Baloo's Bugle

June 2007 Cub Scout Roundtable Issue

Volume 13, Issue 11
July 2007 Theme

Theme: Rockets Red Glare
Webelos: Aquanaut & Geologist
Tiger Cub


Fireworks Skit
Alice, CS RT Commissioner
Pioneer District, Golden Empire Council

A Cub Scout stands looking up into the sky..

Cub #1:      “Oooh,  Ahhhh!”

Cub #2:      (Walks up to Cub #1, follows his lead and looks up)  “What are you looking at?”

Cub #1:      “Fireworks!  Want to watch with me?”

Cub #2:      “Yeah!”

Cub #1 and #2:  “Oooooh,  Ahhhh!”

Cub #3:      (Walks up to Cub #1 and #2, looks up)  “What are you looking at!”

Cub #2       “Fireworks!  Want to watch with me?”

Cub#3:       “Yeah!”

Cubs #1, #2, #3:  “Ooooh, Ahhhh!”

Cub #4:      (Walks up to Cub #1, #2, #3, and looks up)  “What are you looking at?”

Cub #3:      “Fireworks!  Want to watch with me?”

Cub #4:      “Yeah!”

(Repeat till only one Cub remains)

Last Cub:   (Walks up to group)  “What are you all looking at?”

All:             “Fireworks!”

Last Cub:   “Those aren’t fireworks – they’re fireflies!”

Cub #1       “Oh - I just thought the fireworks were really far away!”  (Walks off)

The Red, White and Blue
Baltimore Area Council
This would make a great opening, too.  CD

Equipment: Flag in stand on a table, tablecloth to cover table so the “Voice of the flag” can hide underneath, microphone for the “Voice of the flag”.

Cub:     (Walk across the stage and stops when the flag starts to speak).

Flag:     Hey, Cub Scout!

Cub:     Who’s there?

Flag:     It’s me, your flag.

Cub:     What’s the matter?

Flag:     Well, I know I am taken a lot of places, but why am I here?

Cub:     We take you everywhere with us. We carry you proudly even in our hearts. The Scout program has taught me to respect the flag and to love my country.

Flag:     But what is all this festivity? Why would you bring me here?

Cub:     This our Blue and Gold banquet. All Cub Scouts get together once a year with their families to celebrate the anniversary of Scouting.

Flag:     Scouting! Yes, there is hope after all. But, why am I here tonight?

Cub:     Why, you are the guest of honor! Without you and what you represent we couldn’t have Scouting at all.

Flag:     Thank you Scout!

Cub:     (Salutes) Any time. (Walks off the stage.)

Our Flag
Baltimore Area Council

Personnel: Three Cubs

Equipment: Red poster board 2x4 feet, three white stripes 3 feet long, three white stripes 4 feet long (all stripes should be 6 inches wide), a piece of blue paper 1x1-foot with 50 stars on it, a poster stand or chair, two red stripes 1 foot in length, 2 white stripes 1 foot long, book or folder, tote bag. (All flags, including Queen Anne or Ensign, are pictured under Citizenship in the Webelos Book.)

Arrangement: Skit opens with the Queen Anne flag on a poster stand or chair. A Cub Scout is standing next to it admiring it.

Cub 2:     What’s this? (Points to the flag.)

Cub 1:     The Queen Anne flag, the merchant flag of England.

Cub 2:     Don’t you think it would look better if we added something to it? (Both look at it.)

Cub 1:     Yes.

Cub 2:     (Pulls out six white stripes from the bag. Both put the white stripes on the flag.)

Cub 3:     (Walks in carrying a large book or folder.) What’s this? (Points to the flag.)

Cub 2:     The Grand Union flag. It was raised over George Washington’s headquarters.

Cub 3:     I. think it would look better if we added stars instead of so many stripes.

Cub 1&2:         That’s a good idea!

Cub 3:     (Takes out the blue piece of paper with the stars on it and places it over the other blue area to form the U.S. flag of today.) This is our flag that stands for more than I can say.

All           Cubs nod agreement and leave the Stage!

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