Baloo's Bugle

June 2007 Cub Scout Roundtable Issue

Volume 13, Issue 11
July 2007 Theme

Theme: Rockets Red Glare
Webelos: Aquanaut & Geologist
Tiger Cub


Rocket’s Red Glare Advancement
Alice, CS RT Commissioner
Pioneer District, Golden Empire Council

Materials:  Photos, downloaded pictures of fireworks from online, or various pictures of fireworks created by the boys.


If using photos or downloaded pictures, cut them out. 

If having the boys make them, either use black construction paper, have the boys make lines of glue to resemble various fireworks, then add glitter or use “scratch art” technique – fill a page with deep crayon or markers, then go over the entire page with black crayon or permanent marker.  Then have the boys scratch the design of fireworks in the black – the colors showing through will look like fireworks.

Now take the pictures, cut them out along the edge of the fireworks and set up a large paper or fabric background to represent the night sky. 

As each boy’s awards are given, he gets to add fireworks to the scene. 

At the end of the award ceremony,  the Cubmaster can then say “The boys of Pack __ put on quite a display of work this month. Let’s all cheer for their Fireworks – what a Bang-Up Job!”

Rocket Advancement
Great Salt Lake Council

Personnel: Cubmaster, Assistant Cubmaster, Cub Scouts receiving awards, their parents.

Equipment: Large cardboard rocket made with four stages and a capsule.

Cut small windows in each section. Cover with colored cellophane paper. Attach a flash light or candle behind each stage to show each rank. Have the Assistant Cubmaster light each section as the boys are called forward.

Cubmaster: As the rocket reaches toward the stars in stages, so it is in Cub Scouting. The first stage is Bobcat. Would the following boys and their parents please come forward? (Read names and present awards.)

Asst CM: The second stage in your journey is Wolf, which carries you through the atmosphere. Would the following boys and their parents please come forward? (Read boys names and present awards.)

CM:     The third stage is Bear. Now you have broken through the atmosphere and are hurtling through space. Would the following boys and their parents please come forward? (Read boys names and present awards.)

CA:      The fourth stage is Webelos. You are just about ready to enter orbit. Would the following boys and their parents please come forward? (Read boys names and present awards.)

CM:     The fifth and final stage in your journey through Cub Scouting is the hardest to achieve and has taken a lot of hard work, but you made it. You have now achieved orbit. Would the following boys and their parents please come forward to receive the highest award in Cub Scouts, the Arrow of Light? (Read boys names and present awards.)

Patriotic Advancement
Baltimore Area Council

Leaders portraying characters should be in costume.

Cubmaster: Ladies and gentlemen, we have some honored guests here tonight. I would like to introduce Uncle Sam, Lady Liberty, and Yankee Doodle.  Each of these individuals is an important symbol to the people of our country.  Tonight, they are here to present some other symbols to some deserving young men.  These symbols represent hard work, diligence, and jobs well done.

Yankee Doodle: We have some Cub Scouts who have earned some special awards. Would the following Cub Scouts and parents please come forward? (Call the names of those receiving Wolf badge and arrow points.)

Lady Liberty: I would like to call forward those Cub Scouts who have been working for some time and have achieved much. I would like them to present them with their awards. (Call the names of those receiving Bear badge and arrow points and their parents.)

Uncle Sam: I would like to recognize some of the older boys in this group. You have given unselfishly of yourselves. For your loyal support over the years, I would like to present you with your awards. (Call the names of those receiving Webelos badges, activity badges, or compass points and their parents.)

Cubmaster: I would like to thank our three guests for coming to help us tonight. And a special thanks to all the boys who have worked so hard to be examples and role models of good American citizens!

Patriotism Advancement Ceremony
Baltimore Area Council

Personnel: Cubmaster

Equipment: Red, white, and blue candles. If having an outdoor ceremony, get an old flag and conduct a flag burning ceremony, small flag for each boy, awards for boys

Arrangement: Cubmaster in front of audience

Cubmaster: Discuss what the red, white, and blue means.  (This can be obtained from a variety of Scout books. If a flag is to be burned, get a flag burning ceremony and enough people to help make this an impressive ceremony for all. Discuss what Americans have done to make us a free, democratic country. The bloodshed, elections, voting rights, and so on.)

We have some Cub Scouts here tonight who have advanced in rank.  These Scouts have learned about being patriotic, about respecting our flag, how to display the flag, and what the flag stands for.  This country of ours - free and democratic - is something each and everyone of us are very proud of. 

The following Cub Scouts have worked hard to complete the requirements to advance in rank.  Will the parents of these Cub Scouts come forward with their sons.  We are proud of the hard work these boys have done and of what you; the parents have done with your support and encouragement. (Present the badges to the parents to present to their sons.)

Our Flag Advancement
Baltimore Area Council

Personnel: Cubmaster

Equipment: American Flag and awards for the boys

Arrangement: The flag is on the same level as the audience and the Cubmaster.  It is to the left of the audience and close to the Cubmaster during the awards.

CM:   Our country’s flag is made up of several things, like the Cub Scout program. Our flag contains the color white. White is a clean, new color. To represent the white in our pack, I’d like to welcome the following new Bobcats to our pack. (Call forward the boys and their parents. Present the badges.)

         Red is also found in our flag. Red is a lively, active color. Representing the red are the new Wolves of the pack. (Call forward the boys and their parents who are to receive the badge. Present badge.)

         Our flag also has a field of blue. Blue is an older and wiser color. These are the same characteristics that are seen in the Bears in our Cub pack. (Call forward the boys and their parents. Present the badge.)

         You have to have something to fly the flag from, too. A pole or staff that reaches toward the sky will provide a strong support for our country’s colors. The following boys have earned awards in the Webelos program and represent the upward reach and support of the Cub Scout program. (Call forward the boys and their parents. Present badges.)

         Of course, you can’t forget the stars on our flag. Stars are those who are important and successful. The following young men, who have achieved the Arrow of Light are stars in every sense of the word. Tonight they are receiving the only Cub Scout award that they will be able to wear throughout their Scouting career, and that makes them truly stars. (Call forward Arrow of Light recipients and parents. Present badge.)

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