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Baloo's Bugle


September 2004 Cub Scout Roundtable Issue

Volume 11, Issue 2
October 2004 Theme

Theme: It's A Circus of Stars
Webelos: Citizen and Showman
  Tiger Cub:
Achievement 1 & Activities




Non-elimination Musical Chairs

Santa Clara County Council

The object of the game is to keep everyone in the game even though chairs are systematically removed.  As in the traditional version, music is played, and more and more chairs are removed each time the music stops.  In this game, however, more and more children have to team up together, sitting on parts of chairs or on each other to keep everyone in the game.  In the end, all the children who started the game are delicately perched on one chair, as opposed to only one “winner” on one chair.

Musical Hoops

Santa Clara County Council

This game is similar to Nonelimination Musical Chairs, except that it is played with hula-hoops.  You will need a hula-hoop for each player except one, which are spread out onto the floor.  If there are 8 players, you will need 7 hula-hoops.  Have each child stand in a hula-hoop, then start the music and remove one hoop. When the music stops the children must all find a hoop to stand in, continue removing a hoop each time. At the end, everyone will be trying to squeeze into one hoop.

Beach-Ball Bounce

Santa Clara County Council

In this game one beach ball or balloon is shared by two children, who try to hold the ball between them without using their hands.  They can see how many different ways they can balance the ball between them (head to head, side to side, stomach to stomach, back to back, etc.) and can attempt to move around the room holding the ball in different ways.  With the beach ball balanced forehead-to-forehead, they can both attempt to bend forward to touch their knees, touch their toes, both squat, and so on.  They can attempt to go through a hanging hoop or and obstacle course.  Alternatively, they can try to balance two or three balls between them or balance the balls in groups of three or four or more.

Over and Over

Santa Clara County Council

Players form two lines, about four and a half kid-lengths apart.  The first person in each line has a beach ball, which is passed backward over his head to the next person in line.  The lead person immediately turns around and shakes hands with the second person, who must momentarily free one hand from the ball, balancing it with the other.  The lead person then runs to the end of the second, adjoining line, where another ball is being passed.  The second repeats this procedure, and so on down the line.  The common objective is to move both balls and both lines from one point to another as quickly as possible, perhaps from one end of the gym to the other.

Balloon Head

Santa Clara County Council

Blow up a balloon for each player (12 inch balloons work the best).  How many times can you bounce the balloon off your head without using your hands?  The player who hits their balloon the most times (with the head – no arms or shoulders permitted) is the winner.

Umbrella Bounce

Santa Clara County Council

Supplies:       An umbrella, a ball (rubber ball, tennis ball, or ping pong ball)

Open the umbrella and set it upside down on the ground. Mark a starting line about 10 to 15 feet away and use a fresh ball that bounces well.  The object of the game is to bounce the ball into the umbrella so that it stays in the umbrella.  You cannot toss it in directly – the ball must bounce once first before landing in the umbrella.  Each player gets 5 turns.  Each ball that stays in the umbrella scores one point.

Pushing Peanuts

Heart of America Council

Materials: 1 peanut and 1 toothpick for each player

Give each player a toothpick and a peanut. Have players line up on the start line on their hands and knees. On the word "Go" they race across the floor pushing their peanuts with the tooth­pick. This game may also be played as a relay.

Laughing Ball

Santa Clara County Council

This game is similar to Hilarious Handkerchief, but trickier.  The game is fun with a large group and requires a bouncing ball of any size.  The leader instructs everyone in the circle to start laughing the instant he throws the ball into the air.  And everyone must keep laughing until someone catches it.  At that moment, they have to be absolutely quiet.  The one who catches it becomes the leader for the next round.  If anyone doesn’t laugh when the ball is in the air, or is caught laughing after the ball is caught, that person must drop out of the circle.  To get people out, the leader can try making some false movements.


Circle Ten Council

Have the boys place a clean sock over one hand. Scatter peanuts on the floor. On go the first boys must use his covered "elephant trunk" to pick up two peanuts and place them in the bucket. He then returns to the end of the line and the next boy goes. Continue until all boys have had a turn.


Circle Ten Council

Sit everyone in a circle, and call it "center ring" Let each child have a turn doing a somersault, jumping jack, etc.


Circle Ten Council

Draw a large clown face on a piece of butcher paper, cardboard, or fabric. Collect several beanbags. Tape the clown face to the floor a few feet away from the clown. Have your children stand behind the line and take turns trying to toss a beanbag onto the clown’s nose.


Circle Ten Council

Materials: Masking Tape - Place a line of masking tape on the floor to represent a tightrope.
Ask the boys if they have ever seen a tightrope performer at the circus. Let them take turns sharing their experiences. Then have them line up at one end of the masking tape and take turns using different parts of their bodies to 'walk the tightrope'. Call out directions such as these. 'Walk the tightrope on your toes! Walk the tightrope using your elbows! Walk the tightrope on your knees! Walk the tightrope using your nose!' For a fun touch let the boy's try carrying a small umbrella.


