coaches, Political/Military leaders



Fine Art Prints of Boy Scout Images Art of Norman Rockwell and Csatari


The SM's Other Handbook

How to manage a troop, maintain your sanity, and make a difference


Davey and Goliath

Here’s a link to an old TV show my younger brother used to watch when he was a Cub Scout.  It is a series about a boy and his dog.  It has been updated and is under direction of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America.  Davey and Goliath brings moral and faith-based values to a new generation of children in lively and engaging ways.


Mothers Against Drunk Driving


Alcoholics Anonymous


Youth Education Life Line (YELL)

YELL (Youth Education Life Line) is an affinity group within ACT UP formed in 1989 to work on AIDS issues facing young people,especially AIDS education.

YELL has monitored and raised public awareness about AIDS education in the public schools and advocated a comprehensive, reality-based approach to HIV prevention for young people.


Students Against Drunk Driving

SADD's mission, simply stated, is to provide students with the best prevention and intervention tools possible to deal with the issues of underage drinking, other drug use, impaired driving and other destructive decisions.


American Cancer Society


American Heart Association





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