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Baloo's Bugle


September 2004 Cub Scout Roundtable Issue

Volume 11, Issue 2
October 2004 Theme

Theme: It's A Circus of Stars
Webelos: Citizen and Showman
  Tiger Cub:
Achievement 1 & Activities





Circle Ten Council

Characters: Ringmaster, 3 (or more) Cub Scouts

Ringmaster:     Ladies and Gentlemen, we are proud to introduce the Den __ Flea Circus.  Prepare to be amazed at the extraordinary skill of these miniature performers! First up, we have Hugo, who will walk the tight rope. When he reaches the middle, he will do a double somersault. Silence please!

Two scouts hold a string taut while a 3rd places a "flea" on the string. They all pretend to be watching the flea's progress. The 3rd boy breathes in with deep amazement, then suddenly begins choking/gagging sounds

3rd Cub:            "Uh Oh! I swallowed Hugo!"

Ringmaster:     "Well, uhh... on with the show! Next we have Homer The Diving Flea! Homer will jump from this Scout's hand into the water and then back again!

Scout holds his hand, palm up and carefully approaches a cup. They all pretend to see Homer jump into and then back out of the water.

Ringmaster:     "Oh! Wow! he did it! Let's give Homer a big round of applause!'

The scout who had his hand out also claps -- then realizes what he's done...

1st Scout:          "Oh, No! Homer!"

Opens his palms to the audience as if he's squished Homer

Ringmaster:     "Well, hmmm. Folks, the show must go on! and for our final act, we have Hector the Jockey Flea! Hector can ride around on a Cub Scout's back without falling off!

1st Cub pretends to place a flea on 2nd cub's back. 2nd cub then runs around for a few seconds.

Ringmaster:     "See! He hung on! Way to go Hector!"

One of the other Cubs pats the 2nd cub's back and says "Way to go, Buddy!" then realizes what he's done.

3rd Scout:         "Uh-Oh."

All the scouts run off...

Center Ring Antics

Longhorn Council

A circus means clowns, and lots of them. Present a series of clown acts using the ideas below as starters. Have the ringmaster introduce the acts and time them together.

The Lion Tamer #1

A clown comes in with five “lions”. The tamer cracks his whip as the lions circle single file around him. Suddenly, one lion comes up behind the tamer and bites his leg. The tamer stops, glares, then proceeds to get the lions going again. A second lion bites his leg; the tamer again stops and then proceeds. The same thing happens with lions three and four. And then lion five bites his arm. After the final bite, the tamer leads them off and comes back to take his bows.

Ringmaster:   “Heavens, that was quite a performance, but a little dangerous, isn’t it?”

Tamer:            “On no, I don’t mind. It helps with my research.”

Ringmaster:   “What do you mean?”

Tamer:            “Well, it just goes to prove that four out of five lions prefer legs.”

Elephant Walk

The clown trainer comes on with a group of elephants, wearing oversized tennis shoes. The elephants parade in a line, bent over as though walking on all fours. At a signal from the trainer, they stand up straight as though they were standing on their hind legs.

The elephants bend down again and at another signal, put one hand on the shoulder of the elephant in front of the. They parade in a circle and go off. The trainer comes forward to take a bow and then

Ringmaster    That was a most unusual act. I never heard a group of elephants parade so quietly.”

Trainer:          Oh, of course they’re quiet, didn’t you notice?”

Ringmaster:   Notice? Notice what?”

Trainer           Brings out one of the elephants with the large tennis shoes on :Elephants are always quiet when they wear their sneakers.

Bareback Rider

Two clowns come out and get down on all fours, facing the audience. A third clown comes out and stands on their backs, facing the audience, then he gets down and comes forward and takes his bow.

Ringmaster:   Is that the whole act?”

Clown:            Well, of course, what more did you want?”

Ringmaster:   A little more than that! What makes you think you’re a bareback rider?”

The clown turns around and shows his back, which is bare, and walks off.

High Wire Act

The clowns come on and single file walks along an imaginary wire on the floor. They use the standard umbrella to help balance themselves and make the walking look difficult. After they all finish, the clowns come forward and take their bows.

Ringmaster:   That was an amazing, skillful performance, but I thought it was suppose to be a high wire act.

Clown:            Yes, that’s true, but we’re afraid of heights

The Lion Tamer #2

Cast: Ringmaster, Lion Tamer, 5 Lions

Props: Hula hoop (wrapped with crepe paper flame), whip, cap pistol, water pistol, applause sign, 5 boxes of stools for lions, costumes or signs with Lion names.

Ringmaster:   Ladies & Gentlemen! I am proud to present “The Great Gonzales and his fierce man—eating lions, fresh from the jungles of Africa! (Holds up applause sign as Lion Tamer enters.)

Lion Tamer:   (Bowing): Thank you! Thank you! Now I will introduce my pets. (He cracks whip) NERO! (Nero enters, roars and climbs onto box.) (Cracking whip) REX! (Rex enters, roars, and mounts box.) (Cracking whip) KILLER! (Killer enters, roars and mounts box.) (Cracking whip) and - their pals! (Rest of lions enter, roar and mount boxes while Ringmaster holds up applause sign. Lion Tamer bows too close to lions. Nearest lion roars and nips at the seat of his pants as he jumps aside.)

Lion Tamer:   Now the lions will build a pyramid! Nero! Rex! Killer! (He cracks whip and each lion as he is called, gets off box. Two stand on all fours while the third lion climbs on their backs. All do a lot of roaring.

