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Baloo's Bugle


September 2004 Cub Scout Roundtable Issue

Volume 11, Issue 2
October 2004 Theme

Theme: It's A Circus of Stars
Webelos: Citizen and Showman
  Tiger Cub:
Achievement 1 & Activities





Tigers now wear the blue Cub Scout uniform with an Orange neckerchief.   Youth use Orange tee-shirts as an activity uniform.  They are still the Adult Partners uniform.

Starting with this issue (October’s Theme) and for the next four issues in the Tiger section Baloo will feature a different Tiger Achievement.  Here is Achievement #1.

In 2001, the Tiger Cub program was revised and a Tiger Cub  Badge was added.  Tiger Cubs is for those boys who have completed kindergarten (or are 7 years old)

Background - The first step in earning the Tiger Cub Badge is learning the Tiger Cub motto (Search, Discover, Share), the Cub Scout sign, and the Cub Scout salute.  The Tiger will then be awarded the Tiger Cub totem to be worn on his uniform shirt.  This award is presented at a pack meeting.

The Tiger Cub must then complete one Den Activity, one Family Activity, and one Go See It Activity within each of the five achievement areas to earn the Tiger Cub rank.  He works with his adult partner to do this.  As he completes each of the 15 requirements, he receives the appropriate  orange, white, or black bead at the next den meeting to add to his totem.

Achievement #1 Making My Family Special

1F Family Activity

During the time the Tigers are learning the Tiger Cub Motto, the Cub Scout Sign and Salute you can also work on this Achievement.  The Tiger Cub, along with his adult partner can make a chart using poster board outlining family activities, job and fun activities.  Allow the Tiger Cub to assign some jobs.  This will give the adult partner and the Tiger to a chance to plan ways to keep things clean and tidy in their home.  For example, the Tiger can clean his room or take out the trash.  Let the Tiger assign a chore and a fun activity to plan with his adult partner, remember this is a growing up process for them.  Working together can reinforce in your Tiger the importance of the family and how every family member plays an important part in keeping their home in good shape.

Den Activity 1D

Make a family scrapbook

Materials:  Three-prong folder for each boy; 3-hole-punched typing paper; markers, crayons, stickers and other materials to decorate the cover.

Directions:  Have the Tiger Cubs decorate the folder and fasten the paper into it.

These scrapbooks are great if the Leader can keep them while the boys progress through the program.  They can add many projects to their scrapbook, even though it is a Family Scrapbook.  Discuss with the adult partners whether they want the Tigers to get the books upon graduation from Tigers or from Cubs or presented earlier for the families to take home and keep up.  Another thought may be to have enough material for 2 scrapbooks.  Then have the Tigers make one to be a Cub Scout Scrapbook and one to be a Family Scrapbook.  In the Family Scrapbook the Tiger can put items in there that remind him of special memories of things he has done with his family.

Go and See It-1G

Go to a library, historical society, museum, old farm, historical building or visit an older person in your community.  Discover how life was the same, and how it was different for a boy your age many years ago.

The following ideas come from the York Adams Council PowWow book.

1.     Share the family photo album. Identify special family members.

2.     Share family histories and traditions.

3.     Have a ‘families’ picnic. Get to know one another.

4.     Have a group party. Use a holiday for theme.  How about a Valentines Party in October?

5.     Design and make a family tree. Share it with others in your den.

6.     Design a family coat of arms. Have the Tiger include special areas of the family’s past.

7.     Conduct your own ‘Family’ activity.

Tigers Theme Ideas - Magic Fun

Circle Ten Council

Magic is a great tie in with a Circus theme.  Be sure to check out the magic tricks in the Tiger Book, too.  CD

Family Activities

Learn to do the tricks yourself and teach one or two of them to the children.

One or both parents, or an older sibling can learn and then choose a night to have a family magic show.


This mysterious bit of mental magic can be performed just about anywhere due to the fact that it utilizes items that can be found in almost any household.

The magician passes the dice to an audience member, saying, "Take the dice and roll them onto the table." The audience member does so and the dice roll to a stop. We will assume that the uppermost numbers are a six and a five. The magician asks the audience member to add the two numbers together. This results in a total of eleven.

The magician points out that if the two top numbers were arrived at by random, then certainly the two, unseen, bottom numbers were also. The magician has the audience member turn over the dice and total the two bottom numbers. The bottom numbers, a one and a two, total three. The magician asks the audience member to add the bottom total to the top total. This results in the number fourteen.

The magician removes the deck from its case and hands it to the audience member, saying, "You rolled he dice and arrived at a random number, the number fourteen. Please take the deck and count down to the fourteenth card." The fourteenth card is turned face-up and revealed to be the king of hearts. The magician has the envelope opened and the prediction read aloud. It reads: "I predict that you will select the king of hearts."



Prior to the performance write "I predict that you will select the king of hearts" on a piece of paper. Place the paper in an envelope, seal it, and write the word PREDICTION on its face. Remove the deck of cards from the case, locate the king of hearts and place it in the fourteenth position. Place the deck back in the case and you are ready to perform.

If you perform the trick exactly as it's described, the audience member will always select the fourteenth card. The reason for this is really quite simple. The top and bottom numbers of any single die always total seven. This is a fact that most people are not aware of. Therefore, when the numbers on the top and bottom of a pair of dice are totaled the number will always be fourteen. Needless to say, since the total is always fourteen, it is important that you do not repeat this trick before the same group of people.


Den Activities


Have the boys decorate their very own magic hat. You can buy pre-made black top hats and have them decorate them with glitter, ribbon, pom-poms, and other fun materials that you find at a local craft store.


Have the boys and their partner's dress up as magicians, or as Harry Potter. Then perform one of the tricks they learned as a family. Give a prize for best effort, best performance, best costume, and originality.


What you'll need:

A 3-foot long rope or piece of string

Tie a knot in a piece of rope without letting go of the ends. Once the boy's and their partners have learned the trick. Divide into two teams and have a relay to see who can complete the trick the quickest or give each a piece of rope and see which boy/partner team can finish the quickest.

1.       Lay the string down on a table.

2.       Cross your arms and grab an end of the string in each hand.

3.       When you uncross your arms, a knot will appear in the middle of the string!


All you need is a dowel, some paints, and other craft materials if you so desire. Have an adult cut the dowels to appropriate size. Let the boys paint the dowel black with a white tip on the end. They can add gold streamers or use star stickers and let them decorate their wands after they have dried.


Try to see how many small words the boys can make using the word "MAGICIAN.”  (This may be a little hard in September as Tigers have just started First Grade and really learned too much spelling or reading yet.  But with an Adult partner’s help … CD)

Go See It

*       Take the boys to a magic shop

*       Visit a magician or have them come see the boys

*       Go see a magic show




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