Movies with Knock-offs of Scouting


Beetlejuice and Lydia in a cookie scam in "Beetlejuice." (Source: Ernest R. Spradling)


In it a group called "Ranger Scouts" get mixed up with a small-time criminal. Anyway, the Ranger Scouts are all decked out in BSA uniforms, with the patches and insignia removed and fictional ones in their places. If you look real close in the close-ups you can see the Fleur-de-lis on the shirt buttons. (Source: Jim Peterson)

"Bushwhacked" is also known as "Tenderfoot" or "The Tenderfoots" filmed in 1995. It was starred by Daniel Stern, directed by Greg Beeman and was produced by 20th Century Fox. (Source: Edgardo J. Roldan-Villasana)

I looked up "Bushwhacked" in the Internet Movie Database, and here is the plot summary:

"Max is a delivery guy. As he makes a delivery, he finds out that guy who hired him was using him to move around money and that he is dead. He is afraid the police will think he is the killer and runs for his life. He his forced to pose as a scout leader for a bunch of kids hiking through the mountains as he is chased by the police. "(Source: Anita Hollister)


Starring Dick Van Dyke.  Parody - The Platapi (Source: John Nix)


Movie features a group that appears to be Scouts, but by another name. (Source: Ken Cromer)


This one really isn't about Boy Scouts at all, instead it picks up on Scouting values. The movie gets its name because the main character (Bruce Willis) is honest and does the right thing no matter what. (Source: Kevin H. Williams)

Last Boy Scout by Bruce Willis. VHS Tape. Published by Warner Home Video. Publication date: April 1992. ISBN: 6302374685

Last Boy Scout/Spanish Subtitles VHS Tape. Published by Warner Home Video. Publication date: August 1992.

Check out this link for The Last Boy Scout which several times mentions Scouting Values: http://www.premieremag.com/featpres/Sep_96/ChrisODonnell/. (Source: Ed Henderson)


Stars Chevy Chase, Michael Taylor Thomas, and Farrah Fawcett. Troop of "Indian Guides" Chevy Chase goes camping with step-son. (Source: Kevin H. Williams)


Shelley Long played a Wilderness Girl leader in "Troop Beverly Hills" in a knock-off of a Girl Scout USA Troop. (Source: Kristen Swank)


I seem to remember Donald Duck's nephews, Hughie, Dewey and Louie belonging to some type of Scout group.

Goofy, Donald, Huey,Dewey and Louie have all appeared in Scout uniform on worldwide Disney postage stamps from such countries as Bhutan, Gambia and Dominica...and Guyana and so on.

Donald plus kids appeared in 1939 movie SEA SCOUTS, which was commemorated by a stamp issue from Guyana in 1994. (Source: Larry Heverley)


The boy in Disney/Pixar's "Up" is a Wilderness Explorer, so I think Up should be mentioned in the "Knockoffs" section.  In addition, a lot of his merit badges look similar to real ones.  I can't wait to get the DVD so I can freeze frame those scenes!  (Source: Ken Cromer)


At the risk of incurring the wrath of the silly posts police, let me point out to all that Huey, Dewey and Louie were members of the Junior Woodchucks. Their handbook saved Unca Donald and Unca Scrooge's bacon beaucoup times, as I recall. It was the classic "machine of the Gods," in that whenever Donald or Scrooge got in trouble, H,D, and L would find the correct solution in the Junior Woodchuck Handbook. This got to be a running joke in my troop when we were kids! (Source: Pete Farnham)

There is another Disney cartoon character that definitely is a Boy Scout - Darkwing Duck. In "Darkly Dawns the Duck" at one stage the "baddie" draws his attention by flashing morse code on the clouds. When one of his henchmen asks how he knows Darkwing will be able to read morse code he answers to the effect that "knowing Darkwing Duck he keeps a Boy Scout Handbook under his pillow. The scent then cuts to Darwing retrieving his Boy Scout Handbook from under his pillow to be able to read the morse. Wow - it's scary remembering that much detail; I've obviously been watching the video with the kids too many times...(Source: Grant O'Neil)

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