Circle Ten Council

Form Teams from dens. For each team, hang a megaphone so that it is slightly tilted with the mouthpiece down and the large end towards the peanut tosser.  Have a basket or other receptacle to catch peanuts as they fall through the megaphone.  Each tosser gets 10 peanuts and tries to toss them into the elephants open mouth (the large end of the megaphone) while standing 8 to 10 feet away.  The team that scores the most wins.

Clown Walk

Longhorn Council

Players are evenly divided into two teams. A starting line and finish line about 30 feet apart are marked. Each team forms a unit by holding hands, interlocking arms, riding piggyback, or by any other means that can be devised, The only limitation are the number of arms and legs which may be used for the task of walking. The number of arms and legs which can be used in the walking process are determined by subtracting two from the total number of people on the team, (For example, if there are eight people on the team, six arms and six legs may be used.) To start the race, both teams assemble on the starting line. On signal, they move toward the finish line. The first team to arrive wins.


Longhorn Council

Draw an expanded tick-tack-toe grid with 16 or 25 spaces on the pavement with squares the size of a hopscotch board. The players are divided into two teams, the 0 team and the X team. The rules are the same as traditional tick-tack-toe. The first team to complete a line horizontally, vertically, or diagonally across the playing field using team members to score a point. After both teams have agreed on which team will go first, the first team collects in a huddle to decide in which square a team member should stand. The players standing in the squares hold their arms over their heads in an X or 0 to indicate the team. Teams alternate turns until one team has won. Players standing in the grid go back to their respective teams, and two new players start another round.


Longhorn Council

Mark start and finish lines about 30 and 40 feet apart. Players line up at the start line, each holding a hula-hoop. If there are only a few hula-hoops to share, divide players into smaller groups for several races. When the leader says GO, each player places his hoop on the ground in front and jump into their hoops. They pull them over their heads, and toss them again to move toward the finish line. Players who fail to make their jump into the hoop must go back to the start line and begin again. The first player to hop over the finish line into his hoop gets a “HOOP, HOOP, HOORAY!” Used as a relay face, half of each team is lined up behind each of the two lines. When everybody has completed their portion, they should have switched sides. First one to finish is the winner.

Dunk The Clowns

Longhorn Council

*       Pint size plastic bottles

*       Medium size plastic tub

*       Board to lay across top of tub

*       Rubber balls

*       Permanent Colored markers

Design the plastic bottles to look like clowns. Set them on the board placed across the water filled tub. Divide the den into two teams; let them take turns throwing the balls at the clowns. Keep track of the number of times the clowns are toppled. When the board is empty, reset the clowns and continue playing.

Ring The Tent Pegs

Longhorn Council

Drive nine tent pegs into the ground five to six feet apart, in a big circle. Players run around circle trying to ring pegs with rubber jar rings. Color-code the rings with magic marker, blue for one team, yellow for the other. Divide den into two teams. Each team member has several rings. Have team members mixed together and everyone runs around pegs at same time. Score one point per peg ringed.

Clown Ball Game

Longhorn Council

*      3 8”x 12” squares of heavy cardboard

*       Poster paints -String

*       Thread spools or metal washers

*       2 soft rubber balls

Draw and cut out the clown faces on the heavy cardboard. Paint with poster paints. Punch holes through the chin, tie string to it and hang several spools or metal washers to the string. The weight of the spools or washers will keep the heads upright. Attach the clown faces to a heavy cord by taping it on the back at mouth level. Now hang this between two chairs. The game is to hit the heads and tip them over. Many who try this game aim for the red nose instead of the hat, which is the place to hit in order to counter the force of the hanging weights.

Bag The Clown

Longhorn Council

The idea is to hit the clown in the face at four strategic spots. On a large cardboard circle, draw the clown’s face. Cut a hole for his mouth. Add a balloon for his nose. Make his ears pointed.

Each player gets a beanbag, a dart, and two rings. He tries to throw the beanbag through the clown’s mouth, burst his balloon nose with the dart, and ring his ears with the rings.

Hula-Hoop Clown Toss

Longhorn Council

Try to toss a hula-hoop over the head of a giant clown. To make your clown, glue or tape various sized boxes together. (Weight the bottom box with plenty of sand.) Then, paint the boxes. Roll a cone shape paper hat, and glue to clown’s head. Glue on yarn hair and paper features.

Lion Taming

Longhorn Council

Try to tame the lions by knocking them off their pedestals. For pedestals, use inverted galloon ice cream cartons. Set them up in several rows.

For animals, round up stuffed animals (they needn’t be all lions), or make the animals out of cardboard, at least a foot tall. Glue a cardboard support strip to back of animals. Give player a ball or bean bag and see just how many lions he can tame.

Tightrope Walk

Longhorn Council

Test your tightrope skills in this fun-packed game. For the “rope”, set a long 2 x 4 up on edge, supported at either end with a pair of sandbags. Mark off distances on the rope. Record distance walked by each player.

Balloon Douse

Longhorn Council

Douse one of the gang with water-filled balloons. The victim (VOLUNTEER) sits or stands against a wall. An umbrella or raincoat may be provided. Above him (on the wall) is a large nail.

Players aim water-filled balloons at the nail in an attempt to douse the fellow below. (No fair hitting the “volunteer” directly!)






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