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Baloo's Bugle


December 2004 Cub Scout Roundtable Issue

Volume 11, Issue 5
January 2005 Theme

Theme: Cub Scouts Spread the News
Webelos: Fitness & Readyman
  Tiger Cub:
Achievement 3 & Activities




Real News!

Circle Ten Council

Does your pack get its name in the paper much?  If not, now is a good time to recruit a public relations person to take pictures and write short articles for the local area newspaper.  And if your pack does get in the paper, the Opening Ceremony could be used to “highlight” the articles that appeared over the month before.  Have the PR person read “last month’s articles” after the flag presentation and the Pledge of Allegiance.

One of the ideas for Roundtables for this theme is for your Commissioner is to recruit a member of the local press to come and talk about how to get publicity for your pack.  So come on out to roundtable and find out who to contact for your local papers and what sort of articles they want.  CD

Your Pack Newsletter

Baltimore Area Council

Did you ever play a game called Telephone or Hearsay (See Games Section)? It’s a great game to play with your Den.

Have the Den stand in a circle. Tell the boys you will whisper a phrase that you have written down to the first boy. The message should be at least 3 to 4 sentences. He in turn will whisper it to the next boy and so on down the line. The last boy will repeat what he heard to the group. Was the massage the same? Read the message you started to the group. How easy it is to change a message when passed by word of mouth?

That’s why your Pack needs a newsletter!!

If no one has a computer you can still “Spread the News,” Neatly written stories can be cut and pasted to an 8 ½ x 11 sheet of typing paper. Mark the sheet into columns leaving a ½ inch margin on all sides, a 3½” column right and left, with a 1/2” free space in the middle Even if you are using a computer you may choose to cut and paste to add a picture or cartoon. Make a single photocopy. If the copy looks clean, go ahead and print enough for your Pack. If there are lines or smudges use liquid correction fluid and white out the problem areas before you photocopy. You may want to copy onto a special color paper so it will be recognized as the Pack Newsletter.

Start by checking your Unit Resource sheet. Do you have someone who has a computer, and wants to help the Pack? Ask them to be the editor and then give everyone a job.

So Lets get started -Think up a name for your Newspaper

The Blue and Gold Journal?

Pack 161 Gazette?

Akela’s Word?

Baloo’s Bugle?

Breakdown the work-load so no one has to do it all:

Publishing -              Mrs. Jones, Editor in charge of the newsletter

News Dept. -             Den Leaders and Committee who gather news and write articles

Feature Dept -          Cubmaster Smith who writes the Cubmaster Report

Calendar, Upcoming Events               Mr. Williams, Committee Chair sends in the calendar

Den of the month who may send in a cartoon or joke or idea

Production Dept -    Mr. Brown, Makes copies for every family

Circulation Dept.-    Mrs. Johnson the Pack Secretary makes sure every family gets a copy

What do your readers want to know?

What DID happen.

What IS happening, and

What WILL happen!

The Editor will have to decide which stories get printed.


Our Pack Family Campout


Save the date for family FUN

Reporters need to remember to include all the important information.

Who       What      When     Where    Why       and How

A Pack newsletter needs to be fun to read and full of GOOD information. It may take telephone calls, e-mail and even the post office but is important to make sure everyone really knows what’s going on.

Here’s some more ideas on a Pack newspaper from another Pow Wow Book - CD

Pack Newspaper

Santa Clara Council

It doesn't have to be fancy nor computer-generated.  Boys can hand-write their articles and illustrate them.  Or adult can help type their articles.  Cut and paste the articles and illustrations.  Involve the boys.  They like to see their own names in print.

At the pack meeting, set aside some time for "interviewing."  Boys can interview Cub Scouts and ask them specific questions like their favorite Cub Scout activities, and their favorite after-school snack, etc.  Make it short and simple.  They can write a rough draft at the pack meeting and finish it up with illustrations at the den meeting.  Each den can have their own page in the newspaper.  Don't forget the news from the dens.  (All of this ties in with Bear Achievements 8 and 18.)

How To Make Your Own Newspaper

Santa Clara Council

Get started: Think of a name for your newspaper and decide which stories to include.

Gather the Facts: Interview people who have information.  Visit the location where the story is taking place.

Write the story: Make an outline or rough draft first--all news reporters do that.  Put the basics of WHO, WHAT, WHERE, WHEN, WHY, and HOW at the beginning.  Write a headline that tells the story in a few words.  (Don't insist too much on correct writing style.  If the boys enjoy writing, encourage them!)

Set up Pages: Set the words in columns, if you wish.  Most papers use a column format.

Put it together: Begin to paste up the paper with articles and illustrations.  Use glue stick or clear tape to hold in place.

Print your newspaper: Make one photocopy.  If it looks good, make as many copies as needed.  If dark lines show, use liquid correction fluid to cover.  Make photocopies from corrected version.  Deliver the newspaper to readers.  (Have enough copies made for each boy in the pack.  Some copying companies will give Scouters a discount.  Others will give you a discount if you make at least 1000 copies, which is not difficult to do with the pack bulletin.


Southern NJ Council

Don’t forget to recognize all the people who help your Pack GO!  One of the best retention tools for leaders is recognition!!! Here are a few ideas.

Award                                                                    What to say -

First Class envelope:                   “You did a first class job!”

Newspaper:                                               “Thanks a bundle!”

Pencil:                                  “You’re sharp and to the point!”

Toy telephone or two tin cans connected by a string:

                          For keeping everyone informed of changes.

              For someone who coordinates the pack phone tree.


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