Remaining lions try doing the same thing “messing up of course” and as Lion Tamer cracks whip and lions break from the pyramid and prowl, roaring. . .Lion Tamer cracks whip to drive them back to boxes and shoots cap pistol.

At shot, all lions return to boxes but roar fiercely.

Ringmaster holds up applause sing, Lion Tamer bows, and lion nips him again.)

Lion Tamer:   (Moving to a safe distance) Now, Ladies & Gentlemen, to show you how fearless these lions are, they will jump through a burning hoop! (Holds up “ring of fire” but lions sit tight and paw the air with their front paws in a downward motion. Lion Tamer lowers hoop a little. Lions repeat the action and Lion Tamer lowers the hoop a little more. Lions repeat the action a third time. Lion Tamer shrugs, rest hoop on the ground, the scoots through, as Lion Tamer looks sheepishly at audience. Ringmaster holds up applause sign, Lion Tamer bows and gets nipped again. He cracks whip and shoots cap pistol to chase roaring lions back up on boxes.)

Lion Tamer:   I shall now try a daring feat! I shall put my hand into the ferocious Killer’s mouth! (Killer roars menacingly.) (Lion Tamer gingerly puts his hand in lion’s mouth) Easy now, boy. (As he draws away, he hides hand in sleeve; he lifts arm shouting) LOOK, NO HAND!

Ringmaster:   (Holds up applause sign)

Lion Tamer:   (Brings his hand out and shakes hands with Killer. Killer roars, Lion Tamer bows and gets nipped again. Lions get out of hand, jumping off boxes, prowling and roaring.

(Lion Tamer cracks -whip -again and again.)

Lion Tamer:   (Grabbing water-pistol and shooting at lions.) Oops, wrong gun! (He turns to audience, spraying them.  All lions roar and come after him, chasing him off stage as he drops gun and runs away.)

Circus Closing Act

A den of Cubs in costumes, to represent acts in the circus, parade in and say their lines. The Ringmaster asks audience to guess what each boy is.

Ringmaster - We bring you now these circus characters from near and far, listen to their stories and guess just who they are.

Cub # 1:       It’s evident that although I am a cat, you never would call me kitty. I’m a king of renown with a mane for a clown, and my roar is tremendous not pretty. (lion)

Cub # 2:       At the sound of a shot, I can change my spot when hunters are out to pursue me. But I can’t, so they say, change the spots I display, they seem to Be glued right to me. (Leopard)

Cub # 3:       A look like a common house pet, but I’m not, on that you can bet. I’ll tell you a fact, I need a friend for my act. (dog)

Cub # 4:       As you can see, balancing is my thing, and excitement to you I will bring. Oohs and aahs are heard from the ground, but I will never fall down. (tight rope walker)

Cub # 5:       I can’t fool you, my name’s not Pooh. My name rhymes with scare, but I look so cuddly I wouldn’t dare. (bear)


Heart of America Council

Personnel: Ringmaster Stanley, strongest man in the world Walter Wimple, Stanley's assistants Razzle and Dazzle, tight rope walkers Bruce, the bareback horse rider Lyonal, the lion tamer, Luke, the lion.

Setting: Circus music could be playing in the background. Turn the sound up for each performance, down while the ringmaster is speaking.

Ringmaster: Ladies and Gentlemen! Boys and Girls! Welcome to the Den ______ amazing Silly Circus. Please turn your attention to the center ring and watch the incredible strength of Stanley, the Strongest Man in the World, and his assistant Walter Wimple!

(Stanley brings out a barbell made of foam or cardboard with 500 Ibs. written on both sides. He struggles to lift it over his head. Walter encourages audience to clap when Stanley puts down the bar bells. Stanley bows and walks away. Walter picks up the barbells as though they were as light as a feather and exits.)

Ringmaster: Incredible! And now, ladies and gentlemen, for your pleasure, the most amaz­ing tight rope walkers ever seen- Razzle and Dazzle!

(Razzle and Dazzle enter with a long rope. They lay it out straight and take turns walking across it as though they are in the air, they hop on one foot, jump rope, etc., bowing after each "trick".)

Ringmaster: Now for your viewing enjoyment, please focus your attention again to the middle ring as we present Bruce, the brave bareback rider on his horse, Smokey!

(Bruce rides in on a stick horse. He rides for­wards and backwards, etc. He can have Smokey count by hitting stick on the floor. Bruce and Smokey bow and ride off stage.)

Ringmaster: And finally, Ladies and Gentlemen! Boys and Girls! The most super stupendous Lyonal, the lionhearted lion tamer in ring number one! Please, ladies and gentleman, It is so important that you remain quiet during the performance. Sudden noises will startle the lion, making it very dangerous for Lyonal to be in the cage. And now, Lyonal, the lion-hearted and his lion, Luke!

(Lyonal and Luke enter. Luke could be dressed in an elaborate lion costume or something as simple as a brown paper bag cut into strips to make a mane. Lyonal has Luke stand on a stool, jump through a hula hoop, etc. Lyonal tries to place his head inside Luke's mouth. Lyonal and Luke take final bow.)

Ringmaster: Thank you, one and all for joining us tonight at the Den _____ amazing, incredible, stupendous, silly circus! We hope you've enjoyed our show. So until we meet again, at the Circus, Good Night!







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