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Baloo's Bugle


September 2004 Cub Scout Roundtable Issue

Volume 11, Issue 2
October 2004 Theme

Theme: It's A Circus of Stars
Webelos: Citizen and Showman
  Tiger Cub:
Achievement 1 & Activities





Circle Ten Council

Personnel: Cubmaster: (Dressed as Ringmaster)

Cubmaster: Ladies and Gentlemen, you are about to see Circus like you have never seen before!

For our first act tonight we have trained Bobcats and their trainers (parents). They will be in the center ring and will perform for us showing what feats they have mastered. (Bobcats and parents come forward and go through some Bobcat requirements with Cubmaster. Badges are presented.) Notice how these Bobcats have been trained well by their trainers. Let's have a big cheer for this fine act we have just seen performed before our very eyes!

And now we have for our second colossal circus act of achievement this evening, a fine trained Wolf act. The Wolves in this act are: (read boys' names receiving Wolf badge or arrow points under Wolf badge.) Here come those Wolf Cubs and their trainers into our center ring! (Boys and parents come forward.  Present badges, lead cheer)

(Handle Bear badges and arrow points in same manner as Wolf.)

And now ladies and gentlemen, we have a stupendous act which takes much skill and requires work and patience as these young men climb to great heights . . . in fact, to the very top in the Cub Scout Circus of Achievements. Let's all watch breathlessly as we give special honors in a ceremony, which will demonstrate to you, what heights these boys have climbed with the help of their trainers along the way. It is a privilege to introduce you to the participants in this outstanding feat. (Call boys, Webelos Leader and parents forward.) (Present activity badges with appropriate language pertaining to badge, such as:)

These are our skilled athletes . . . who have shown their dexterity in physical fitness feats in earning their Athlete (or Sportsman) Activity award (or) These are the aquanauts whose remarkable agility in the water is unequaled… etc.

And now for the stars of our show… the young men who have completed the requirements for the Arrow of Light… the highest award in Cub Scouting. In order to qualify for this award, these young men have shown superior knowledge about Scouting, citizenship and emergency first aid. As these stars step into our center ring let's give them a roaring round of applause. (Read names…)

We have presented for you one of the most exciting, most stupendous show in the history of Cub Scouting. The young men you have seen before you have attained the heights of achievement … an amazing array of ability and stupendous skill. . . an extravaganza extraordinary!

Circus Advancement Ceremony

Longhorn Council

Staging: Cubmaster and one or more Den Leaders dressed as clowns. Do the short clown skit to lead off this ceremony.

Clown #1: Being a clown is lots of fun.- You make people laugh with you and at you. -It does not take a lot of skill, only a good sense of humor.

Clown #2: It is an easy way to be the center of attention. We tell jokes, chase each other around and fall flat on our faces. Everyone loves a clown. –Scouting in many ways is like being a clown. Cub Scouts have lots of fun. We tell jokes, laugh a lot and have many enjoyable experiences. However, Cub Scouting is not only fun, it is learning skills and crafts and even some citizenship and good manners.

Clown #1: Sometimes the Cub Scouts learn something with out even knowing it. Other times it takes hard work for accomplishments. Tonight we have some Cub Scouts that have had lots of fun earning these awards.  Now let me see, where are those names? –

Clowns antics like the following trying to find names:

1.       Have names on slips of paper inside inflated balloons, pop balloons to get names. --

2.       Names taped to end of spring snake inside a can with the rank badges on outside of can.

3.       Names and badges on outside of box filled with set mousetraps. –

Clown #2: (when names are found) Will the following Cub Scouts and their parents come forward to the center ring. (read names) –

Clown #1: Parents I have the privilege of giving you these badges to present to your sons. -(Continue in like manner for all rank presentations.)

At conclusion, Clown #1 chases Clown #2 off with broom or some other silly prop.

Wild Den Of Bobcats - Bobcat Ceremony

Longhorn Council

Props needed: Top Hat, cape or a cane, bobcat name tags

Cubmaster: Ladies and Gentlemen of the Big Top. May I have your attention please! In the center Ring we now have Cub Scout(s) (Read name(s)).  He (They) has (have) shown his parent that he is qualified to receive this ______ badge. But... he must still pass this daring feat of courage. He must pass the den of Bobcats.  Without being scratched or his clothing torn to bits or fainting from the sight of his own blood (have some cubs lined up on their knees, for the boys to pass through. They may claw at or hiss but they must not be too rowdy.) We must have complete silence to insure his safety. Drums please ... (dim lights). (Boy walks through den  of Bobcats.)

“Will Den Chief ____________ please escort his Mother to the Center Ring.” (She doesn’t need to prove her worthiness.) Now (boy’s name), you have been tested and are proven honorable to receive this highly sought after award. Mother, please pin this on your son.

Let’s give them both a big round of CIRCUS APPLAUSE!!! (cup hands to mouth and ROAR!!)

Under The Big Top

Heart of America Council

Equipment: Make a 3 cages out of boxes. Put a stuffed animal of a Bobcat, Bear and Wolf in separate boxes. A whip made with a dowel rod and small rope or cord.

Narrator: Our Den Leaders have been working hard to tame some wild animals.

In this cage (point to Bobcat cage) we have a wild Bobcat. The Bobcat is the first step in Cub Scouting. To tame the Bobcat, he must be taught the 7 steps in the Bobcat Trail. Tonight we have tamed a Bobcat.

Call Bobcat candidate and parents forward. Comment about the achievements and present the badge to the parents to present to the Scout(s).

(Point to the Wolf cage). In this cage we have a wild wolf. To tame a Wolf, he must complete 12 achievements in the Wolf book. We have Scout(s) who have been tamed. Called Wolf candidates and parents forward. Comment about their accomplishments by completing the 12 achievements. Present the badge to the parents to present to the Scout(s).

(Point to the Bear cage). The Bear is the wildest of these animals. To tame a bear, the Bear must complete requirements in 12 of the 24 achievements. We have tame Bear Scout(s) and will and parents come forward. Comment about the accomplishment and to many things the Scout had to do to be tamed and to earn the Bear badge. Present the badge to the parents to present to the Scout(s).

Alternative presentation: Put the badges in an Animal Cookie box.




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